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Robin Sydney
By:Robin Sydney

Making its debut in 2021, BetRight Australia has rapidly emerged as a promising newcomer in the world of online betting. As a subsidiary of BetTube, BetRight Australia was launched with a clear mission - to offer 'a better way to bet.' With this BetRight review, we'll delve into the unique offerings and features that make this platform stand out. Licensed in the Northern Territory, BetRight has catered to traditional sports enthusiasts and has also boldly claimed to offer the best esports wagering option globally. This versatile approach demonstrates BetRight's commitment to creating a comprehensive betting platform for all 

  • Right Dividend +
  • 24/7 Live Cha
  • Fast Withdrawls
  • No live betting
  • Limited deposit methods
  • Deposit was slow from my bank

BetRight Quick Stats

Website: Founded: 2021 
Phone: 1300 238 670 Phone Betting: 1300 238 669 
Live Chat: 24/7 365 days a year. Email: [email protected]
Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Pay ID / Osko and EFT Withdrawal Methods: NPP (Fast Withdrawals) twice daily at 10am and 4pm, standard EFT 
App: available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) License & Regulation: Bet Right is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission 
Socials: Discord, Twitter, Facebook and InstagramOwner: IRPSX Pty Ltd (ABN 41 087 708 898) in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of Bettube Corporation Pty Limited. 
Features: Fast Withdrawals Twice Daily, Right Dividend Plus, Discord Chats - Pro Trades and Request a Market  Affiliations: Approved Sports Betting Operator of AFL, Cricket Australia, Football Australia, NRL, Rugby AU and Tennis Australia 

About BetRight

Upon my first visit to BetRight, I was immediately taken with the website's design. The dark main colour strikingly contrasted with lime green and hot pink accents. I really like it, and anyone familiar with betting sites will find BetRight's layout clear and straightforward. The platform boasts several features, with their flagship, Right Dividend+, being a noteworthy mention. When it comes to customer service, BetRight Australia excels, especially with their chat feature, which is my favourite way of interacting when online. Their betting options and odds align with industry standards, but on many occasions, I found their odds to be compellingly competitive. To sum up my BetRight review, this site is a solid addition to any punter's lineup and is definitely worth a try

BetRight Score

🐴Betting Markets - 10/10 
BetRight impressively covers a comprehensive range of betting markets, particularly horse racing markets, ensuring punters don't miss out on any opportunities. Their innovative approach extends to their Discord chat community, where members can even request specific markets tailored to their preferences. This personal touch and comprehensive market availability truly set them apart. 

💳Banking Options - 7/10 
While BetRight offers standard banking options, including quick deposit methods like PayId and Osko, there can be some hiccups. In my experience, the immediate deposit expectation wasn't met, prompting me to contact BetRight customer service. Though the delay was attributed to my bank's processing time, it would be beneficial for BetRight to proactively communicate such possibilities on their Deposits page to manage expectations. 

📱Mobile Experience -  8/10 
BetRight's app is commendable for its functionality and design. However, the typeface used is slightly larger than what I'm accustomed to on other betting apps. It's a minor point, but it does take a bit of adjusting if you've been using other platforms. Still, once you get used to it, the app provides a seamless betting experience on the go. 

💸​Withdraw Speed - 10/10 
BetRight withdrawal time is great. With withdrawals processed twice daily at 10am and 4pm, seven days a week, it ensures that punters can access their winnings in a timely manner. This kind of service is truly commendable and stands out in the world of online betting sites, making BetRight a top choice for those prioritizing swift cash-outs. 

🧩Overall User Experience - 9/10
Betting on BetRight has been a genuinely satisfying experience. From the intuitive website design to the variety of betting options and features, it offers a seamless journey for punters. Their commitment to creating a user-centric platform is evident, and it's no surprise that many, including myself, find it a pleasure to place bets here. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned bettor, BetRight caters to all. 

📧​Customer Support -  10/10
My interactions with BetRight customer service, particularly through chat, have been impeccable. Responses are swift, and the representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. While I've yet to explore their phone support, given the efficiency of their chat function, I'm confident it mirrors the same high standard. For those who value top-notch assistance, BetRight surely delivers. 

🔒Security - 10/10
Safety and security are paramount when betting online, and BetRightdoes not disappoint in this department. As a registered bookmaker, there's no reason for concern regarding the site's legitimacy. Punters can take solace in the fact that BetRight upholds rigorous security standards, ensuring peace of mind for every transaction and interaction on their platform. 

