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    ChaseBet Quick Stats

    Robin Sydney
    By:Robin Sydney
    Website: Year Founded: 2023 
    Phone(s): None found Live Betting: registered for Live Betting but no capability to deliver was found 
    Live Chat: on home page and via icon at bottom right of every screen email: [email protected] 
    Deposit Methods: Mastercard/VISA, Debit cards and Electronic Funds Transfer Withdrawal Method: Electronic Funds Transfer 
    App: iOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store) are both available Licence & Regulation: NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission and regulated by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing 
    Address: Orange, NSW CEO: Damien Harris  
    Features: Focussed on all forms of betting especially racing  Partners:
    • 100% Australian Owned
    • User friendly, clear, bright user interface with Live TV
    • Web plus both Android and iOS Apps available
    • Active user of Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram
    • No choice within Live TV
    • Virtually no support documentation/Q&As
    • No contact telephone number
    • Some webpage inconsistencies

    Chasebet app

    ChaseBet Australia, launched in late 2023, is one of the newest online betting companies in the Australian betting market. ChaseBet is the trading name of Harris Bookmaking Pty Ltd and is a NSW based bookmaker which is both Australian owned and operated. The ChaseBet bookmaker is licenced by the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) and regulated by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR). 

    ChaseBet Australia use no catchy slogans to gain your attention, everything they produce is straightforward and racing focused. I have seen ChaseBet, CHASEBET and Chasebet in print and for the sake of consistency I will just refer to ChaseBet. 

    There are ChaseBet Facebook, ChaseBet Twitter and ChaseBet Instagram accounts to keep users of those social media tools happy. 

    The ChaseBet website has a well-structured clear layout. Not to oversimplify a well thought out layout, most of the page design is a white background with black text and purple banners. The ChaseBet Apps have been developed for mobile users and the ChaseBet Android and iOS Apps have been downloadable since the first week of October 2023, and there have already been updates. 

    About ChaseBet

    There is very little information about the ChaseBet Australia business on the ChaseBet website or the ChaseBet Apps, but with some online searching you can find details of Harris Bookmaking and the CEO, Damien Harris who is based in Orange NSW.  

    There appears to be no telephone contact capability only the support email address, maybe this is still early days for a very new bookmaker. 

    The ChaseBet Australia website homepage uses a two vertical panels view: 

    There is horizontally scrollable at the top which (if you have the patience) I counted 33 races that are next to start. You can narrow the selection to Thoroughbreds or Greyhounds or Harness or All. Each race has a countdown timer which is highlit in Orange for races less than 10 minutes to the start and in red ( 4m ) for races less than 5 minutes. You can click on any race to head to that race page. 

    The left 1/5th panel is for Navigation and the right 4/5th panel contains all the racing information (ie it´s long) and you will need to scroll down the page for more details.  

    The Navigation panel contains the list of Home, Racing, Sports, Promotions and Live Chat and it changes when you log in, with the addition of a My Account above Live Chat plus the LOGIN JOIN section (top right) is replaced as follows: 

    Clicking on Hide will simply hide the 2 Balance and Bonus Dollar fields and Hide changes to Show

    Clicking on the first (head & shoulders) symbol will take you to My Account

    Here you will be able to undertake all your usual account management including reviewing recent bets, making deposits and withdrawals. 
    On any website, no matter where you place your mouse the complete page scrolls, which means the navigation panel on the left disappears very quickly.  

    Below, I have included the bottom section of the homepage, which provides links for the online documentation plus as you will see there is a CHASEBET TV icon (bottom left) and a mauve Live Chat icon (bottom right) – these icons appear on EVERY webpage and you can even move the CHASEBET TV icon anywhere in the 1/5th panel area but it cannot be moved above the Live Chat option. 

    So nothing overly engineered, just basic, straightforward website designed to make navigation easy. 

    The main body of the page is the right 4/5th section which lists the next 3 races (irrelevant of type of race). There is more than a screenful to view as apart from the Next To Jump there are Upcoming Sports and a Trending Bets banner with runners on the move in the betting. 

