Palmerbet Review 2024

Palmerbet Review
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By:Jason Bale

Palmerbet is the only fully in-house bookmaker in Australia that’s completely Australian-owned! They were established towards the end of 2013, but it took a couple of years to fully get a handle on the bookie landscape. 2015 brought about an aggressive marketing campaign that succeeded in Palmerbet’s expansion beyond the inner Sydney area. 

The Palmer name is synonymous with racing in New South Wales. Ted Palmer was an operator of local and interstate betting rings at racecourses around New South Wales. In true Palmer fashion, three of his grandchildren left their finance and weekend on-track bookmaking jobs to start Palmerbet Australia.

The Palmerbet vision is simple, they want to operate more like a traditional bookie that may go home “in the red” on some days. Palmerbet wants to be the bookie for the punters! They are reliable and committed to their mission, with one of the grandchildren stating they have no plans to make a quick buck and are fully dedicated to their vision and long-term growth. 

Our Palmerbet Review will comprehensively cover all the necessary information you require about the bookie, what separates them from the rest of the competition and whether you should be placing your bets with Palmerbet Australia. 

  • Great Blog
  • Good Odds (1.90+ lines)
  • Wide array of markets
  • High limits for big event markets
  • No live streaming
  • No racing live betting
  • No live chat
  • Limited withdrawal options

Palmerbet Quick Stats


Year Founded: 2013
Phone: 1300 124 357Live Betting: 1300 123 238
No Live ChatEmail: [email protected]
Deposit Methods: Credit/debit card, Bank
transfer, POLi, PayPal, Osko, BPay
Withdrawal Methods: Credit/debit card,
App: Available for Android and iOS devices

License & Regulation: Racing NSW and


Address: Cronulla NSW 2230Owners: Grant and Andrew Palmer
Features: Blog, low margins & same game
Sponsorship Deals: Australian leg of World
Series Darts, Canberra Raiders & Newcastle
Knights of the NRL

About Palmerbet

Although only established a decade ago, Palmerbet has positioned themselves among the top bookmakers in the country by offering a wide range of markets on Australian and overseas racing. With some optimisation and the addition of critical features used by other bookies, I believe Palmerbet can be right at the top of the list when it comes to Australian bookmakers.

In my mind, the website and mobile app are a real strong point for Palmerbet. The website is concise and provides all necessary details without oversimplification. The app mirrors this, in its lack of delay or bugginess and seamless functionality. Palmerbet’s app captures the necessary features of the ever-growing mobile app betting market. 

The implementation of live-betting and a wider array of markets would greatly assist Palmerbet in becoming a more ‘complete’ bookmaker. We all know how essential to a punter’s toolkit the live-betting features have become, so I am hoping Palmerbet starts offering these markets soon. Palmerbet could also add a live chat feature which has become an essential tool for bookmakers. 

Despite the minor flaws that can be explained away by being a fresh face in a competitive market, I believe Palmerbet is a very good bookmaker. Their strength lies in the wide array of markets and competitive odds. It is also notable that constant improvements are making Palmerbet a real player in the Australian bookmaker market. Palmerbet is, at the very least, worth your time if you are looking to try out a new bookie.

🐴Betting Markets – 8/10
Palmerbet Australia offers a wide range of racing markets that satisfy the everyday punter. Same Race Multi markets and several exotics markets cover the wants and needs of a racing enthusiast. The lack of futures markets for the season’s big races hinders Palmerbet’s ‘betting variety’ score, however as a whole product, it is sound.

💳Banking Options – 10/10
Palmerbet covers an array of banking options, including Paypal, Osko and Bpay. For most all Palmerbet customers this is more than satisfactory in fulfilling all their banking needs.

📱Mobile Experience – 10/10
The functionality of Palmerbet’s mobile app really sets them apart from their competition. The user interface is sleek, and navigation is made easy due to minimal lagging and seamless transitions.

💸Withdraw Speed – 8/10
Palmerbet Australia usually processes pay-outs for banking and card withdrawals within 2-3 business days. Whilst this is generally considered the industry standard, many competitors are now offering same day withdrawals.

