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    BetProfessor Quick Stats

    Robin Sydney
    By:Robin Sydney
    Website: Year Founded: August 2023 
    Live Chat: There to help between 8am and midnight AEST.  Email:  
    License and Regulation: BetProfessor is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) and is a Class 1 member of the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association (VBA).  It also complies with all relevant industry codes and practices to enable it to be a bookmaker in Australia. Socials: Facebook 
    App: Downloadable from the usual places -  Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)  Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard 
    Features: Protest Payout, Same Game / Race Multis, Blended Betting, Even Shot, Best Tote Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer 1-3 Business Days 
    Owner: BetProfessor is the trading name of GiantBet Pty Ltd Pty Ltd ACN 667 202 806 

    Partners :

    • Blended ‘Dutch’ betting
    • Protest Payout
    • Best Tote
    • Reliable Site
    • No Live Betting
    • Minimal Form Guide
    • Limited Banking Options

    About BetProfessor

    So BetProfessor is another one of the new betting sites on the ever popular Bet Cloud platform.  Themed along the lines of a ‘Mad Professor’ the graphics are kind of fun, with lime green and a bright lilac purple dominating.  Whilst being fairly visually engaging, I am not so sure how strong the branding / theme is, and what the relevance is to a betting site, especially when compared to some of the other sites on the BetCloud platform.

    But all that aside, I have undertaken a BetProfessor review of the site to give readers a comprehensive overview from which to make a call as to whether or not to sign up and start betting with this new betting site on the block.

    In so doing I will cover off some key areas to consider including a review of the App, the various products and features, how to register for an account and details on banking options amongst others.  

    I think the most striking thing about BetProfessor, launched in Victoria in August 2023, is the focus on simplicity and ease of use for the user.  Whilst I might not be sure of the overall relevance of the theme, the colours are visually striking and do lend themselves to an overall clean and tidy user interface experience.  This, and the fact that there are some excellent and compelling products / features on the site, lead me to give an overall thumbs up to BetProfessor and I suggest you read on for more details.

    BetProfessor Scores

    🐴Betting Offerings - 8/10

    BetProfessor's laboratory is bubbling with a wide array of betting concoctions:

    • Local Races: Dive into the heart of Australian racing with thoroughbreds, trotters, and greyhounds, it’s got
    • Global Sports: From the fierce clashes of AFL and NRL to the worldwide fervour of Soccer, and the American favourites like Baseball and NFL, the selection is vast.
    • International Horse Racing: Venture beyond the Australian tracks to experience the pulse of global horse racing events, where each race is a new adventure.

    💳Banking Options - 5/10

    Banking options are definitely pretty limited:

    • Deposits: BetProfessor keeps it simple with Visa and Mastercard.
    • Withdrawals: Bank transfers are the only method to get your hands on your well won winnings. 

    While these options get the job done for you, the limited variety might not appeal to those punters who are generally accustomed, and prefer, a broader spectrum of payment methods.

    📱Mobile Experience - 9/10

    The BetProfessor app is a decent effort in terms of efficient mobile betting:

    • Sleek Design: A clean and intuitive interface that prioritises quick access to betting markets and account management.
    • Functionality: Seamless navigation and essential features at your fingertips, ensuring a hassle-free betting session on the go.
    • User-Friendly: Tailored for ease of use, the app caters to both seasoned bettors and newcomers, making every interaction straightforward.

    While it doesn't overcomplicate with excessive flair, the app's focus on core functionalities ensures a top-grade mobile betting experience.

    💸​Withdraw Speed - 6/10

    • Method: Sole reliance on bank transfers.
    • Timeline: Transactions are typically concluded within the standard 1-3 business days, ensuring timely access to funds.
    • Room for Improvement: The current method, while dependable, lacks the variety seen on other betting sites, where a broader array of withdrawal options caters to a wider range of preferences.

    🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10

    BetProfessor's user experience can be summarised as follows:

    • Engaging Interface: A vibrant mix of lime green and lilac, with whimsical elements like test tubes and fruit symbols, makes for a visually stimulating platform.
    • Simplified Navigation: The layout is very straightforward ensuring you can effortlessly find your way around, from placing bets to checking odds.
    • Core Features: BetProfessor focuses on essential betting functionalities ensuring a smooth betting process without unnecessary complexity.
    • Balanced Approach: The platform maintains a balance between being engaging and user-friendly, catering to both seasoned punters and those that are a little newer to the game.

    📧Customer Support - 5/10

    BetProfessor's approach to customer inquiries includes:

    • Live Chat Assistance: Available from 8am to midnight AEST, offering real-time solutions and guidance.
    • Email Support: For less urgent or more detailed inquiries, reach out to for a prompt response.

