The Memsie Stakes

The 2023 Memsie Stakes will be held at Caulfield Racecourse on the 2nd of September 2023. The participants in the 2023 Memsie Stakes feature race will be vying it out for the largest portion of the now whopping $1 million AUD in prize money on offer.

With an illustrious history dating back to 1899 where Veneda claimed victory in the inaugural Memsie Stakes, there is much to dissect about the history of the Memsie Stakes and the upcoming, highly anticipated, feature race at Caulfield Racecourse on September 2nd. 

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Track History of Caulfield Racecourse – Home to the 2023 Memsie Stakes

Race History of the Memsie Stakes

Hopefully this preview to the 2023 Memsie Stakes provides critical insights and information on the history and importance of the feature race. Be sure to check back on this page closer to the race date for a preview of the projected field. Additionally, visit our OnlyRacing Tips page a few days before the 2023 Memsie Stakes for a full slate of detailed tips for the meet at Caulfield Racecourse on the 2nd of September 2023. 

Past Winners of the Memsie Stakes

The Feature Race – The 2023 Memsie Stakes

1400m Memsie Stakes – 1400m

Date: Saturday 2nd of September 2023
Venue: Caulfield Racecourse
Prize Money: $1 million AUD

Who is looking forward to the 2023 Memsie Stakes? Because I know that I am! The 2023 Memsie Stakes will be run at Caulfield Racecourse, its home, on the 2nd of September 2023. A very exciting race with plenty of history associated with it, for me it is one of the must watch Group 1 races on the Victorian Racing Calendar. 

The prize money for pretty much all Group 1 races has seen a drastic increase. This can mostly be attributed to Racing New South Wales making a pledge to increase prize money across their Group 1 races by upwards of $15 million AUD! Naturally, Racing Victoria was obliged to follow suit. As such, the $750,000 AUD on offer in the 2022 Memsie Stakes has jumped to $1 million in terms of the prize pool on offer for the 14 participants at Caulfield Racecourse.

Below is a breakdown of the prize money distribution for the 2023 Memsie Stakes. Keep in mind that this is almost a one-third increase from the prize money on offer in the 2022 Memsie Stakes.

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$10,000
9th and 10th$8,000

The 2023 Memsie Stakes is still months away. Therefore, there are no odds or pre-nomination odds available to dissect. As a result, I have gone back to the 2022 Memsie Stakes to summarise each horse’s performance at Caulfield Racecourse for the Memsie Stakes feature race. Some of these runners will be participants again in the 2023 Memsie Stakes, so for punting reasons it is quite important to take not of some of these details.

  1. Snapdancer: Stealing Ethan Brown's front-running ride from Victoria's most improved rider. Zahra, Kah, Melham, and Brown have all become better riders since the Mornington Airbnb debacle, which I know people involved detest hearing brought up. This mare did a fantastic job, and she is capable of winning at the highest level once more. The 2022 Memsie Stakes champion will be looking to repeat at Caulfield Racecourse come the 2nd of September for the feature race.
  2. I'm Thunderstruck: Excellent return from him, finishing on a high note. He's really made a comeback and continued it over the last 12 months since the 2022 Memsie Stakes. One of my favourite racers, hopefully he feature in the upcoming 2023 Memsie Stakes at Caulfield Racecourse.
  3. Cascadian: Unfortunately for Cascadian, he got trapped and could not really build momentum coming home. However, it is impossible to judge a horse off a single race although it was the 2022 Memsie Stakes, but I really liked the way he closed off. His performance in the preceding tests shown that he had improved greatly, and I look forward to watching this great racer carve it up in the 2023 Memsie Stakes.
  4. Dragon Leap: Before the race, no one expected Dragon Leap to figure in the final results, but he made a fool of all of us and ran a fantastic race to finish fourth. A bit of a lull in results since the 2022 Memsie Stakes, but Dragon Leap showed real promise 7 months ago in that Memsie Stakes feature race.
  5. Western Empire: They rode him hard and fast, which was encouraging, but coming off such an extended rest, he needed that sort of run. Originally expected to win, coming into the 2022 Memsie Stakes as the odds on favourite, he barely ran out of gas in the last 200 metres, eventually finishing eight. An exciting horse that may feature at Caulfield Racecourse in September for the 2023 Memsie Stakes.
  6. Callsign Mav: Clearly out of his depth in the 2022 Memsie Stakes, Callsign Mav has since opted against racing in top line WFA horse races, instead choosing to compete in more favourable fields. Do not expect to see Callsign Mav appear in the 2023 Memsie Stakes.
  7. Alligator Blood: Unfortunately for Alligator Blood it was just one of those races. We all know the calibre of champion he is and expect huge results in the upcoming swing that may just include that illusive Memsie Stakes title if he competes in the 2023 Memsie Stakes at Caulfield Racecourse.
  8. Nonconformist: Beautiful first-up comeback after a break. Although sitting or running is not his style, it was great to see how he closed off. Be sure to keep an eye on Nonconformist this season including the 2023 Memsie Stakes.
  9. Lightsaber: Weirdly, Lightsaber’s connections came in quite cocky, claiming there were bigger races to look towards. Whilst they are correct, with more lucrative and tougher challenges that followed, the Lightsaber team was clearly not focussed on the 2022 Memsie Stakes. He struggled and had a bad run behind the pace.
  10. Duais: Whether the Queen Elizabeth would bust her was going to be the question. This run blatantly disproves this. In terms of the future, it was comparable to I'm Thunderstruck. A true champion coming back off a layoff, titles are surely on the way. One to watch for the 2023 Memsie Stakes at Caulfield Racecourse on the 2nd of September 2023. 