🧩Overall User Experience – 10/10
As betting experiences come, Palmerbet is undoubtedly a 10/10. Its mobile app is fun to use, the additional resources aid your punting decisions, and there are plenty of markets to bet on. If you are a punter, this bookmaker is worth a try!

📧Customer Support – 7/10
Palmerbet’s customer support team is very friendly and helpful on the phone and through email. Unfortunately, Palmerbet Australia critically lacks a live chat feature. 

🔒Security – 10/10
Palmerbet is fully licensed and regulated by Racing NSW and Liquor & Gaming (OLGR) NSW so there is no need to stress about the bookmaker’s security. This goes for both the web browser and mobile app.

Palmerbet Racing

Palmerbet’s roots are in Australian racing. Being based at Canterbury racecourse in New South Wales laid the foundation for a refined racing product from the beginning of the Palmerbet journey. As such, there has been a significant focus on developing such a strong racing product. They have a wide variety of markets, comprehensively covering all the standard and exotic racing bets a punter may place. They are up there with some of the best Australian bookmakers.

Race betting can be overwhelming due to the large selection of markets, however Palmerbet makes it simple to navigate through these markets by creating sections for each type of bets.

From the home screen of Palmerbet punters can access a list of the next to jump races in the centre of their screen. I am a big fan of the format within this section as you can tailor what types of racing you want to see from the ‘up next’, i.e., you can select between greyhounds, thoroughbreds and harness racing, or a combination of any.

You can easily navigate to the racing tab in the centre of the screen, just above the next to run races, to see a more concentrated view with full cards from the tracks. From here, each race has an attached countdown clock, so you don’t miss out on placing or keeping track of your racing bets. If you select a specific race, it will take you into a well-designed spread of markets for the race, including exotic bets such as trifectas and quinellas. 

Within this page, each race has ‘race comments’, which outlines more in-depth details on individual runners. Whilst not to be used in isolation, they provide a solid base of knowledge for the race or rather a solid reinforcement if you are already considering a runner.

Palmerbet also offers their own individual tools such as the speed map of runners in the race. This indicates how quickly a horse is meant to run during each section of the race, generally split into 3 sections. Palmerbet also offer a tool specifically for early speed, this is the same as a speed map effectively but specifically for the first section of the race. It is a free tool located within each race. 

On top of this there is also the ‘Palmerbet predictor’ which is a basic model that is fed data about each horse in a selected race and produces an algorithmic driven ranking list of the horses’ likelihood to win the race.

In terms of racing odds with Palmerbet, you’ll find that they are competitive with the other top bookmakers. They may not be the forerunner in the field but combined with the promotions offered (such as odds boosting) it largely levels the playing field with other major bookmakers who offer similar.

As with any relatively new face in a market, there are areas that still require attention. Palmerbet tends to be slow in moving their fixed odds for races. This can be capitalised on by punters, however the slow updates can give a false idea of the true price of a runner right before the race. Palmerbet also has quite narrow futures markets that does not allow punters to capture huge odds for listed races at the beginning of the season. Lastly, the lack of live betting and live streaming greatly hinders late action on races.

In summary, there is much to praise Palmerbet Australia on for their racing markets and tools. The lack of access to live streaming the races, in addition to the lack of live betting is their greatest downfall. However, the depth of markets, free analytical tools, and ease of placing bets, as well as the competitive odds offered, make it one of the better racing bookmakers in the country. 

Palmerbet Mobile App

Palmerbet Australia offers one of the most premium mobile experiences on the market. The app is a comprehensive view into the Palmerbet system, showing next to run races, timestamped, on the home page. Palmerbet constantly updates their interface and backend of the site to maintain and improve usability and to keep up with their competitors. 

In terms of the Palmerbet mobile app, it is streamlined and fast, with minimal lagging and bugs. The app’s ease of use and navigability, coupled with the simplicity in placing bets provides an enjoyable experience to the everyday punter that I believe is even better than their web interface. 

For me, Palmerbet’s mobile app is best used when placing pre-informed bets or tracking pending bets. Also, the Palmerbet blog is great on the mobile app which can provide extremely valuable information for your bets. Given the small percentage of Australian bookies that offer blogs, Palmerbet really separates themselves from their competitors. I feel obliged to give my opinion: their blog is the best in the game!

