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    PuntGenie Quick Stats

    Robin Sydney
    By:Robin Sydney
    Website: PuntGenie.com.au Email: support@PuntGenie.com.au 
    Live Chat : Available during supported hours only - 8 am til midnight AEST. Deposit Methods : Visa, Mastercard 
    App : available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Features:  Fixed Odds Betting, Vic Tote for Australian Racing Exotics 
    Year Founded: 2023 Socials: Facebook 
    Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer 1-3 Business Days License and Regulation: PuntGenie is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and is a Class 1 member of the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association. 
    Owner: Jason Sylvester (ABN 90 936 613 803)  
    • Safe regulated site
    • , Blended ‘Dutch’ betting and ‘Even Shot’ features
    • Ease of use
    • No live betting
    • No live streaming
    • Limited payment options

    About PuntGenie

    Embarking on a journey with PuntGenie feels like entering a captivating world where betting becomes an enchanting adventure. Imagine a world where magic and wagers intertwine; this is the imaginative and vibrant theme that PuntGenie brings to life. The website’s design goes beyond just enchanting visuals; it is also remarkably user-friendly, making it a breeze for both experienced bettors and newcomers to navigate its offerings with ease. 
    At its core, PuntGenie champions fun and ease of betting. Launched in 2023 and based in Melbourne, the platform avoids unnecessary complexities, focusing on delivering a straightforward betting experience. It’s evident that PuntGenie prioritises user-friendliness, preferring a less-is-more approach in an online betting world often filled with convoluted features. This streamlined strategy is reflected in its selection of racing and major sports markets, predominantly catering to Australian preferences. If a simple, direct betting path with minimal distractions is what you seek, PuntGenie is an ideal match. 
    However, this simplicity does have its trade-offs. PuntGenie, while excelling in user-friendliness, might not captivate those bettors looking for a platform rich in unique features or extensive promotions. Its primary focus is clear: to provide an effortless and accessible betting experience. This means that, despite its appeal in simplicity, it might lack the elements required to consistently attract more seasoned bettors. 
    PuntGenie represents a refreshing take in the online betting world, embracing a minimalist approach in a domain often overwhelmed with excessive features. It positions itself as a haven for straightforward, no-nonsense betting, perfectly suited for those who value an uncomplicated betting experience. Explore our PuntGenie review for a detailed insight into this magically themed betting platform designed for the Australian enthusiast. 

    PuntGenie Scores

    🐴Betting Offerings - 8/10 
    PuntGenie definitely brings the magic with a diverse range of focussed betting options including Australian horse racing, harness racing, greyhound racing, prominent Australian sports, and key American sports such as Baseball and NFL. Its diverse offerings, which include futures markets, fixed odds, and exotics via Vic Tab, make it a strong contender in the betting sites arena.

    💳Banking Options - 5/10 
    The payment options at PuntGenie are somewhat restricted, with only Visa and Mastercard accepted for deposits, and bank transfers for withdrawals. This limited selection, while covering basic needs, might be less appealing to bettors who prefer a wider array of instant or diverse payment methods, especially in comparison to other betting sites. Definitely an area that needs a sprinkling of magic dust to improve.

    📱Mobile Experience - 9/10 
    PuntGenie’s mobile app excels with its user-friendly layout and engaging, whimsical graphics - a real spellbinding all round experience.. Its intuitive design ensures a seamless mobile betting experience that is both efficient and fun, distinguishing it from other betting apps

    💸Withdraw Speed - 6/10
    PuntGenie Withdrawals are reliable but confined to bank transfers, typically processed within 1-3 business days. While dependable, the limited PuntGenie withdrawal methods and standard processing times might not meet the expectations of punters looking for quicker or more varied withdrawal options, as seen on many competing horse racing betting sites.  This is another area that could do with a bit of the genie’s touch to enhance the options. 

    🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10
    PuntGenie offers an engaging and straightforward user experience. The platform's imaginative theme, combined with an easy-to-use interface, makes navigating and betting both enjoyable and simple. While it may not feature some of the more advanced options present on other betting platforms, its streamlined approach is ideal for those who value a direct and uncluttered betting experience. 

    📧​Customer Support - 5/10
    PuntGenie's customer service options are limited essentially to live chat - available 8am til midnight AEST and email support. The lack of a phone support option might be a downside for users seeking immediate help. This level of customer support is modest compared to more comprehensive services offered by other betting sites, and again needs a little abracadabra to help beef it up. 

    🔒Security- 9/10
    PuntGenie’s licensing under the stringent Australian regulations ensures a high degree of security and trustworthiness. This commitment to robust security practices assures users of a secure betting environment, placing PuntGenie amongst the more reliable options in the online betting industry.  As ever, the importance of this kind of security is paramount. 

