Articles by: Jason Bale

My name’s Jason! I’m a Sydney-based content writer with years of experience in Australian horse racing. It feels like forever now that I’ve been watching and analysing the NSW tracks and runners. It’s a passion of mine and I love every minute of both the thrill of racing and being a student of the game.  

There are a few things you need to know about me to fully understand my writing and sense of humour. I am a fan of pretty much every sport under the sun. First and foremost, my biggest love of all is Arsenal Football Club. That, and Rafael Nadal. I also follow MLB, NRL, AFL, NFL, NBA, and all football leagues fiercely. Hit me up if you want to have a chat about sports!

I spend most of my time with friends and family, but you can find me at your local pub for trivia on a weeknight or at  Randwick on a cheeky Saturday.  I like to write in a personable style so it’s easy to digest and utilise for your benefit! I really hope you can find value in my knowledge and tips so we can all enjoy the greatest form of entertainment together.