The comprehensive range of articles on sports and racing where both tips and post-event reviews are delivered is super easy to digest. I believe Palmerbet’s very active blog compliments a punter’s already existing knowledge nicely but should not be used as your only source of information. 

The app also excels in its deposit and withdrawal functions. The process is made extremely simple, narrowed down to only a few clicks.

As a whole, the mobile app is top notch and makes you want to spend time on scrolling through markets and races.

Palmerbet Product & Features


Australian bookmakers offer enticing features to separate themselves from the competition. Palmerbet has a series of these features that are utilised to offer the best experience to their customers. I explore a few of these below:

Same Race Multi 
With Palmerbet, users can select runners to place between 1st to 4th and compound them into a multi with fixed odds. It is a great way to boost your returns and get action on multiple runners you may like.

Fixed Odds Plus 30 
During the peak of Australian horse racing, over spring/summer, Palmerbet Australia will offer fixed odds with an additional 30% increase in the price you take on selected races all season long.

Odds Boost 
A service from Palmerbet that increases with loyalty. Punters are provided with a set number of odds boosts that can be used on any type of bet. It is generally a percentage boost, and they are given generously and frequently.

Cash Out Function 
Palmerbet offers a cash out function that is available if you have an active bet that has not yet commenced or a multi that has a few legs remaining. The feature by Palmerbet allows the option to take the current level of returns. However, you will get a discounted price on this ‘cash out’ due to Palmerbet taking a commission. 


In addition to betting features, prominent bookies in Australia will offer a few differentiating products from the rest of the market. Palmerbet is no exception and has products that are offered by other bookies that they specifically excel in and a few products unique to Palmerbet Australia. I have highlighted some of the most useful ones below:

Palmerbet Blog
Whilst there are other bookmakers in Australia who offer blogs, none do it as extensively and as usefully as Palmerbet. They offer tips and information in article format about Australian racing and then provide reviews and summations at the conclusion of major events, as well as an outlook for the next similar events. 

On top of this they also offer racing previews for the weekends. The Palmerbet blog is very actively tended to and whilst you shouldn’t make it your only source of information before placing a bet, it compliments prior knowledge very well.

Palmerbet’s BetBook
Growing on the interactive aspect of punting, Palmerbet has recently introduced a ‘BetBook’ which acts as a micro-social media platform for punters using Palmerbet Australia. Through the BetBook, punters can discuss and share bet slips. I believe this is something that Palmerbet can gain massive success from as they take the steps to create a social framework of loyal and connected punters. Many similar platforms are beginning to offer a comparable product, so the cultivation of this community would be a great benefit to Palmerbet and their punters.

Palmerbet Betting Marketds

Palmerbet offers many markets and features that make it an enticing bookmaker for racing punters. These include but are not limited to:

  • Palmerbet offers competitive fixed odds markets for Australian and International thoroughbred, harness, and greyhound racing.
  • Palmerbet have an array of exotic betting options such as exactas and boxed first-fours for all Australian races.
  • Palmerbet Australia have a Same Race Multi market to combine the odds for multiple runners in a race.

Palmerbet has the whole package to offer for betting markets. A live betting feature for racing would be an improvement, but for a relatively fresh-faced bookie, the betting markets are exceptional. 

Palmerbet FAQs

Is Palmerbet owned by Clive Palmer

Palmerbet is owned by former equities traders Grant and Matthew Palmer along with their younger brother Adrian who formed the group in 2013. They are the Grandchildren of famous on-course bookie Ted Palmer. Palmerbet has no affiliation with Clive Palmer.     

Who owns Pamerbet?

Palmerbet is owned by former equities traders Grant and Matthew Palmer along with their younger brother Adrian who formed the group in 2013. They are the Grandchildren of famous on-course bookie Ted Palmer.

Who started Palmerbet?

Palmerbet was formed at the end of 2013 by Grant Palmer, who left a role in equities trading and got together with his two younger brothers, Matthew, who left a role in foreign exchange trading and Adrian, who came fresh out of university. The 3 boys are the grandsons of veteran racing bookmaker Ted Palmer.