    The top banner (of 33 runners) and the bottom section (below TRENDING BETS in the screenshot above, appear on every page. If you select a race from the top banner the webpage you are viewing may not appear to change, you will need to scroll up to obtain details of the race you just selected.  

    We are only going to focus on Racing and therefore I recommend you select Racing on the left Navigation panel on all website access occasions. 

    The default view on initial entry is Today.  

    An AU/NZ Gallops table (Venue and Race Number) is followed by International Gallops, AU/NZ Greyhounds, International Greyhounds, AU/NZ Harness and finally (you guessed it) International Harness. So again you will need to scroll down to see all the races that are listed. 

    I like the column headed NEXT RACE which shows both the race number and the countdown to race start timer in bold and that race box (along the row) will also be highlighted in bold – See Toowoomba Race 6 above. 

    Any race will either have:

    • resulted with the number of the first four finishers  
    • a countdown timer as to when a race will be starting, which turns to red (bold) with less than 5 minutes to the start. 

    Just below the TODAY’S RACES heading you will see a set of options: 

    You are able to review races on other days, If you pick Saturday and today is Saturday then then both Today and Saturday will be highlighted in that pink background. 

    Quaddie simply, for visual purposes, greys out the background for the 4 races at a racetrack, comprising a Quaddie. 

    When I picked Futures I was shown a list of the key AU/NZ races for the rest of the year.   

    The Calendar function was strange, and a little slow. You can navigate to any date in the past (or future! – “Unfortunately we could not find anything to display here” – no kidding), but the oldest date I could obtain race information for was 18 July 2023. Having said that I was only given the list of horses not the race result. The oldest race result I could find was for 9 September 2023. 

    For example, if I select 2nd September 2023, the following is displayed: 

    I have no idea what is going on with the first race venue, SURAT (QLD) results .. I think a programming error. However if I then pick Caulfield Race 1: 

    There are no placings displayed for a race that has already completed. However, If I look at a race on 9th September 2023, I see the following information which is far more helpful showing the first four finishers: 

    There is still one final problem, if you review both of the last 2 screenshots, the Date at the top of the race list has disappeared and the field is reset to TODAY’S RACES plus the date that was displayed in the Calendar cell (see 2nd Sep above) is also reset to Calendar. I hope this is a new website teething problem. I can however, still select other race results on that date. 

    Now let’s look at a race that is soon to start: 

    This is a fairly self-explanatory webpage, listing race conditions, races at the racetrack along the top (either the first four or the countdown to race start time), many betting options (including Same Race Multi 😊) as well as excellent additional information specifically Form, Form Guide, Tips, Flucs and Speed Map

    Yes there are Tips, excellent. If this is something you are interested in then please take a look at our  Free horse racing tips as well. 

    If you select any combinations of Form, Tips, Flucs and Speed Map the webpage display lengthens to show the additional information for every runner. However, if you select Form Guide a whole new webpage opens.  

    Here is an example with Form and Flucs selected: 

    Amazing Journey is simply horse number 1 and not the favourite. The favourite who went on to win the race was horse number 6, Motion Sensor.  

    For that same Toowoomba race, here is the Form Guide that was presented: 

    Once you are happy you can exit this Form Guide page or you can switch backwards and forwards to the racing page. 

    This is impressive work by ChaseBet, however here are a few things that could make the experience even better: 

    • On the website you cannot order any runner by race number or Win or Place odds, it is what it is, you can see the favourite (with a  icon) under the Fixed Win Odds, but if there is heavy backing on another runner then it is not that simple to notice.  
    • ChaseBet do not use any of the indicators I have seen with other horse racing betting sites lately, for example, Best Rated, Last Start Winner, Roughie, Track Specialist, Dynamic Duo etc, which are time saving features that are also useful to know. 
    • There is more use of colour (more development ?) with the App than the website, with for example SRM and FO icons appearing in the App for racetracks with Same Race Multi and Fixed Odds markets on offer.  
    • If you select Racing from the Navigation panel of the website homepage, the following are selectable: 
      However in the App the options are: 
      Yesterday-Quaddie-Today-Next To Jump-Tomorrow-Tuesday-Wednesday-Futures-Calendar 
      Some consistency would be useful. 

