Queensland jockey Craig Robertson retires after 40-year career

Rosehill Racecourse 15/06/24
Robertson retires with nearly 1,500 wins to his name

Veteran jockey Craig Robertson has made the decision to step away from Australian horse racing. After over 40 years as a rider, the 56-year-old has decided that he has had enough. He announced his retirement on Tuesday, revealing that he is looking forward to a more normal life in Queensland.

Primarily racing in Victoria, Robertson racked up nearly 1,500 wins in his 40-year career, winning horse racing betting fans lots of money in the process.  


  • Craig Robertson has retired after a 40-year career.
  • “I thought 40 years was enough,” Robertson revealed.
  • Robertson won nearly 1,500 races during his career.

Robertson retires 

After half a lifetime in Australian racing, jockey Craig Robertson has called it quits. The 56-year-old said to Racing.com that he made his decision to step away back in March.  
“I thought 40 years was enough,” Robertson revealed.  
“I haven't ridden since mid-March and that was the week before my 56th birthday and I just thought to myself I don't want to be riding when I am 56.” 
While Robertson insists that the decision to hang up his hoops was one he made on his own, he does admit that the lack of opportunities to ride more regularly also contributed to his decision to step away from racing. 
“I went out on my own terms even though opportunities did dry up a bit… 
“I probably wasn't riding enough and I'd lost the spark.” 

Veteran looks back after final race 

Robertson, who has been based in Queensland since 2022, raced his last race at Gatton Racecourse. According to the 56-year-old popular jockey, he went out similarly to how he started his career.  
The veteran jockey jovially recalled his final race in March, saying “I got suspended for hitting it too many times and it ran fourth. Ironically my first-ever ride ran fourth as well.” 
Robertson started his jockey career when he was just 15 years old as an apprentice to Jim Cerchi. He rode his first ever winner at Nhill Racecourse in just his third entry.  
Most of his career was spent in Victoria. Robertson won nearly 1,500 races during his career. 
Robertson spoke fondly of his time, remembering all the people he was able to meet and his unique experiences.  
“I loved meeting the people,” he said, “I rode numerous country cup winners and never probably reached the heights others do but I rode a Group 3 winner, which was a big buzz for Mick Sell, Enchanting Waters.” 

Future in Queensland construction   

What’s next for Robertson now that racing is over? According to the man himself, he has entered the construction business in Queensland.  
“We moved to Queensland for the lifestyle not the racing and love it,” Robertson said.  
“I've been working in construction for 12 months during the week and riding on weekends 
“I come in as a labourer knowing absolutely nothing about it. But I've got my forklift licence, I am a storeman and stock control and I am enjoying it five days a week 6:30 to 3pm.”

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