  11. Zeyrek:Ran out of steam with a couple hundred metres to go in last year’s 2022 Memsie Stakes. Not much was expected so not much more needs to be said! I will be surprised to see Zeyrek competing again in the 2023 Memsie Stakes feature race.

  12. Tofane: Very unfortunate. Not much more needs to or should be said. At least we can always go back and watch the 2022 Memsie Stakes to remember Tofane.

  13. Elephant: Elephant was inferior on paper and performed as such. Clearly well out of his depths, Elephant has dropped out of Group 1 races since the 2022 Memsie Stakes and is more in his element racing in Group 2 and 3 races against more equal competition. I can confidently say that Elephant will not be a fixture in the 2023 Memsie Stakes.

  14. llation: Jamie Kah stated the horse didn't feel like himself after the race and that he wanted to lay in then lay out, which suggests the horse wasn't at full strength. Give him another chance, forget about it, and forgive him. Looking forward to the 2023 Memsie Stakes, it would be nice to see Illation get another crack at it with Ms Kah on the reigns.

Now that you have an idea of the race results and performances in the 2022 Memsie Stakes, I suggest going and watching the race. 

It is also important to note the previous winners of the Memsie Stakes. In the final portion of this 2023 Memsie Stakes preview, we divulge a list of every single victor of the Memsie Stakes in its over 100 year history. However, we have also prepared a table below that denotes the critical information of the placings in all Memsie Stakes feature races since the 2000 Memsie Stakes. 

Analysing the times in which the champions won their Memsie Stakes is quite interesting. In last year’s 2022 Memsie Stakes, Snapdancer won the feature race with a time of 1:24.38. In comparison to Scales of Justice’s 1:22.14 en route victory in the 2019 Memsie Stakes, this is relatively slow.

Take your time reading the table below to fully inform yourself of the recent champions and challengers, as well as the requisite time to get past the post first in the Memsie Stakes race.

EditionChampion2nd3rdWinning Time
2022SnapdancerI’m ThunderstruckCascadian1:24.38
2021BehemothBeau RossaTofane1:23.59
2020BehemothQuick ThinkerGlenfiddich1:22.7
2019Scales Of JusticeSo Si BonAlizee1:22.14
2018HumidorKementariKings Will Dream1:23.2
2018Vega MagicBlack Heart BartTosen Stardom1:23.3
2016Black Heart BartRising RomanceMahuta1:23.9
2015BobanEntirely PlatinumStratum Star1:24.6
2014DissidentSweet IdeaPuissance De Lune1:22.7
2013Atlantic JewelFerlaxSuper Cool1:24.4
2012SinceroHappy TrailsSecond Effort1:23.2
2011King’s RoseHeart Of DreamsRed Colossus1:23.4
2010So You ThinkWhobegotyouShoot Out1:26.6
2009Mic MacWhobegotyouZarita1:24.4
2008Weekend HusslerMaldivianPompeii Ruler1:23.2
2007Miss FinlandHaradasunTipungwuti1:24.2
2006El SegundoCasual PassApache Cat1:23.2
2005Makybe DivaBarely A MomentRegal Roller1:26.7
2004Regal RollerPacific DancerDelzao1:23.0
2003Le ZagalettaSuper ElegantOut Of Options1:25.2
2002Magical MissFields Of OmaghDash For Cash1:24.0
2000SunlineUmrumOliver Twist1:25.4

Where to Bet on the 2023 Memsie Stakes

Figuring where to bet on the 2023 Memsie Stakes might seem a bit daunting to the average punter but rest assured we have a strategy for you for betting on the 2023 Memsie Stakes feature race and the other races at the Caulfield Racecourse meet on 2nd of September 2023. 

