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    By:Jason Bale

    Winnersbet Australia hit the market in 2020 and it looks like they are here to stay. In this Winnersbet review, we’ll take a deep dive into and what they have to offer as a fresh-faced bookmaker.

    Having used Winnersbet for a few months and getting a good feel for its offering and functionality, I believe Winnersbet Australia has a lot of upside thanks in large part to their racing-centric interface and the simplistic design. 

    I’ll go through why Winnersbet has an exceptional Australian horse racing product with standout features. Winnersbet also offers an above average web product and a great customer service team.
    So now let’s properly go into Winnersbet’s bookmaking product by dissecting all the services and features offered.

    • Easy to use website
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Strong fixed odds for Australian racing
    • No live streaming
    • No live betting
    • Limited Betting Features

    Winnersbet Quick Stats

    Website: Founded: 2020
    Phone: 1800 752 987Email: [email protected] 
    License & Regulation: Registered as a licensed bookmaker of Racing VictoriaLive Betting: N/A
    Address/Headquarters: MelbourneFeatures: Great website, solid customer service, range of racing markets
    Deposit Methods: Debit card, POLi, bank transferWithdrawal Methods: Debit card, POLi, bank transfer
    Apps/Devices: No appOdds Provider: TAB
    Owners: Da He 

    About Winnersbet

    Winnersbet’s induction into the saturated Australian betting landscape has been quite recent, having hit the market in 2020. Winnersbet Australia was founded by Da He, a well-known bookmaker that has over a decade of experience with established bookmakers such as Bet365, tomwaterhouse and TAB.

    The racing experience Winnersbet offers is what makes them a competitive bookmaker in my opinion. Da He’s involvement in Winnersbet Australia placed a natural focus on the racing product on WInnersbet’s web and mobil app. All Australian and international races are covered by Winnersbet and the fixed odds are highly competitive.

    Winnersbet Score

    🐴Betting Markets - 8/10
    Winnersbet has an array of markets for racing, encompassing all domestic racing across the three codes. With an implementation of a Same Race Multi, or more engaging features, Winnersbet would be close to perfection.

    💳Banking Options - 8/10
    Winnersbet has all the standard banking options required of bookies nowadays, which is enough to satisfy most punters using the Winnersbet platform. It doesn’t go above and beyond with the deposit and withdrawal options but is well rounded with average withdrawal times.

    📱Mobile Experience - 6/10
    WInnersbet Australia is seriously let down by their lack of a proper mobile app. Yes, Winnersbet’s web offer has app functionality, but this just isn’t enough in the competitive bookmaking market. Hopefully Winnersbet can create a mobile app soon.

    💸​Withdraw Speed - 8/10
    Winnersbet’s withdrawal speed is consistent, and I have personally had zero issues. It takes Winnersbet the standard 1-3 business days to get the money to your account.

    🧩Overall User Experience - 8/10
    Winnersbet has an easy to navigate betting product that is simple, succinct and fun to use. Although the lack of a mobile app is an issue, I won’t hold that against Winnersbet completely. The user experience offered by Winnersbet is a pleasant one that suits punters both experienced and inexperienced.

    📧​Customer Support -  9/10
    Winnersbet customer support is outstanding, with well-trained agents who want to help and are very useful. The wait times are relatively short, and the help is usually sound from the WInnersbet customer service team. The addition of over the phone support would aid in WInnersbet’s customer support rating but for the most part it is sensational.

    🔒Security - 10/10
    Winnersbet is based in and fully licensed by Racing Victoria. Winnersbet is also 100% Australian owned. I know that Winnersbet Australia does a great job keeping your information and details as safe as can be.

    Winnersbet Racing

    Winnersbet, despite its relative newness, has established a recognisable focus on their racing product and because of this there are plenty of markets available for all the best races.
    You can easily go to one of the ‘next to jump’ races on Winnersbet’s home screen which showcases the races that are about to run. Alternatively, you can navigate to a full list of tracks and races through the left-hand side of the screen.