BetRight Racing

When it comes to race coverage, BetRight stands out as a frontrunner in the vast world of betting platforms. Their dedication to providing a broad and comprehensive coverage is evident, with punters having access to every nook and cranny of the horse racing world. Domestically, they flawlessly cover all races, including a special emphasis on Group one races. But their international prowess is equally commendable. From the dynamic races of Asia and Europe to the thrilling tracks of South Africa and the USA, BetRight ensures you don't miss out on any action. 
BetRight offers invaluable insights with tips on all Australian  horse racing markets . These insights, coupled with the detailed speed maps, ensure that punters have all the resources they need to make an informed bet. And for those who have second thoughts after placing a bet, the platform offers a flexible Cash Out option on selected markets. This feature allows you to convert your bet back to cash even before the race begins, giving you complete control over your betting decisions. 

Exceptional Betting Options with RD+   

BetRight's betting options are really very good, especially when it comes to Australian racing. Apart from the usual array of exotics, what really sets BetRight apart is their unique Right Dividend + (RD+) promo / feature. If you thought products like Sportsbet's TT+ or Ladbrokes Best Tote were the pinnacle, think again. BetRight elevates the game with RD+, offering better returns than even the Australian TAB on Australian horse racing markets

But what exactly is RD+?   

RD+ or Right Dividend Plus isn't just another addition to the betting landscape. It's a revolution. Unlike the traditional Best Tote+SP products offered by competitors, RD+ comes with an innovative twist. Indexed to the RBA official cash rate along with the last quarter's CPI rate, it guarantees punters an additional 5% on top of the better of Best Tote or SP. The implication is clear: as the Australian cost of living rises, so does your dividend with RD+. This commitment to aligning with real-world economic shifts ensures that punters always get a fair shake. And the best part? RD+ is available on all Australian horse racing markets. Just keep an eye out for the RD+ Win column under the Tote section, and you're good to go. 

BetRight App

The BetRight app boasts an inviting interface, mirroring the comprehensive features found on the BetRight main betting website. With the BetRight app, you can seamlessly view all the imminent races and sports markets with a quick filter option  to hone in on the key markets of interest.  You can also do everything you’d expect and hope to be able to do on the website; check promotions / offers, make deposits, execute withdrawals.  
The only slight thing I’d say against it is the typeface is abnormally large, which takes a little getting used to. 
All in all it’s a great app among the many betting apps out there and it is of course available to download from the usual places - App Store and Google Play. 

BetRight Products and Features

BetRight has a plethora of products and features, and as is often the way they can  be a little daunting when first using betting sites.  Over and above the standard ones that you’d expect to find with the majority of bookmakers I thought I’d add some key ones of interest in this BetRight review. 

Right Dividend Plus / RD+ 

I talked about this in detail above but it really is an excellent feature as well as a cute piece of marketing, with it directly being linked to the current ‘cost of living crisis’ that so dominates the media.  Essentially when choosing this option you as the punter will get 5% (or whatever the current Consumer Price Index inflation is running at) above the best of the Best Tote or the Starting Price.  It’s an attractive offer, a great feature and certainly one that could make the difference in your betting performance in the long run. 

BetRight Withdrawal Time 

BetRight withdrawal time is a major pull as they look to take advantage of the New Payments Platform (NPP) setup in Australia which is a centralised platform that facilitates real-time clearing and settlements of payments between participating Australian financial institutions.  As long as your own banking institution accepts NPP payments then you can take advantage of this super swift withdrawal process twice a day.  Withdrawals are processed at 10am and 4pm 7 days a week. 

BetRight  Cash Out 

This is a great feature as it can help you out if you want to lock in a profit before the bet has concluded, change your mind or of course if you make a mistake and back the wrong horse, team or whatever.  Come on, we’ve all done it!  I love this feature, and although not unique amongst betting sites, it’s definitely very welcome when I am betting with BetRight. 

BetRight  Discord Groups 

I love this feature!  BetRight has two chat groups on Discord that you are free to join once you have an account.   Pro Trades and Request a Market are two very cool features.  Pro Trades showcases actual bets by professionals on Bet Right. See the bets and their success rates. This isn't casual betting; it's betting with the Pros.  Request a Market is exactly what you’d expect - it gives you the opportunity to request that ultra obscure bet that you’ve dreamt up over an afternoon cup of tea, as well as  being the first to know about new product releases and generally giving you access to an online betting community. 

BetRight Black Book 

Certainly not unique amongst betting sites and betting apps, but as absolute must for any punter in my opinion.  When you see that runner that catches your eye and you know you want to follow it, pop it into the Black Book and you’ll get a notification when it next runs so you don’t miss out / forget. 