    Live chat is available by selecting “Contact Us” in the left Navigation Panel or clicking on the Live Chat icon in the bottom right of any webpage A new window opens and allows you to send a message (ChaseBet claim to usually respond in a few hours) plus if the ChaseBet helpdesk is open there is the option for “Live Chat”.  

    If you are looking for ChaseBet promotions, and there appears to be a lot of feedback on the extensive promotions on offer then Promotions can be selected from the left Navigation panel. 

    ChaseBet contains many sports betting options, the Navigation panel lists 14 at last count. Nevertheless, ChaseBet cover racing options extremely well with an enjoyable intuitive website and of course this ChaseBet review has only focussed on racing. 

    As I said ChaseBet do offer an extensive range of race options, but it could be improved if they offered some of the advanced features available from their competition. If, though, you are looking for a straightforward, not overly complex, but informative racing experience, then this could be the bookie for you. 

    ChaseBet Score

    🐴Betting Markets 8/10 

    ChaseBet provide the commonly available WIN, Place, Exotics, Tote and Same Race Multis betting markets but if you are looking for niches including Favourite v Field, Odds v Evens, Head to Head, Jockey Challenge then I have not seen them.   

    💳Banking Options 6/10 

    ChaseBet offer two types of Deposit options, the first being a minimum of 10 dollars VISA, Mastercard or Debit card, and the second being bank deposit into the ChaseBet National Australia Bank account.

    At present the only Withdrawal option via Electronic Funds Transfer to a bank account. The minimum suggested preset withdrawal is set to 10 dollars, but seemingly you can choose whatever value you wish. 

    📱Mobile Experience 8/10 

    I enjoyed the mobile experience, I was using Android, it is exactly the same look & feel as the website. With one click you can head straight to Racing (or Sports), then once in Racing you can further select Thoroughbreds and/or Greyhounds and/or Harness in Australia/New Zealand and/or International.   

    You can switch to a different racetrack with races on the same day with one click.  

    The Live TV icon can be moved to almost anywhere on the mobile screen. 

    💸​Withdraw Speed - 9/10

    ChaseBet offer Electronic Funds Transfer, which is fairly fast. ChaseBet banners state that withdrawals are processed every day. 

    🧩Overall User Experience - 8/10
    ChaseBet provide great access via website and mobile devices for people on the move. Access to customer service could be improved, there is no telephone number, there is not a lot of information (unless you have time to extremely long Terms and Conditions document) and there are no Q&As.   

    🔒Security - 10/10

    The ChaseBet bookmaker is licenced by the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) and regulated by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR). With reputations at stake you should feel that security is taken seriously and a quick review of the Privacy Policy document would not go amiss to understand ChaseBet’s position.  

    ChaseBet Racing

    ChaseBet is a new bookmaker and comes to the table with website and Apps with a refreshing look & feel. In the times I have been reviewing, the ChaseBet Odds on offer have been with the more established players, and at times better. 

    There are extensive markets on offer and only a number of niche markets seem to not be presents. It will be interesting to see whether these markets open up in the future. 

    In terms of coverage of race meetings, I have seen most, if not all, of the thoroughbred, greyhound & harness races listed for Australia & New Zealand and as far as international race meetings, I have seen odds for races in France, United Kingdom, Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, Sweden, Hong Kong, Chile, South Africa and Italy which is up there with the big bookmakers. 

    The ChaseBet website is excellent for planning your schedule as across the top row you can see and therefore navigate to races Quaddie, Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Saturday Futures and Calendar.  

    Today will display a table of all today´s races by racetrack and race number, each entry shows the first four placings or it will display a countdown timer for a race still to start . Any race about to start within the next 5 mins is shaded in red (4m 7s) or bold if it is the next race at that racetrack but there are more than 5 minutes to the race start. 

    It is interesting to note that the minimum bet is 1 dollar.  

    The ChaseBet website and betting app are missing some of the features of the more established players including black books and my old chestnut on the website of being unable to sort a race by runner number, win or place odds. 

    ChaseBet App

    Chasebet app

    The ChaseBet App has a consistent look & feel with the website, just look at the screenshots above. Everything described for the ChaseBet website is visible in the App, with a few clicks a bet can easily be placed. 