    On Winnersbet’s racing tab, you’ll be able to access a full list of Australian and international races for the day and the next couple too.  If you select an individual track, you will see the upcoming races at that track along with the races already completed. Winnersbet has a countdown on these track pages to let you know when the races is going to jump.
    Winnersbet’s racing gets a big plus from myself due to their Best Tote odds for all Aussie gallops, as well as their best of the best odds offer on many markets. Let’s not forget that Winnersbet have a wide range of exotic markets including quinellas, exactas, trifects and first fours. 
    Winnersbet has a simple, clean interface and succinct pop-out form guides that make its racing product strong for its age. I do believe that the combination of great features and a focus on racing will make Winnersbet a preferable choice for Aussie punters.

    Winnersbet Mobile App

    One of the downfalls of Winnersbet is its lack of a mobile betting app. However, I believe this has been largely negated due to their optimization of the mobile site. It is a fast and innate system that allows for quick access to the markets you desire. Winnersbet’s website is not too complicated and is streamlined for racing.
    Winnersbet’s website can be added to your phone’s home screen to be used the same was as a mobile app would. However, this is a clear deterrent for many of us Aussie punters who pretty much solely bet on mobile apps.

    With very little to separate bookmakers in a dense and competitive Aussie market, a solid mobile app offered by Winnersbet would go a long way.

    Winnersbet Product & Features

    In a highly saturated market of Australian bookmaking, Winnersbet requires points of differentiation. Winnersbet’s focuses on an easy-to-use racing product. With that being said, my Winnersbet review of Winnersbet Australia’s products and features is below:

    Winnersbet Protest Payout

    Winnersbet’s protest payout means you will be payed you out for your full stake of a win bet even if the horse is later protested to have won! As an example: if you back a runner who wins a race and is later relegated or if you back the runner who came 2nd and is promoted post-race, you will be paid as a winner in both situations

    Winnersbet Best Tote Odds

    Winnersbet has a “best tote” offer for all Australian horse races. This extends to several international, greyhound and harness races. If you navigate into a Winnersbet designated race page and choose a runner to bet on, by selecting “best tote” you will get the best odds offered by the 3 major Australian TABs.
    Please note that this may appear as 'Best of the Best', 'Best of 3 Totes', 'Best Tote Plus SP' or 'Best of 2 Totes’ depending on which TAB the odds are coming from.

    Use my key below to understand what Winnersbet is talking about:

    • SP - starting price which is equal to the price for the horse once the race closes\
    • 'Best Tote or SP’ - you get the highest odds between the starting price and tote price
    • ‘Best of the Best’ - you get the highest odds between the top price fluctuation or the best tote price

    Winnersbet Customer Service

    Winnersbet really excels in the customer service department. The Winnersbet team is very responsive, and I’ve found them to be extremely helpful too. The live chat feature is what I pretty much always use due to its simplicity but if you have a more complicated issue and want a more complete solution, WInnersbet’s customer service can also be contacted through email. 

    Winnersbet Betting Markets

    Winnersbet has a wide range of markets that covers pretty much all your punting needs. From their standard win and place bets to the full array of exotics, I have listed Winnersbet’s key markets that you should know about below:

    • Fixed Win
    • Tote Win
    • Fixed Win
    • Fixed Place
    • Quinella
    • Exacts
    • Trifecta
    • First Four

    Although being relatively young compared to the rest of the market, Winnersbet caters for the requisite racing markets that pairs very nicely with their streamlined platform.

    Winnesbet FAQs

    What is Winnersbet?

    Winnersbet Australia is a local Australian bookmaker, which focuses on racing and delivering a reliable, trustworthy product for Australians. They are one of the fastest emerging new bookmakers in the country.

    How can I deposit into Winnersbet?

    Winnersbet accepts debit card, POLi & EFT Bank Transfer as their banking options for depoit. Winnersbet’s withdrawal options are limited to bank transfer.

    How does Winnersbet work?

    Winnersbet is a web based bookmaker that operates within Australia.
    Using Winnersbet is as simple as navigating to and following the sign-up prompts.

    Who owns Winnersbet Australia?

    Winnersbet is owned by Victorian racing expert Da He. Winnersbet is also fully licensed by Victoria Racing.

    How is Winnersbet racing product?

    Winnersbet was designed with racing in mind. Winnersbet offers extensive markets on Australian horse racing and has special features to maximise your punting experience on the Winnersbet platform.