BetRight 1-Click Bet 

A great feature that can speed up the process of getting your bet on, which can be particularly useful if you are betting race to race and want to digest all sorts of form and information prior to making a decision. It enables you to place bets faster by skipping the standard Bet Slip confirmation button. 

BetRight Betting Markets

  • BetRight provides an extensive array of markets and features, positioning it as a prime choice for horse racing betting. 
  • BetRight presents competitive fixed odds for both Australian and International horse races. 
  • BetRight delivers a spectrum of markets for Thoroughbred, Harness, and Greyhound racing , including exotic betting options like First Fours, Trifectas and Quaddies for all races. 
  • BetRight features their unique Right Dividend+  betting option, ensuring punters receive very best return on their investment. 
  • BetRight also has Same Race Multi, where you can build a multi bet within the same race and Fast Four where you can quickly and easily place a multi bet on the next 4 Favs running in horse racing 

BetRight Promotions and Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses for online betting sites are governed by strict regulations in Australia. Consequently, BetRight cannot promote any sign-up bonuses to Australian punters who haven't registered an account. 
If you're interested in discovering BetRight promotions and offers, click here to set up a BetRight account. Alternatively, view all the promotions we can currently display on our promotions page

BetRight FAQs

Is BetRight legit?

Yes, BetRight is legit. It is a registered bookmaker and is licensed in the Northern Territory, offering punters a secure betting experience. 

What is the minimum deposit for BetRight?

There is no minimum deposit for BetRight but you can set a deposit limit if you want to setup some control over how much you would like to deposit. 

Who owns BetRight Australia?

BetRight Australia is owned by BetTube. 

Do BetRight offer a sign-up bonus?

BetRight offers various promotions and bonuses. Check their official website and 'Promotions section for the latest offers 

How can I bet with BetRight?

You can bet with BetRight by visiting their official website,, or by using the BetRight app, which offers a user-friendly interface for both new and seasoned punters. 

Is BetRight a legit app?

Yes, the BetRight app is legitimate. It provides an intuitive, fast, and straightforward betting experience, and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 

How to Sign-up to BetRight

It’s very simple.  Either head over to the website and hit the Sign Up button.

And then complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time. 

Once completed you will receive an email asking you to verify your account and then you can head back to the Betright login and start making your way around the site, assess what offers and promotions might be available, and deposit funds. 

BetRight Banking, How to Deposit

Once your account is verified you’ll be able to deposit very easily by clicking the hot pink Deposit button to the right of your account name initials at the top right of the screen.  If you have moved to the app at this point, it is equally as easy and you simply click the three lines symbol at the top left of the screen and then hit the Deposit link in the drop down menu. 

BetRight Customer Service

BetRight offers a variety of ways for clients to connect and engage with their services. For immediate assistance, their Live Chat is available 24x7, ensuring that queries are addressed promptly. If you prefer to communicate via email, BetRight's dedicated team is reachable at [email protected] and ensures timely responses. For account-specific concerns or queries, you can directly call their Client Service team at 1300 238 670. Additionally, if you wish to place telephone bets or interact with their traders, dial 1300 BET NOW (238 669). For more general queries or to gain insights about BetRight's operations and policies, their Help Centre is a valuable resource. Lastly, for a more community-driven experience, you can join the conversation on the Bet Right Discord server, where you can request markets and engage with both the BetRight team and fellow clients. 

BetRight Right Dividend+

I couldn’t leave this Betright review without drilling into the key feature on the betting site - Right Dividend+.  It really is a potential game changer for us punters, and I thought it would be a great idea to show an example or two from some recent Wednesday afternoon’s racing at one or two of the country's top tracks
The horse I have a small interest in was running at Eagle Farm this last Wednesday 16 August.  Unfortunately he didn’t win but if you had backed the winner (the favourite in the race) this is how your RD+ return would have stacked up against the other major payouts. 

Eagle Farm R2 Aug 16 2023 - Winner = Red Top 

TAB Fixed $2.15 
TAB Tote $2.10 
Sportsbet Fixed $2.10 
Sportsbet Top Tote Plus $2.20 
Betright RD+ $2.47 

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of other races from that day. 

Sandown R4 Aug 16 2023 - Winner = Dunalley 

TAB Fixed $4.40 
TAB Tote $4.20 
Sportsbet Fixed $4.60 
Sportsbet Top Tote Plus $5 
Betright RD+ $5.20 

Canterbury R7 Aug 16 2023 - Winner = Principessa 

TAB Fixed $3.80 
TAB Tote $3.60 
Sportsbet Fixed $3.70 
Sportsbet Top Tote Plus $3.80 
Betright RD+ $4.05