    There are always space constraints between any webpage and its equivalent App screen, but the basic information is available with straightforward, intuitive navigation. 

    In the ChaseBet App there are 5 buttons at the bottom Home – Racing – Sports – Account – Bet Slip. Obviously you should select Racing. 

    You will need to practice knowing when something is or is not selected. At the top of the Racing panel, for example, there are 3 icons for Thoroughbred, Greyhound and Harness and 2 icons for AUS/NZ or International Markets. On the website you simply select the race of interest whereas on the App it is different. An icon with a purple background  means selected and an icon with white background means not-selected. So here for example I am only interested in International Thoroughbred racing. 

    Everything described for the ChaseBet website is visible in the ChaseBet Apps, with a few clicks a bet can easily be placed. 

    If you are reviewing the Form Guide in the App, you will need to exit the page to return to the race as, unlike the website, you cannot have the 2 pages open at the same time. 

    The good news is that you can sort a race by runner number, Win and Place odds, this further shows that more development has gone into the ChaseBet App than the website. I can see 2nd favourite is number 6. 

    At time of writing, it is not possible to extract the same information for both iOS and Android App platforms:  

    • There have been 48 reviews on the Apple App Store with a rating of 4.8 
    • There have been over 100 downloads from the Google Play Store, with a rating of 5 from 6 reviews.  

    The ChaseBet motto is clear on both platforms though - Every punter deserves a fair chance. 

    ChaseBet Product & Features

    ChaseBet provides a number of features that enable a great experience. Here are some examples: 

    24/7 Customer Service 

    There are 2 options to make contact for support, send a message and if during normal service hours (not published) there is the ability to interact in real-time with customer support. 24/7 is oversimplifying the situation, but yes you can ask a question/make contact 24 hours a day, but the response may be a little slow depending on when you use the facility. 

    Use Of Colour and Insight

    The multiple shades of purple, with black text on a white background are very easy to become accustomed to, but they are not my favourite.  

    There is also extensive use of purple or white boxes to separate the selection of: 

    • Thoroughbred and/or Greyhound and/or Harness as well between Australia/NZ and/or International 
    • Quick Form (on App, “Form” on website) and/or Tips and/or Flucs and/or Speed Map 

    The latter could be useful information, I would suggest, outside of Maidens, for help in finding a potential winner. 

    The Form Guide has the most extensive use of colour, more so in the App than the website. The developers went crazy with the Firm, Good, Soft, Heavy and Synthetic track conditions colours.  

    ChaseBet Betting Markets

    I have seen races where ChaseBet offer the Win, Place, Tote and the Exotics range of markets, which is a better list than some of the recent new bookmakers.  

    In the Terms & Conditions online document there is a section under Racing (Thoroughbred/Harness/Greyhound) which states that ChaseBet additionally operates: 

    • Top fluctuation – Best price declared by the Official On-Course Bookmaker 
    • Best of The Best – the best of either the Best of 3 Australian TAB prices or the Official On-course Top Fluctuation.  
    • Starting Price – SP is the official bookmakers price 

    ChaseBet FAQs

    Why Choose to bet with ChaseBet?

    ChaseBet is a new player to the industry which brings an innovative and more formal approach to betting, it appears to be a safe bookie, below are some highlights that ChaseBet can offer its customers: 

    • ChaseBet is 100% Aussie-owned.   
    • ChaseBet is a new bookmaker with a solid user interface and Live TV on both website and Apps. 
    • ChaseBet always offers some of the best odds and markets in Australia for racing. 
    • ChaseBet have 24/7 customer service across a couple of channels. 
    • ChaseBet has brand new Apps for Android and Apple. 
    • ChaseBet has lots of promotions that present punters with great value. 
    • ChaseBet is licensed in Australia. 

    Does ChaseBet offer Same Race Multi?

    ChaseBet have an online Terms & Conditions document dedicated to SRMs, which states such things as: 

    • Only available for races with 6 or more runners 
    • Maximum number of legs is 4  
    • Maximum Thoroughbred payout for numerous countries including Australia, NZ, Ireland and UK is 10,000 dollars 

    Does ChaseBet have a Mobile App?

