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Competitive odds on horse racing events

JuicyBet Quick Stats

Robin Sydney
By:Robin Sydney
Website juicybet.com.auYear Founded: 2023
Live Chat : Available during supported hours only - 8am to midnight AEST.Email: [email protected]
App : available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)Deposit Methods : Visa, Mastercard
Features: Blended Betting, Same Race / Game Multis, Even Shot, Best of 3 Totes, Protest PayoutWithdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer 1-3 Business Days
Socials: FacebookLicense and Regulation: JuicyBet is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, a Class 1 member of the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association and complies with all relevant industry codes and practices.
Owner: JuicyBet Pty Ltd ACN 668 408 400Partners :

About JuicyBet

JuicyBet is a new bookmaker on the Australian betting scene and is an absolute splash of colour and excitement from the minute you first land your eyes on the bright red, green, orange and yellows that make up the visual feast that meets you when you land on the website.

I’ve had a good look around and interacted as a punter in order to put this review together and will give my thoughts on a number of areas below, including the key products and features, how to sign up, banking options, details on customer service and more.

Based in Melbourne Victoria, JuicyBet launched on to the Australian scene in 2023, and it uses the popular BetCloud platform.  It has a bookmaking registration with the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, and as such punters can be very confident in dealing with them. 

As you read on you’ll see that the essence of JuicyBet is to make a betting platform that is easy for the user to navigate.  It has some unique features that certainly stand out from the crowd but it also lacks some of the more feature rich offerings that other platforms offer.

All up though I think it’s a pretty decent betting site to bet with so let’s take a look at it in more detail below.

  • Fun and Easy to Use
  • Trustworthy site
  • Blended ‘Dutch’ betting
  • Protest Payout
  • Limited form guide and payment Options
  • No live betting

JuicyBet Scores

🐴Betting Offerings - 8/10

Juicy Bet offers a diverse range of betting markets, covering Australian horse racing, harness racing, and greyhound racing, alongside major Australian,US and International sports like AFL, NRL, Soccer, Baseball and NFL. The platform also embraces international horse racing, providing bettors access to global events, ensuring a comprehensive betting experience.

💳Banking Options - 5/10

JuicyBet's banking options are straightforward, accepting Visa and Mastercard for deposits and facilitating withdrawals through bank transfers. This simplicity ensures essential transactions are covered, but the limited selection might not meet the needs of all bettors looking for more varied payment methods, a common experience on many of today’s betting sites. Expanding these options could broaden Juicy Bet's appeal to a wider audience.

📱Mobile Experience - 9/10

The JuicyBet app delivers a streamlined betting experience, designed for ease of use and quick access to a wide range of betting markets. Its interface, while not overly adorned, focuses on functionality, allowing users to place bets, check live odds, and manage their accounts with minimal fuss. The app's straightforward design ensures that bettors can navigate through options effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for those who value a no-nonsense, efficient mobile betting platform.

💸Withdraw Speed - 6/10

JuicyBet processes withdrawals exclusively through bank transfers, with transactions typically completed within 1-3 business days. While this method is reliable, the lack of alternative withdrawal options might not work for everyone, and it has to be said that many other betting sites offer much more flexibility in this area.

🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10

JuicyBet Experience Highlights:

  • Colourful Interface: JuicyBet's design is a feast for the eyes, with a fruit-themed palette that makes navigation not just easy, but enjoyable.

  • Streamlined Navigation: The layout is intuitive, ensuring bettors can quickly find and place bets without fuss, embodying the platform's commitment to user-friendly design.

  • Curated Features: JuicyBet focuses on providing essential betting options without overwhelming users, perfect for straightforward betting enthusiasts.

  • Engaging, Not Overwhelming: The platform prioritises a fun, engaging betting environment over complex features, appealing to casual bettors and those new to the scene.

📧Customer Support - 5/10

JuicyBet provides customer support primarily through a live chat feature, available from 8am to midnight AEST, and a responsive email service at [email protected]. While these digital channels offer efficient support, other betting sites often offer more options for customer support, such as telephone, which is lacking here with JuicyBet.  

🔒Security- 9/10

JuicyBet's adherence to Australia's stringent regulatory requirements affirms its status as a secure and reliable betting platform. The site's engaging, fruit-themed facade belies a rigorous commitment to safety, ensuring a betting environment that's as dependable as it is enjoyable.