    This digital-first strategy ensures efficient and effective support, though it's worth noting the absence of phone support, a feature that some might prefer for immediate and personal assistance.

    🔒Security- 9/10

    BetProfessor operates within the strict confines of Australian regulatory standards, ensuring a level of security that's as solid as the foundation of any reputable institution. This commitment to maintaining a secure platform is evident in:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Meticulously adhering to the guidelines set by Australian authorities, BetProfessor ensures all betting activities are conducted within a safe and controlled environment.
    • Data Protection: Implementing advanced security protocols to safeguard user information, akin to the protective measures one would expect in a high-security laboratory.

    BetProfessor Racing

    BetProfessor offers an extensive range of racing markets, covering both Australian and international races. Take a look at the overview I’ve put together below:  

    • Wide Racing Coverage: BetProfessor provides access to all major Australian races, including all the top tracks and Group One races  that attract so much interest from us punters.  Beyond that there is a very healthy selection of international racing from the USA, UK, Japan, Korea and more.
    • Tote Betting Options: For win and place bets, you’ve got access to mid tote prices from Australia's leading totes, with select metropolitan meetings offering the Best of 3 Totes for enhanced value and choice.
    • Exotic Betting: The platform supports all the standard exotic bets that punters love and expect to find on their betting sites, with dividends based on Vic Tote.

    While BetProfessor's racing section covers essential betting options, it's worth noting the platform does not currently offer live betting or cash out features, which may put off some punters.  Another area where the Professor is a little light on is that of form.  If you like your betting platform to offer extensive form and / or tips then you’ll need to look elsewhere like the resources on our very own and the excellent and regular free horse racing tips that you’ll find on here.

    BetProfessor App

    The app is visually dominated by the mad professor each and every time you login, which certainly adds a unique and engaging twist to your betting experience. The app's design blends elements of science and experimentation with your betting making it anything but boring!

    As regards the key features and overall app experience, I have to say the app itself is super easy to use and makes for a very smooth time when betting.  I’ve highlighted below what I feel are the key features that make that so:

    • Vibrant Theme: As I mentioned above the app is full of the mad professor theme and what can only be described as whimsical graphics such as test tubes and formulae.  It makes for a very playful backdrop.
    • Featured Race Highlight: The app spotlights the most anticipated race of the day (see screenshot above) , making it very easy to hone in on the major event.  Although of course there can often be more than one on a big Group One Saturday, it’s still a nice little feature.   
    • Simplified Navigation: Access to the various betting markets, account management, and banking is really streamlined.  I’ve had no dramas finding what I need when I need it.
    • Quickbet Innovation: This feature allows for rapid bet placements and frankly I love it. 

    While the BetProfessor app excels in delivering a fun, themed and user-friendly betting platform, it's worth noting that it does lack in the area of form and analytics, which might put some punters off a little. 

    BetProfessor: Products and Features

    BetProfessor has a decent array of products and features with which to attract the online bettor.  Let’s take a look: 

    • Innovative Betting Options: BetProfessor introduces a mix of traditional and novel betting features, ensuring there's something for every type of punter. From the classic Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis to the inventive Blended Betting and Even Shot options, the platform offers a diverse betting playground.
    • Blended Betting: This feature allows punters to mix bets on multiple runners in a single race, displaying combined odds instantly. I really like it as I often want to back more than one runner in a race and this makes it so easy to do so.  Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of one of my bets:
    • Even Shot: This simply offers up a random bet on a race at even odds.  Pretty simple right?  Normally it will offer a runner to finish top 2, 3, or 4, and every now and then even an odds on runner to win at even odds.  Again, have a look at the screenshot below for an example of one of my bets, where I was offered even money for a horse to finish Top 3:

    • First Past the Post: BetProfessor ensures that if your selection crosses the line first but is later demoted due to a protest, you still collect.  This is an increasingly common / popular product in the online betting world and it’s good to see that the mad professor has added it to his lab of tricks! 

    BetProfessor excels in providing a variety of betting options with the focus on keeping it simple.  This works great… to a point;  it does leave things a little for those who are used to a more product / feature rich betting site. For example there is no live betting, no cash out and also the form and / or tipping is very limited compared to other platforms.

    In the areas of banking options and customer service things are also super streamlined.  Banking is limited to Visa / Mastercard and bank transfers and with customer service your main option is a live chat service that operates during AEST business hours and email support outside of those hours. 

    I don’t want to make too big a thing of the things that are lacking as the site is pretty solid all round and the two unique features of Blended betting and Even Shot are a lot of fun and a decent drawcard. 

    BetProfessor Betting Markets

    There’s a pretty comprehensive suite of betting markets at BetProfessor, certainly enough to satisfy most punters' wishes in my opinion.

