New Betting Sites Australia 2024

New betting websites are popping up in Australia all the time, so if you want to be ahead of the game and find the next big bookie, be our guest! Things are always changing and we usually find it’s the new horse betting sites that are pushing the limits.a

New Betting Sites Australia

Top 10 Reviews Of The Newest Betting Sites

If you’re finding all the more established betting sites are becoming a little stale, then it’s time to change things up a little bit. Enter the top 10 new betting sites! We’ve gone through and found the top 10 new betting websites to hit the Australian market. These bookies are recommended by the team here at Only Racing and are some of the newest going around.

1. Betfocus


Founded in: March 2024

You can’t get any newer than Betfocus, with the bookie launching in 2024! One of the best new horse betting sites, Betfocus has competitive racing markets, especially on Asian racing. They make our list of top new betting websites because of this, but also due to their fast withdrawals and focus on customer service.

If you want one of the best new horse betting sites in Australia you can’t really go past Betfocus. Betfocus Rewards Toolkit gives punters more value for money with heaps of horse racing promotions. They also have one of the best new betting apps going around as well.

New betting site - BetFocus

Recently Launched Bookie with Great Racing Odds

2. JungleBet


Founded in: October 2023

Launching in 2023, JungleBet makes our list of the best new betting sites. You’ll love their multi bets including both Same Game Multis and Same Racing Multis. Their website and app are as user-friendly as you could possibly hope for, featuring a quirky design you won’t forget!

It’s also pretty clear they are putting customer service as one of their top priorities, as they provide a live chat service. They seem to be focusing a bit more on racing, with more markets available in this space, making them one of the top new online horse racing betting sites.

Competitive fixed odds for racing

3. PuntCity


Founded in: October 2023

We believe PuntCity to be another one of the top new betting websites in Australia. After launching in 2023, they are already making waves in the industry. Their racing product is quite special, as they provide quick insights in their markets for horse races. 

This makes it even easier to judge how a runner is expected to perform and essentially acts as quick horse racing tips for punters. The theme they are going for on their website and app is very distinguishable and if you’re into something a little more fun, PuntCity is the perfect new betting site for you.

Protest Payouts and Blended and Even Shot Betting

4. ChaseBet


Founded in: September 2023

Love yourself some greyhound racing? Chasebet is one of the best new betting sites in Australia for greyhound racing in particular, launching in 2023. Their range of greyhound racing and general racing markets is awesome, covering both domestic and international races.

They’ve got a good range of promotions available for their punters, but you’ll have to log into your account to see what you’ve got. ChaseBet also offers live chat, so if you ever run into a problem using their website or app, they should be able to sort you out pretty quickly.

Many Greyhounds Specials

5. BetRoyale


Founded in: September 2023

BetRoyale hit the Aussie market in 2023 and is already loved by many punters across the country. They offer Same Race/ Game Multi markets and for racing, they offer best tote and protest payout. All the key horse racing events are covered with Bet Royale, including Group One races.

We consider BetRoyale to be one of the best new horse racing betting sites due to all these features and more! They provide top-notch customer service, which is available through live chat and you’ll find using their app a breeze as it is intuitively designed.

Protest Payouts and Blended and Even Shot Betting

6. Golden Rush


Founded in: September 2023

With an unforgettable design, Golden Rush opened up shop in 2023. We consider Golden Rush one of the premier new horse betting sites as they have a wide range of markets available for racing events and other key racing features that include protest payout and best tote.

New betting site - Golden Rush

They haven’t completely forgotten about sports markets either. They’ve got heaps of player prop markets available on all the most popular sports in Australia. If you’re looking for something a little different, but still has all the bells and whistles, Golden Rush is a good option.

Protest Payout For First Past The Post

7. Sterling Parker


Founded in: August 2023

For a new bookie, Sterling Parker has some pretty competitive odds for both racing and sports events. Since launching in 2023, Sterling Parker has started to make a name for itself and we consider them one of the ideal new betting sites.

Their customer service team is available through live chat, to sort out any issues you may have as quickly as possible. Their website and app are clearly designed by people who punt themselves as everything is intuitively placed. Even those who like to place multi bets will love Sterling Parker, as they have Same Game/ Race Mutlis available.

Effortless Navigation: Simple, user-friendly website layout

8. JuicyBet


Founded in: August 2023

Instantly, the bright and bold colours of JuicyBet will draw you in. JuicyBet has only been around since 2023, making it one of the newest betting sites going around. We’ve chosen to include JuicyBet on this list of all the best new bookmaker sites for several reasons.