JuicyBet Racing

JuicyBet serves up a diverse menu of racing options, blending the excitement of Australian and international tracks with the simplicity of user-friendly betting. From Australia's top tracks and Group One races to the global allure of races in the USA, UK, and beyond, JuicyBet covers the full spectrum of the racing world.

  • Betting Options with a Twist: betting goes beyond the standard fixed odds. Punters can enjoy a variety of tote betting options for win and place bets, offering at least a mid tote price taken from Australia's leading totes on all Australian races. Special metropolitan meetings get even juicier with the Best of 3 Totes being offered and paid out.
  • Add a Bit of Flavour with Exotics:  if like me you like to add exotics into your betting mix then you’ll be well looked after with JuicyBet too.  Your standard quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four bets, are all on offer with the dividends matching up with those from the Vic Tote.

All in all JuicyBet racing has all the essentials for the punter to have an easy and streamlined betting experience but I guess it needs to be said that some might find the lack of some more dynamic features a bit of a turn off. Things like live betting and cash out which are becoming increasingly common in the world of online horse race betting are not on offer at JuicyBet.

JuicyBet App

As you can see in the screenshot below, right from the start, the app immerses you in its juicy theme - bright and fun colours everywhere!! The Featured Race takes centre stage, and that is always whatever is deemed to be the biggest race of the day. From there it’s just an easy scroll down to the Coming Up section which gives you an at a glance look at the next 6 races across all codes.

Amidst all the bright colours, the app offers super simple navigation to other areas;  whether it be deeper into the racing and / or sport betting offerings, or whether you want to check your account or sort a deposit and / or withdrawal. 

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Quickbet feature: Select Win or Place, set your stake, and with a simple tap, your bet is placed. This streamlined betting process keeps the excitement high and the hassle low, and also means if you want to get a bet off quickly then it’s pretty easy to do so.

Whilst there is plenty to like about the JuicyBet app,  I have to be honest and say it keeps things a little light on detailed betting analysis. For those looking to be guided with some betting strategies, external resources like OnlyRacing.com.au offer a bounty of free horse racing tips. The app, like the website, provides some very limited ‘at a glance’ form guidance with occasional runner insights, but if you like more depth in terms of form then you’ll not find it here.

JuicyBet: Products and Features

JuicyBet has a fun and vibrant aesthetic and overall it’s a super user friendly website and or App to navigate and bet with.  Within all that are two stand out features for punters I believe:  Blended and Even Shot betting well and truly offer something unique.

Before I look at those, a quick word or two about some of the other features that you’ll find at JuicyBet. Same Race Multis (in the racing codes) and Same Game Multis (in sports) have become increasingly amongst punters the last few years and both are offered here.  For horse racing punters there is also the Best of 3 Totes offered for win bets on many races, and furthermore if you’re unlucky enough to have your horse run first but subsequently lose on a protest then JuicyBet will payout.  Again this is becoming a common offering from online betting platforms, but it is good to see JuicyBet keep up with this trend.

So let’s take a closer look at these two stand out features:

Even Shot is definitely innovative and it throws up a bet option on a race paying even money odds.  It could be a bet for a particular runner to finish top 2, 3 or 4 and what I like about it is it gives you something else in a race to play on. 

I gave the ‘Even Shot’ a go on a race at Caulfield (R7) Sat Feb 24 when I was offered even money for the horse Attrition to run in the top 3.  I fancied that bet for a small stake

Blended is essentially a dutch bet option, whereby if you like multiple runners in a race then you can select them and the JuicyBet smarts will calculate the odds for you and you simply enter your stake and your bet is on.  If you were to try and do this yourself it would take some sharp maths and ultimately precious time, so I really like this option.   

In the image below it shows a bet I placed on a race at Rosehill (R5) Saturday 24 Feb.  I wanted to back both one of the favourites and a roughie and with a simple couple of clicks I was able to do so and place my bet.


At its core, JuicyBet is about straightforward betting fun, avoiding the clutter of too many bells and whistles. This means some of the more advanced features like live betting, cash out, and detailed analytics are pared back, aiming for a cleaner, more focused user experience. While this approach aligns with JuicyBet's easy-going ethos, it may not satisfy those keen for a richer feature set. 

There’s a similar pattern with the banking options and customer support offered by JuicyBet. Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers are the only when it comes to payments in or out.  It’s nice and simple but lacks some of the more varied options available on other betting apps / sites.  Support at JuicyBet is attentive within its operational hours, offering live chat and email assistance up until midnight AEST. Yet, the service doesn't stretch into the late-night hours, which could be a hiccup for night owls or those in different time zones.