    PuntGenie Racing

    PuntGenie Racing magically simplifies the betting realm, offering a streamlined experience for racing connoisseurs. It covers all Australian racing, including the all important top tracks, Group One races and horse racing carnivals, as well as an impressive array of global racing markets, - South Africa, France, the UK, USA, New Zealand, and more.  Dare I say it,  a spellbinding array of choices, with the main focus on fixed odds betting. 
    For enthusiasts of exotic bets, PuntGenie conjures up a delightful mix. Bettors can indulge in quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four bets, with the final dividends enchantingly sourced from Vic Tote. This straightforward, almost magical betting approach is ideal for those wishing for an uncomplicated betting experience. 
    However, every magical story has its limitations. The absence of live betting, cash out options, bet returns, and price boosts, along with the inability to select a tote price for straight wins or place bets, may leave some punters yearning for more. Moreover, the fixed odds offered by PuntGenie, while simplifying choices, might not always cast the most lucrative spell compared to other betting apps or bookmakers. The mid-range dividends might not sufficiently reward the keen-eyed punter, potentially a drawback for those seeking more alluring winnings. 
    In essence, PuntGenie Racing weaves a tale of uncomplicated betting, ideal for those who appreciate a straightforward, no-frills approach. Yet, for those who seek more competitive odds or a variety of enchanting betting features, venturing into other realms of horse racing markets or betting apps might prove more rewarding. 

    PuntGenie App

    Embodying the spirit of simplicity, the PuntGenie app offers a seamless transition from the PuntGenie online web platform, retaining the fun graphics and playful style that makes PuntGenie unique among betting apps. Upon launching the app, punters are greeted with the "Next Up" race within the race markets, immediately drawing attention to upcoming betting opportunities. Just below, the "Coming Up" section showcases the next six races across all formats, providing a quick glance at the near-future betting landscape, with full markets merely a click away. 
    Navigating the PuntGenie app is a breeze. The bottom menu on the home screen effortlessly guides users to all racing and sports markets, and the profile section. Here, key functions such as Deposit and Withdrawal are easily accessible, aligning with PuntGenie's ethos of user-friendly design. 
    The Quickbet feature is a testament to the platform's commitment to UX simplicity, facilitating swift and easy betting, embodying the hassle-free experience PuntGenie aims to provide. 
    However, the simplicity does come with its trade-offs. The app lacks a robust tipping guide or detailed form analysis, which could be a hurdle for punters seeking deeper insights into their betting choices. Given the fact that there is very little in the way of tips and advice, make sure to check out our own OnlyRacing.com.au free horse racing tips. While there's a sporadic guide under some runners offering a glimpse of direction, the lack of comprehensive form detail may leave the curious bettor wanting more.  
    In essence, the PuntGenie app is tailored for those who appreciate a straightforward, no-frills betting experience. Yet, for a more informed betting journey, punters might find themselves turning to other resources or betting sites with more extensive form guides and analysis. 

    PuntGenie: Products and Features

    PuntGenie weaves a tapestry of user-friendly simplicity across its mystical betting realm, reflected in both its website and the PuntGenie app. This genie-themed platform ensures punters embark on a smooth and effortless betting journey, guided by an interface designed for seamless navigation.

    In a move that feels like a magical enhancement, PuntGenie has introduced innovative features like Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis in sports betting. A standout addition is the 'Blended' feature, a near-unique offering in the realm of betting sites. This feature, akin to a magical spell, allows punters to effortlessly combine bets on multiple runners in a race, displaying combined odds in a flash. It's a delightful twist on the traditional Dutching method, magically simplifying the betting process without the need for cumbersome calculations.

    In the screenshot below you can see a Blended bet that I placed on a greyhound race at Shepparton.  I thought the dogs in boxes 6 and 7 had an excellent chance of beating the favourite in box 8.  Thanks to the magical blended feature I was able to combine both in a single bet with a couple of clicks of the button and at calculated odds of $1.90.  The #6 duly saluted, much to my delight.

    There is also the Even Shot feature.  This is presented as your Even Money racing chance where the betting site randomly selects a bet for you at even money.  It might be for a runner in the race to finish in the top 2, 3 or top 4 and if you fancy it’s an even money chance then simply select the Add to Betslip button, add your stake and bang, you’re on!

    PuntGenie has recently unveiled the "First Past the Post" feature, a magical boon for punters indeed. This feature seems to capture the essence of PuntGenie's enchanting theme, where fairness and a bit of genie magic play a crucial role. While not entirely unique in the world of betting sites, it's a highly appreciated addition. It ensures that if your horse is the first to cross the finish line but is later demoted due to a protest, your win is still recognized. This approach to honouring the initial triumph resonates with the racing enthusiast's spirit, blending the excitement of a win with the enchantment of a genie's fairness. It's a gesture that not only celebrates the thrill of victory but also softens the sting of a reversal.

    However, the genie's magic has its limits. The banking options at PuntGenie, while straightforward, are restricted to Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers. This simplicity, though appealing to some, might not satisfy the varied financial needs of all punters, especially when compared to other betting sites offering a wider array of options.

    A noticeable difference between PuntGenie and its counterparts is the lack of additional enchanting features. The absence of live betting, cash out options, bet returns, price boosts, and comprehensive form guides, coupled with a scarcity of promotional offers, could dissuade punters who seek a more feature-rich, magical betting landscape.

    Customer support at PuntGenie, although available, operates within a magic lamp’s glow of limited hours. The live chat, available only during business hours, and email support for other times, might fall short for those wishing for round-the-clock assistance, unlike some other betting apps.