First tip: Bet with your head. A more time-consuming strategy that yields higher returns. The first step is to determine the specific market you are keen on for the 2023 Memsie Stakes. Next, compare all available Australian bookmakers that offer that same market. Whichever bookie provides the best odds is the one you place with for the 2023 Memsie Stakes. Visit our Bookmaker Reviews page for a comprehensive list of all available Australian bookies that offer markets on Group 1 races like the 2023 Memsie Stakes.

Second tip: Bet with your heart. If I was to ask you to check the odds for the 2023 Memsie Stakes right now, what app would you open? That is how simple this strategy is. No cognitive dissonance, no extra time spent on comparing odds for the 2023 Memsie Stakes. Simply place with the bookie you feel most comfortable with and abuse the promotions on offer for the 2023 Memsie Stakes for that bookie.

Below are five short pros and cons table for some of OnlyRacing’s favourite bookmakers. These five are a good mix of established bookies and newer bookies trying to break into the Australian bookmaking landscape. Click on the hyperlink for any of these bookmakers to be taken to a dedicated page that contains a comprehensive review of the specific bookie. I suggest trying out one of these available Australian bookmakers for the 2023 Memsie Stakes.

Best Bookmakers for Memsie Stakes

Betting Site
Bet Now

Track History of Caulfield Racecourse – Home to the Memsie Stakes

Caulfield Racecourse is one of the most storied and illustrious Group 1 thoroughbred horse racing venues in both Victoria and Australia. When it comes to determining the brightest lights in Australian thoroughbred racing, Caulfield Racecourse, Flemington Racecourse, and Randwick Racecourse all immediately come to mind.

With some of the most famous races and champions in the nation’s history, Caulfield Racecourse, the home of the 2023 Memsie Stakes, deserves a proper deep dive. Visit our Group 1 Races page, or alternatively, our Caulfield Racecourse page for more information on the track, its most historic moments, biggest races, and differentiating factors from the likes of Flemington Racecourse and Randwick Racecourse.

Race History of the Memsie Stakes

The race history of the Memsie Stakes is intertwined with that of Caulfield Racecourse. Be sure to read our comprehensive review of Caulfield Racecourse before this section of our 2023 Memsie Stakes preview.


The distance that the Memsie Stakes has been run at has changed over the years since its inception in 1899. Below is a short breakdown of the changes to the Memsie Stakes race distance over the past 120 years.

  • In the inaugural 1899 Memsie Stakes, the race was run at the standard distance at the time of 1 mile. This is equivalent to approximately 1600m.
  • For 70 years from the 1900 Memsie Stakes to the 1970 Memsie Stakes, the feature race was competed at a distance of 1 and one-eighth mile, or approximately 1800m.
  • In the 1971 Memsie Stakes, the race returned to one mile.
  • The one mile distance was abolished in favour of the metric system in 1972, so the Memsie Stakes feature races from 1972 to 1979 were at a distance of 1600m.
  • Since the 1980 Memsie Stakes, the feature race has been run at a distance of 1400m. This is now considered the standard for the Memsie Stakes, and when talking about records, Memsie Stakes from before 1980 are rarely mentioned. For our purposes, we will follow suit.


The Memsie Stakes feature race is synonymous with Caulfield Racecourse. This is reflected in the fact that only six editions of the Memsie Stakes have been run elsewhere. 

  • In 1984, the Memsie Stakes was run at Sandown Racecourse due to Caulfield Racecourse undergoing construction at the time.
  • Similarly, looking back at the 1940 to 1944 iterations of the Memsie Stakes, the feature race was moved to Flemington Racecourse due to Caulfield Racecourse’s use as a military training facility. 


Given the long and storied history of the Memsie Stakes, there are very impressive record holders. Below is a list of some notable records held for the Memsie Stakes feature race.

Most Wins as a Horse: Lord is the most successful participant at the Memsie Stakes races, with four victories under his belt. Both Eurythmic and Ajax have three wins each in Memsie Stakes races.

Most Wins as a Trainer: Jack Holt is by far the most successful trainer in the history of the Memsie Stakes with 11 total victories (including all three of Eurythmics).

Most Wins as a Jockey: There is a three-way tie for most successful jockey in the history of the Memsie Stakes between Jack Purtell, Bill Williamson, and Frank Dempsey. Each of these jockeys have held the reigns for five winners of the Memsie Stakes.