All up JuicyBet zings with colour creating a fun environment to bet in a simple and straightforward manner.  It’s a go to if you like ease and enjoyment over complexity no doubt, but it does lack in certain areas.  

JuicyBet Betting Markets

JuicyBet offers a vibrant mix of betting markets, very much in keeping with its bright and energised graphics!  Here's a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Racing Galore: From comprehensive coverage of Australian races to the international excitement of meetings from US, UK, Japan, Korea and beyond, JuicyBet pretty much covers it all. Whether it's the elegance of thoroughbreds, the endurance of harness racing, or the speed of greyhounds, there's something for every racing enthusiast.
  • Wide Array of Sports: Beyond the track, JuicyBet dives into the world of sports, making all major Australian sports and many key international ones available to bet on.

Fixed odds betting is JuicyBet's bread and butter, offering a straightforward way to punt. But there are also tote options, with a mixture of Mid Tote and Best of 3 Totes depending on which race code and which days of the week / tracks.  Also all the standard exotic bet types are offered - quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four.

Who owns JuicyBet?

JuicyBet is wholly owned by JuicyBet Pty Ltd ACN 668 408 400

Is JuicyBet a legitimate site?

Yes, JuicyBet is 100% compliant with all the necessary codes and regulations to operate as a bookmaker in Australia.  That in itself should give anyone the peace of mind they need to transact with the site.

Is there a minimum deposit for JuicyBet?

Yes, JuicyBet requires a small minimum deposit of $10, and also offers you the chance to limit how much you deposit at any one time.

Do JuicyBet offer a sign-up bonus?

Due to legislative restrictions inb Australia, JuicyBet, like all other betting operators, are prohibited from offering any kind of sign up incentive.  That said, once you have signed up it’s a good idea to check the Promotions section of the website from time to time as they do offer promotions or bonuses to loyal customers.

How can I bet with JuicyBet Australia?

It’s really simple!  Head to their website - juicybet.com.au - or download the App from the Play or Apple stores and use the JuicyBet App. Complete the easy sign-up process, and you'll be all set to start your betting journey. The platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring you can begin placing bets quickly and efficiently.

Does JuicyBet have a mobile App?

Absolutely it does and it’s available from the usual places - Play and Apple stores - and very easy to use.

JuicyBet Promotions and Bonuses

It’s important to remember that all betting sites in Australia are subject to the same stringent regulations that control the advertising and offering sign-up bonuses.  JuicyBet is no different, but they are able to offer promotions and bonuses to existing customers.

So your best bet to see what might be on offer is to click here to set up your JuicyBet account and keep an eye on the promotions on offer in the  Promos  section.

How to Sign-up to JuicyBet

This is super straightforward whether or not you choose to so it via the website or the JuicyBet App.

Just hit the Sign Up button and complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time, and then follow the instructions in the next section re how to deposit. 



JuicyBet Banking

How to Deposit

Click on the green box top right of the screen, underneath the account balance, and follow the super simple prompts. If you’re using the JuicyBet App then the process is very much the same.

Once you get to the deposit options you’ll see that you can only do so with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  Again it’s very quick and easy, but I have to be honest and say I think the options are a little limited.

How to Withdraw

Follow exactly the same instructions as above from the Home screen or you can click on the My Account under Quick Links on the left hand side of the screen.

Once you are through to the Withdraw section then it will tell you much of your funds are withdrawable and you can execute a withdrawal by Bank Transfer, the only option available.

JuicyBet Customer Service

As is the theme with JuicyBet, the customer service is streamlined in terms of options but reliable and available most of the time.

Live Chat is the only option for direct contact in real time and is available from 8am to midnight AEST.  Whenever I have had to use it in that time slot they have been quick to respond and always able to help, so you can’t really argue with the service.

Out of those hours , if you really need to connect or you have an issue then you will need to contact them via email at [email protected].

JuicyBet : My Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about this platform with the fun and colourful branding presenting a clean and easy interface to navigate whether you use the desktop website, or the JuicyBet App.

The key features that I highlighted above - Even Shot and Blended - are real standouts and offer something very different for us punters.  Combined with the more standard Same Race / Same Game Multis, there’s plenty to choose from in terms of betting options.

The only real drawback would be that JuicyBet could be seen as a little too basic for you in certain departments if you like a richer set of features and banking options perhaps.

All in all though I’d recommend giving it a go for yourself.  Sign up to JuicyBet via the link here and get involved in this new Australian betting site with its juicy theme and simple and straightforward user interface.