    In essence, PuntGenie stands as a beacon of simplicity and accessibility in the betting world, perfect for those who prefer a no-frills, straightforward betting experience. Yet, for those who yearn for a more comprehensive, feature-laden journey, venturing into other realms of betting apps or platforms may prove more fulfilling.

    PuntGenie Betting Markets

    PuntGenie casts a spell of simplicity over the betting landscape, opening a world where racing and sports betting become an enchanting adventure. Included is full coverage of Australian horse racing, including of course the all important horse racing carnivals and Group one races.  But also harness racing, greyhound racing, and major Australian sports, along with key American sports, are all featured on PuntGenie. The platform's spell extends to global races in countries like South Africa, France, the UK, USA, and New Zealand, offering a captivating scope of global betting opportunities. 
    In this Alladin’s Cave of punting, fixed odds betting reigns supreme across all markets, appealing to punters who wish for a straightforward, almost no-frills betting experience. For those drawn to the thrill of exotic bets, PuntGenie conjures up options such as quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four, with the final dividends sourced from Vic Tote. This approach simplifies the betting process, much like a genie granting a wish for uncomplicated wagering. 
    However, PuntGenie's simplicity comes with its own set of limitations. The absence of punter fav features like live betting, cash out options, bet returns, and price boosts might seem like missed magical opportunities for some bettors. This lack of features could potentially restrain the full spectrum of betting excitement and versatility that some punters seek. 
    Yet, for those who favour a straightforward, unfettered path in their betting journey, PuntGenie's betting markets offer a serene, uncluttered betting landscape. It's a place where uncomplicated is the guiding spell, making it an ideal choice for those who seek to place their bets without the complexity of myriad features and options. 


    Who owns PuntGenie?

    PuntGenie is wholly owned by Jason Sylvester (ABN 90 936 613 803)  

    Is PuntGenie legit?

    Yes, PuntGenie is totally legit. It is a registered bookmaker and is licensed in Victoria, which should give punters all the peace of mind they need for a fun and safe betting experience. 

    What is the minimum deposit for PuntGenie?

    There is a $10 minimum deposit for PuntGenie but you can set a deposit limit if you want to set some control over how much you would like to deposit. 

    Do PuntGenie offer a sign-up bonus?

    No, PuntGenie can’t offer sign up bonuses as there is legislation preventing that.  However once you have signed up you can check their official website and 'Promotions’ section for any latest updates on promotions / bonuses for existing users. 

    How can I bet with PuntGenie Australia?

    Easy. You can bet with PuntGenie Australia by visiting their official website, PuntGenie.com.au, or by using thePuntGenie app, signing up with the simple form and you’re pretty much ready to go. 

    Is the PuntGenie App a legit app?

    Yes, the PuntGenie app is 100% legit. It provides a simple, fun and uncomplicated betting experience, and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 

    PuntGenie Promotions and Bonuses

    In Australia, strict rules govern the promotion of sign-up bonuses for online betting platforms. Consequently, PuntGenie cannot promote sign-up bonuses to Australian bettors who haven't registered an account. 
    Interested in discovering what PuntGenie has to offer? Click here to create your PuntGenie account. Or, check out all the current promotions we can show you here! 

    How to Sign-up to PuntGenie

    It’s very simple.  Either head over to the website and hit the Sign Up button, or go to the PuntGenie app, and do the same. 



    And then complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time. 

    Once completed you’re good to go and follow the instructions below re how to deposit. 

    PuntGenie Banking, How to Deposit

    Click on the gold Deposit box top right of the screen and follow the super simple prompts.  
    If you've set up with, or transitioned to the app, the process remains the same, and it is very easy.   

    PuntGenie Customer Service

    PuntGenie offers a focused approach to customer interaction and support. Their Live Chat, operational during business hours, is the go-to for immediate assistance, addressing customer inquiries promptly. If email is more your style, the PuntGenie support team is just an email away at support@PuntGenie.com.au, dedicated to providing swift and helpful responses. 
    For queries specific to your account, PuntGenie's Customer Service team is ready to assist, though direct phone contact is not currently an option, in line with their streamlined, digital-first service strategy. It's important to note, PuntGenie does not offer telephone betting or direct trader interaction, reflecting its commitment to a simplified, user-friendly online betting experience. 

    PuntGenie: My Final Thoughts

    I’m a big fan of the mystical magic infused lack of complexity about using PuntGenie.  The ‘Blended’ and ‘Even Shot’ features are really good fun and make all sorts of options for you when looking at a horse race.  I particularly like the ‘Blended’ option as I often find myself looking at a horse race and wanting to back more than the one runner.

    Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis are also a sweet addition to the offerings for us punters.  

    All in all I think PuntGenie is a great betting site, but I would caution that if you're a fan of extensive features then you’ll find yourself disappointed.  The limited banking options and lack of some of the more in depth features of other betting sites, like live betting and cash out etc, do make PuntGenie a little too simple, perhaps.

    But like anything, I suggest that you try for yourselves.  So why not let the magic of PuntGenie transform your betting experience?