Past Winners of the Memsie Stakes

Some of Australia’s greatest champions have featured in Caulfield Racecourse’s Memsie Stakes feature race. As the last section of OnlyRacing’s 2023 Memsie Stakes preview, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all victors in Memsie Stakes feature races. How many can you recognise?

  • 2022 - Snapdancer
  • 2021 - Behemoth
  • 2020 - Behemoth
  • 2019 - Scales of Justice
  • 2018 - Humidor
  • 2017 - Vega Magic
  • 2016 - Black Heart Bart
  • 2015 - Boban
  • 2014 - Dissident
  • 2013 - Atlantic Jewel
  • 2012 - Sincero
  • 2011 - King's Rose
  • 2010 - So You Think
  • 2009 - Mic Mac
  • 2008 - Weekend Hussler
  • 2007 - Miss Finland
  • 2006 - El Segundo
  • 2005 - Makybe Diva
  • 2004 - Regal Roller
  • 2003 - Le Zagaletta
  • 2002 - Magical Miss
  • 2001 - Sunline
  • 2000 - Sunline
  • 1999 - Sir Boom
  • 1998 - Dane Ripper
  • 1997 - Tarnpir Lane
  • 1996 - Sir Boom
  • 1995 - Island Morn
  • 1994 - Bundy Lad
  • 1993 - Palace Reign
  • 1992 - Naturalism
  • 1991 - Redelva
  • 1990 - The Phantom
  • 1989 - Almurtajaz
  • 1988 - Rancho Ruler
  • 1987 - Rubiton
  • 1986 - Dazzling Duke
  • 1985 - Delightful Belle
  • 1984 - King Delamere
  • 1983 - Red Tempo
  • 1982 - Manikato
  • 1981 - Silver Bounty
  • 1980 - Tolhurst
  • 1979 - Arbre Chene
  • 1978 - Crepellox
  • 1977 - Wave King
  • 1976 - Plush
  • 1975 - Battle Sign
  • 1974 - Nandalie Lass
  • 1973 - Zambari
  • 1972 - Longfella
  • 1971 - Cyron
  • 1970 - Ahjay
  • 1969 - Fileur
  • 1968 - Galilee
  • 1967 - Grey Spirit
  • 1966 - Yangtze
  • 1965 - Yangtze
  • 1964 - Future
  • 1963 - Coppelius
  • 1962 - Webster
  • 1961 - Lord
  • 1960 - Lord
  • 1959 - Lord
  • 1958 - Lord
  • 1957 - Syntax
  • 1956 - Rising Fast
  • 1955 - Coppice
  • 1954 - Coppice
  • 1953 - Jovial Lad
  • 1952 - Peshawar
  • 1951 - Ellerslie
  • 1950 - Comic Court
  • 1949 - Comic Court
  • 1948 - Lungi
  • 1947 - Attley
  • 1946 - Noble Prince
  • 1945 - Tranquil Star
  • 1944 - Lawrence
  • 1943 - Sun Valley
  • 1942 - David Innis
  • 1941 - Lugano
  • 1940 - Ajax
  • 1939 - Ajax
  • 1938 - Ajax
  • 1937 - Black Mac
  • 1936 –Dead Heat between Charles Fox and Valiant Chief
  • 1935 - Hall Mark
  • 1934 - Waltzing Lily
  • 1933 - Waltzing Lily
  • 1932 - High Brae
  • 1931 - Phar Lap
  • 1930 - Wise Force
  • 1929 - Highland
  • 1928 - Gothic
  • 1927 - Royal Charter
  • 1926 - Heroic
  • 1925 - Heroic
  • 1924 - Englefield
  • 1923 - Maid Of The Mist
  • 1922 - Eurythmic
  • 1921 - Eurythmic
  • 1920 - Eurythmic
  • 1919 - Artilleryman
  • 1918 - Eusebius
  • 1917 - Harriet Graham
  • 1916 - Price Bardolph
  • 1915 - Traquette
  • 1914 - Aleconner
  • 1913 - Uncle Sam
  • 1912 - Captain White
  • 1911 - Flaith
  • 1910 - Blairgour
  • 1909 - Knox
  • 1908 - Pink ‘Un
  • 1907 - Subterranean
  • 1906 - Retrencher
  • 1905 - Bobadil
  • 1904 - Wingaroon
  • 1903 - Billali
  • 1902 - Seclusion
  • 1901 - Hymettus
  • 1900 –Dead Heat between Eiridsdale and Massinissa
  • 1899 - Veneda