    Yes, both Android and Apple Apps were released in the 1st week of October 2023 and they offer the same look & feel of the slightly more established website. To read about other horse racing betting apps click here 

    Who is ChaseBet owned by?

    Taken from the Google Play Store, “Chasebet proudly stands as an all-Australian owned and managed bookmaking enterprise. Born from the collaborative efforts of Damian Harris, a seasoned bookmaker with second-generation roots, and Allan Hilzinger, a passionate punter, the platform offers a blend of expertise and entertainment for its members”.  

    How long does a ChaseBet withdraw take?

    ChaseBet make no claims other than to state that withdrawals are processed every day. 

    Does ChaseBet offer cash out?

    The only reference I could find to Cash Out was in the ChaseBet SRM Terms & Conditions documentation which states that Cash Out is not available for Same Race Multi Bets.  

    ChaseBet Promotions and bonuses

    In Australia, there are stringent regulations governing online bookies regarding advertising bonus bets and other incentives. Because of this, ChaseBet cannot advertise any sign-up bonus bets to punters who do not already have an account. 

    Once you have registered, make sure in your ChaseBet Account overview you have registered to receive promotional offers, or simply go to the Promotions section on the Navigation panel or even reviews Today´s Racing where there should be indicators highlighting races with Promotions. 

    I found at least 37(!) references to Bonus Bet in the ChaseBet Terms & Conditions online document. 

    To learn more about ChaseBet promotions and offers, visit their website: or to sign up for a ChaseBet account head along to : 

    If you want to know more about Promotions and Bonus Bets it is also worth reviewing the  Horse Racing Promotions and Bonuses  page which goes into more detail. 

    How to Sign-up to ChaseBet

    To sign up at ChaseBet, simply select the Join icon from the ChaseBet website or ChaseBet App or go straight to 

    Enter your personal details including: 

    • email address  
    • Password  (8 characters – 1 number, 1 special character, 1 lower case + 1 upper case) 
    • Username  (minimum 6 characters)                 
    • Mobile Number 
    • Date of birth  DD/MM/YYYY (selectable)  
    • First Name 
    • Middle Name  
    • Last Name 
    • Residential Address 

    You will also need undertake Identification and Verification, to comply with the Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. You must provide a minimum proof of your full name, date of birth and residential address within seventy-two (72) hours of opening an account.  

    The ChaseBet system will automatically try and verify your account through an online verification company such as GreenID during the registration process. If that process cannot verify your identity, ChaseBet may request that you provide 100 points of identification.  

    To be successful, you may have to use one or several forms of government issued IDs such as Birth Certificate (70 points), Driver’s License (40), Australian passport (70), Medicare card (25), etc. Once your account is verified, you will be able to withdraw money won and make deposits into your account. 

    ChaseBet Banking

    ChaseBet Deposit – complete the one panel (you see here) to make a deposit: 

    ChaseBet banking is fairly simply to use, firstly once registered you can deposit funds by. 

    You have 2 deposit choices: 

    • MasterCard, VISA or debit card. The minimum deposit is 10 
    • EFT – where you will be presented with details of the ChaseBet 
          National Australia Bank account 

    To make a ChaseBet Withdrawal, similarly, you complete one panel with the amount and you can save your bank details. ChaseBet requires that the “value of any deposit into an account be transacted prior to ChaseBet authorising a withdrawal request”, to me that means you need to have turned over funds before you can make a withdrawal. 

    ChaseBet Customer Service

    ChaseBet customer service is provided, in 2 forms, you can leave a message and ChaseBet claim to respond within a few hours or if you are attempting to make contact with ChaseBet Customer Service in normal service hours you can open a conversation window.  

    There are 4 ChaseBet racing related documents that can be viewed online:

    • Privacy Policy – last updated 18 March 2023 
    • Terms & Conditions – last updated 30 October 2023 
    • Responsible Gambling – last updated 18 March 2023 
    • SRM (Same Race Multi) Terms & Conditions – last updated 21 October 2023 

    These documents do NOT contain a datestamp in the App, so it could be difficult to know when each App documents gets updated in the future.  

    All these documents (I used Google Chrome) were easy to search through on the website using the Find function.