Their app in particular is outstanding and they have a great racing offering including the list of protest payout and best tote. Like all bookies, you’ll have to log into your account to see their full range of promotions and it is certainly worth it! JuicyBet offers markets on both international and domestic races.

Competitive odds on horse racing events

9. BetProfessor


Founded in: August 2023

With a focus on racing, BetProfessor launched in August 2023 and is one of the best new Aus betting sites, especially for all those racing punters out there. They offer decent odds for roughies in racing markets, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled because you never know when you’re going to find a nugget of gold.

Racing events take up all the main real estate on their homepage, so it is very easy to find the event you’re looking for and get your bets sorted. They also provide racing-related features like Same Race Multis, protest payouts and best tote.

Early Odds for Fixed Odds markets

10. Volcanobet


Founded in: July 2023

Bright colours and a unique design are on the menu for Volcanobet, which launched in 2023. We love Volcanobet and think they deserve a spot on this list of the top new betting websites due to their competitive fixed odds on racing events.

New betting site - Volcanobet

Their well-designed app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Volcanbet also provides live chat as a way of getting in touch with their customer service team. Some of the more established bookies in Australia don’t even offer this, so that’s a massive tick in our eyes.

Blended (Dutch) Betting

Ranking New Betting Sites Australia

We don’t just recommend any old bookie! All bookies, including the new ones, have to go through several different tests before we would even consider featuring them on Only Racing. So, what ranking factors do we consider when judging all the top new betting sites?

You can find all the ranking factors below:

  • Ease of Use - All the latest betting sites should be easy to navigate though. The website and app should load fast and not have any issues like broken links or glitches. The design should also be clean, ensuring the layout is well thought out and the most important aspects are easy to find.
  • Range of Markets - We check out all the new betting sites in Australia and see how many markets they have on offer for racing and sports events. We find that this is an area that newer betting sites struggle with, but there are still some with a great range of markets.
  • Competitive Odds - It’s not just about the range of markets available but also the quality of the odds available with those markets! We compare all the new online betting sites and see how their odds in a variety of different markets compare to all the other players in the game.
  • Depth of Promotions - Promotions are another factor we consider as we always want to ensure our readers are finding the best value for money possible. New bookmakers online generally have a solid range of promotions, which you can check out for yourself by logging into your account.
  • Proper Safety and Security - We only review legit new online betting sites in Australia, which exclusively includes those bookies that are properly licenced in this country. The protection of your funds as well as personal information is extremely important, which is why this is one of our top-ranking factors.
  • Helpful Customer Service - There needs to be a range of options available for punters to get in touch with the customer service team. Some of the best options include live chat, phone and email. Live chat is known as the quickest form of communication.
  • Range of Payment Options - Before we recommend a new betting site, we check out to see how many payment options are available. It’s not just about the payment options either, we also look at how long withdrawal requests take.

Why Choose a New Betting Site?

Not sure that a new betting site is for you? Some indeed prefer to stick with what they know but you could be missing out as there are many benefits for choosing a new bookie. New betting sites ensure competition in the industry is fierce as they all keep pushing each other to be better.

We’ve listed some of the main reasons why you should consider choosing a new betting site below:

  1. Top-Class User Experience - New betting sites in Australia have the benefit of seeing what all the other bookies are doing in this space and taking all the best parts to create the ideal user experience. They can also take advantage of the latest technology from the get-go.
  2. Different Betting Features - New betting sites will generally do whatever they can to get new customers on board and this includes offering something a little different from the typical betting features that are found with the more established betting sites.
  3. Better Customer Support - Punters are getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of customer service with some of the more established bookies going around and new betting websites are capitalising on this. You’ll find that new sites offer a range of methods to get in touch with their customer service team, including live chat.

New vs Established: Which is Best?

It doesn’t have to be one or the other as you can open as many accounts as you like with different bookies, but if you’re interested in seeing a comparison between new and established bookies, we’ve got you covered!

Both come with their own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to be aware of the whole picture before you make any decisions. While this page is mostly about new bookies in Australia, we also review and take a deep dive into the established bookies, like in our PlayUp review, for example.

Check out all the information below to see which one is best for you:

New BookiesEstablished Bookies
✅ Most new bookies have a better user experience on offer for punters.✅ Wider range of markets available for punters to choose from.
✅ Usually part of a smaller group of punters, so you’ll get a more personalised service.✅ Can offer more competitive odds and more value for money with their promotions.
❌ A smaller range of markets is usually available.❌ Can be lagging in terms of using the latest technology.
❌ Sometimes their odds aren’t as good as their more established counterparts.❌ Less likely to offer a personalised service.