    Winnersbet Banking

    This Winnersbet review would not be complete without a look at their banking options. In my experience using Winnersbet, the banking is a straightforward process with the usual range of options. 

    The most direct method commonly used, including by myself, are debit card deposits. This, in tandem with depositing straight from your bank account should satisfy your banking needs on Winnersbet. It should be noted that when withdrawing for the first time you will be asked to verify your debit card which will be a short and easy process as directed by Winnersbet.

    In terms of Winnersbet’s withdrawal times, the bookmaker will process withdrawals in 1-3 working days and deposits will be instant irrespective of the method chosen.
    The only other method offered outside of debit card and bank to bank is POLi, so users that frequently use e-wallets or other methods outside of the ones listed will not be able to do so with Winnersbet.
    Overall, the banking methods with Winnersbet may not be comprehensive but should be able to cover the needs of almost all of us punters.

    Winnersbet How To

    How to Open a Winnersbet Account:

    Opening a Winnersbet account is easy to do, just follow my steps below:

    1. Go to the Winnersbet website:
    2. Click on the join button in the top right corner of the home screen.
    3. Fill in the basic details (name, date of birth, and address).
    4. Create your username and password for your Winnersbet account.
    5. Click sign up at the bottom of the screen and there you go, done and dusted!

    How To Place a Bet on Winnersbet:

    Winnersbet’s platform is fun and easy to navigate through the racing markets. Follow my steps below to place a bet on a Winnersbet market:

    1. Either select a next to jump race on the home screen or go into the racing tab for Winnersbet’s more comprehensive list of races.
    2. Find the event you would like to bet on and enter the race page by clicking on it.
    3. Select the market you are interested in betting on.
    4. Go to your betslip on the right side of the page.
    5. Enter your stake into the empty box next to your selected market in the betslip.
    6. Ensure you have sufficient balance to cover your stake.
    7. Click confirm to place your bet.

    How To Verify Your Winnersbet Account:

    Verifying your Winnersbet account is a requirement if you plan on withdrawing funds. Follow my method to verify your Winnersbet account:

    1. Select the my account button in the top centre of the home screen.
    2. Go into profile followed by account overview before scrolling to the bottom.
    3. Click verify account.
    4. Enter one of the Australian ID options (I use my driver’s license details and have always found this to be the easiest).
    5. Click verify these details and if they are correct, your Winnersbet account will be verified.

    Winnersbet Customer Service

    Here is where I believe Winnersbet already has a strong foothold in the market. Winnersbet Australia offers a superb customer service product that is easy to use with fast response times. 
    Customer service is integral for bookmakers these days so Winnersbet have done extremely well by making their customer service team easy to contact at all hourse. As a user, you can contact Winnersbet via email, live chat and their relatively simple FAQs may answer your question without having to speak to a representative.
    Winnersbet’s live chat feature is way above the level I expected it to be. Quick and thorough responses assist in resolving issues rapidly, and Winnersbet’s customer service team is mightily friendly too! 

    In Summary, I think that Winnersbet Australia’s customer support is outstanding! However, I think the introduction of phone support could make this even stronger. 

    Winnersbet Odds & Margin

    Margins are pretty much the perceived amount that a bookmaker is making on every bet they accept. This is also the case with Winnersbet. As such, the margin is a reflection on the odds of that bookmaker. For example. if Winnersbet’s margin is 120%, for every $1 bet the bookie accepts, it takes 20c.
    Below I have compared Winnersbet’s odds and margin to TAB and Sportsbet 1 hour before the jump, and 5 minutes before the jump:

    Race 1 - Cranbourne R4 12/11/2022

    1 Hour Before Jump:

    • Winnersbet – 132.8%
    • TAB - 120%
    • Sportsbet -120.6%

    5 Minutes Before Jump:

    • Winnersbet - 126.5%
    • TAB – 117.1%
    • Sportsbet – 117.9%

    Race 2 – Doomben R3 12/11/2022

    1 Hour Before Jump:

    • Winnersbet – 131.3%
    • TAB – 123.2%
    • Sportsbet – 122.7%

    5 Minutes Before Jump

    • Winnersbet – 133.4%
    • TAB – 118.1%
    • Sportsbet – 116.2%