    Australian Racing: all 3 types of racing are all covered - Greyhound, Harness and of course Horse Racing.  That means you’re able to bet on all the big Group One races right down to the much smaller midweek action.

    International Racing: the BetProfessor coverage of international racing has increased over the last few months and it really does now give you the ability to bet all over the world.  At time of writing there is betting available on racing in New Zealand, the US, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, France and more.  That really is almost total coverage of global racing!

    Sports Betting:  away from racing BetProfessor covers all your favourite Australian sports as well as a very wide variety of other sports from around the globe.  Be it English Premier League or NBA basketball that you’re, you won’t be disappointed.  In fact all the major internationally popular sports have betting markets on the platform.

    Betting Formats: it’s mainly about fixed odds betting at BetProfessor although with Australian racing (all 3 codes ) there are tote options.  Either mid tote on the smaller races or Best of 3 totes on the larger metropolitan race meets / race days (Wed and Sat).

    Exotics: as you’d expect all the typical exotice bet types are offered at BetProfessor - including Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, and First Four.


    Who’s the owner of BetProfessor?

    BetProfessor is wholly owned by GiantBet Pty Ltd Pty Ltd ACN 667 202 806

    Is there a minimum deposit for BetProfessor?

    There’s a small $10 min deposit with BetProfessor and you can also choose to limit how much you deposit at any one time should you so wish.  

    Is BetProfessor legit?

    Yes, it sure is.  Any punter wishing to sign up at BetProfessor should be totally reassured by the fact that it is 100% compliant with all the necessary codes and regulations to operate as a bookmaker in Australia.  

    How can I bet with BetProfessor?

    It’s super easy!  Head to the website -  - or download the App from the Play or Apple stores and use the BetProfessor App. Follow the easy sign up process and you’ll be able to bet with BetProfessor in no time.  

    Do BetProfessor offer a sign-up bonus?

    No.  No betting sites in Australia are able to offer sweeteners to get you to sign up to their betting platforms due to regulations.  However, when you do sign up you should definitely check the Promotions section of the site as BetProfessor does offer promotions and bonuses to loyal customers. 

    Does BetProfessor have a mobile App?

    It sure does and I find it’s super easy to use.  Head to the Play or App store to download it.  

    BetProfessor Promotions and Bonuses

    Promotions and bonuses in the Australian betting scene are heavily regulated and no betting site is able to offer inducements to try and encourage punters to sign up.  

    That said, if you’re already a registered client then things are a little more relaxed on the regulation front.  There is a Promos section on the site and it is worth checking in there from time to time to see what might be on offer.

    How to Sign-up to BetProfessor

    This is super easy and you like me will have no problems in doing so, whether it be on the website or the BetProfessor App.  

    Just hit the Sign Up button and complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time, and then follow the instructions in the next section re how to deposit. 



    BetProfessor Banking, How to Deposit

    How to Deposit

    Just as easy as signing up really.  Locate the green Deposit box top right of the screen, below the account balance, and follow the easy prompts. If you’re using the BetProfessor App, then it’s pretty much the same (see the screenshots below).

    The deposit options are pretty basic, with only Visa and Mastercard as options but you’ll be able to deposit very quickly.

    How to Withdraw

    Do exactly what you do for depositing in terms of site navigation or you can also hit the My Account under Quick Links on the left hand side of the screen.

    In the Withdraw section you’ll see just how much of your funds are available to withdraw and you can make a withdrawal by Bank Transfer, the only option available.

    BetProfessor Customer Service

    To be honest the site is pretty simple and straightforward and I haven’t had any real need to get in contact with customer support / service but if you do then you’ve got two options:

    • Live Chat - this is the only direct/ real time option and is available from 8am to midnight AEST.  
    • Email Support -  out of the live chat hours above, you can contact support via email -

    BetProfessor : My Final Thoughts

    I have had fun with my betting experience with this site when doing the necessary research to compile this BetProfessor review.  Of course there is the zany mad professor theme that permeates throughout both the App and the website, but more than that I have really enjoyed the simplicity and the innovative Blended and Even Shot features in particular.  Both these features open up a lot of different options for you as a punter and I think they are a real plus!! 

    The BetProfessor App is also super simple and as someone who uses apps a lot for betting this is another big tick for me.

    Throughout the review I have made mention of the fact that there are some areas in which BetProfessor does come up short - no live betting, limited banking options, light on form analysis etc. However, I wouldn’t let these dissuade anyone from signing up and having a go for yourself.  In fact I’d encourage you to do exactly that - have a go for yourself!!

    Sign up to BetProfessor via the link here and have a play and see what you think.  I’ve had a lot of fun with it and I think there’s every chance you should too!