Articles by: Katherine Mouradian

Katherine MouradianKatherine is a lover of all things sport. She has been working in the industry for a number of years now, and has picked up a lot along the way. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and provide honest and accurate content to readers. She has contributed to a number of online sports and gambling publications, both in Australia and overseas. She has a particular interest in sports like cricket, NRL and Formula 1.

Basically, if it’s sport - she’ll be watching it. No matter the time of the day, which does lead to many sleepless nights, but it’s totally worth it if you ask Katherine. She is always over all the latest happenings across a number of sports, which means she is able to provide useful and accurate information to readers. Her life pretty much revolves around sport and she wants to share her passion with anyone who will listen.

She also doesn’t mind a punt here and there. Working in the gambling industry, she has first hand experience about all the ins and outs. She is across all the different bet types and unique quirks that make gambling what it is. She is able to offer a unique and fresh perspective in all things gambling.