New Horse Betting Sites

At Only Racing, as the name probably gives it away, we care the most about racing! Horse racing is a major part of who we are and it would be silly of us to not shine more of a light on some of the best new horse betting sites going around.

There are many key horse racing events that new horse racing sites will cover. These events attract even the once-a-year punters and even generate interest from the general public. The more important horse racing events that new betting sites will cover include:

  • Melbourne Cup
  • Caulfield Cup
  • Cox Plate
  • Victoria Derby
  • The Golden Eagle
  • The Everest

Not only are all the key horse racing events covered at a new betting site, but they’ll also cover a range of racing markets, especially the new sites that have a racing-focused offering. Some of the main markets that are available with new bookies include:

  • Win/ Place
  • Same Race Multi
  • Quinella
  • Exacta 
  • Trifecta
  • First Four
  • Quaddie

Now, let’s talk about features and promotions! While most promotions can only be seen once you’ve logged into your account, there are some we can discuss here. Some of the main promotions on offer with new bookies include:

  • Best tote
  • Boosted odds
  • Blended odds
  • Protest payout

Some new horse betting sites will even provide tips in their form for each racing event. These range from quick insight-related tips to more extensive tips. While we are yet to see things like exotics tips, we don’t think we are too far away from seeing this!

What Does The Future Hold?

The future is certainly looking bright for new betting sites. The Australian market keeps getting more competitive and this is always a good thing. It means that the brands continue to push each other to find the next big thing. 

Innovation is happening within the industry at a very fast rate and it has never been a better time to be an Aussie punter! New betting sites in Aus are bringing new features and making the more established bookies sit up and take note.

We will likely continue to see new bookies pop up each year in Australia. Whether they are successful or not in the industry will depend on the offering they bring to Aussie punters. New betting sites need to be as sharp as possible to ensure they can stay afloat in the difficult early stages of operation.

It is certainly worth checking out some of the newest bookies on the market if you’re interested in something a little different. We completely understand that things can get a bit stale with some of the more established bookies in Australia!

New Betting Sites Australia FAQs

In Australia, the world of new betting sites is constantly changing, so it’s only natural that people have questions. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! We’ve gone through all the most common questions people have about new horse betting sites and answered them below:

Which bookies in Australia are the newest?

If you’re looking for the best new betting sites in 2024, then you can’t really go past Betfocus. Launching in 2024, Betfocus has a great range of racing markets and promotions available for their punters to take advantage of.

Do new gambling sites offer sign-up bonus bets?

Unfortunately, new betting sites' sign-up bonus doesn’t exist anymore. Betting sites, both new and established aren’t able to offer a sign-up bonus but they still can offer a wide range of promotions to existing customers, you will just be required to log into your account to see what’s on offer.

Can you trust new online bookies in Australia?

Yes, you can trust new bookies. The laws around gambling in Australia are pretty clear cut and new bookies are required to be licensed in this country if they want to operate. Regulators are always checking up on new and more established bookies to ensure they are doing the right thing.

Do new betting websites provide horse racing tips?

We have found that new bookies provide quick tips and insights on their respective racing markets page for each event. But if you’re looking for more extensive tips, like free Saturday horse racing tips, for example, you can always find that with us here at Only Racing!

Which new bookie is the best for horse racing betting?

When it comes to new horse betting sites, there are a few good options available. Betfocus has a great racing-focused platform that features heaps of markets, competitive odds and valuable promotions. Some of the other new bookies that are worth checking out include; Volcanobet, Golden Rush and JuicyBet.

Do new bookies also have an app?

Yes, you’ll be pleased to know that all the new bookies featured in our list of the top 10 new betting sites have an app. Their apps are also available for Apple and Android users, so no one misses out. Most of the time, new betting apps have a high focus on user experience and there aren’t a lot of bugs or glitches. 

Is betting on new sites fun?

Yes! Betting with new sites can be a fun experience because they offer something a little different to the more established bookies. Don’t forget that new bet sites are popping up all the time, so the fun never stops!

Is live streaming available with new betting sites?

From what we can see, at this stage, new bookies don’t offer live streaming services. Purchasing the rights to live stream events like horse racing and sports is a very high cost and it is likely that new bookies simply don’t have the budget to offer that as a product.

What are the newest brands operating in australia


Launch Year

 Launch Month
Golden Rush2023September
Sterling Parker2023August
GetSetBet2021End of year
Boombet (rebrand)2021August