Where is Palmerbet based?

Palmerbet, in compliance with the NSW turf laws, is based at Canterbury Racecourse in Sydney, New South Wales.

Who is Palmer Bet?

Palmerbet is an online bookmaker, based in Sydney, New South Wales, who specialise in sports and racing gambling. They are a 100% Australian owned bookmaker that is relatively fresh in the Australian market, having been established just under a decade ago.

Palmerbet Sign-up Offer

Sign-up bonuses for online betting sites are governed by tight legislation in Australia. As a result, PalmerBet is unable to promote any sign-up bonuses to Australian punters who do not already have an account.

If you want to find out about Palmerbet promos and offers, click here to create a Palmerbet account

Palmerbet Banking

If you want to utilise Palmerbet and enjoy all its features, you must start with depositing. So, it is important to discuss Palmerbet’s banking features alongside their markets, promotions, and functionality.

For most punters, the method used for processing deposits and withdrawals will be debit/credit card. Like all major bookies, this is offered by Palmerbet and will satisfy most users' needs. When you first deposit you simply enter your card details as if to make any regular online purchase, it should be noted that when withdrawing for the first time you will be asked to verify your credit card which will be a short and easy process as directed by Palmerbet. Verification can be done by simply inputting your driver’s license details.

On top of these standard methods, Palmerbet also offers direct bank to bank transfers for both deposits and withdrawals. However, this is the only method outside of using a credit/debit card for processing withdrawals. In contrast, Palmerbet recognises Poli, Paypal, Bpay and Osko as methods for depositing.

Overall, the banking methods with Palmerbet are comprehensive and should be able to cover the needs of almost all punters. They should largely enable you to deposit and withdraw without much hassle and in a timely manner. 

Palmerbet How to

How to sign up to Palmerbet Australia:

  1. On Palmerbet’s homepage click the green ‘Sign up’ button which should take you to the sign-up page.
  2. Enter your correct details and ensure you read the deposit limit warning carefully.
  3. Your details will go through automatic verification; if this is successful your account will be created.

How to verify your card:

  1. Ensure you are logged in before clicking on the ‘my account drop down’.
  2. Click the green ‘Verify’ button next to the orange warning of ‘verification required’.
  3. On this verification centre page input your phone number to receive a verification code.
  4. Enter the code you received. If this matches up, you will have completed the verification process.

Palmerbet Customer Service

Customer Service is essential for bookmakers. Fortunately, at Palmerbet Australia, they make it easy to contact them via email and phone.

I would say that a phone call is the quickest and easiest way to get through to someone on the Palmerbet customer service team. I have found that when you call them, the wait time is minimal and for the most part, the team are incredibly helpful. Although it may take longer to reach a resolution, emailing would be a more suitable option for longer, more complex issues.

I must discuss Palmerbet Australia’s lack of a live chat feature. Almost all top bookmakers have a live chat function to simplify customer service in a modern ‘chat-room’ style. This feature has been a largely successful implementation from other Australian bookmakers, and I strongly believe that Palmerbet’s customer service would become more streamlined and simplistic with the addition of a live chat.

All in all, I feel that Palmerbet’s user support is good enough to keep most customers satisfied due to the helpful agents. However, a live chat system or similar is essential for Palmerbet to stack up against their competition’s customer support.

Palmerbets Odds & Margins

Margins are effectively the perceived amount that a bookmaker is making on every bet they accept. As such, the margin is a reflection on the odds of that bookmaker. For example. if a bookmakers’ margin is 20%, for every $1 bet the bookie accepts, it takes $0.2.

Below I have compared Palmerbet’s odds and margin to Sportsbet and TAB 1 hour before the jump, and 5 minutes before the jump:

Race 1 - Ballarat Synthetic R1 31/10/2022

1 Hour Before Jump:

  • Palmerbet - 124.9%
  • TAB - 127%
  • Sportsbet -126.8%

5 Minutes Before Jump:

  • Palmerbet - 125.8%
  • TAB - 126.2%
  • Sportsbet - 124.9%

Race 2 - Ballarat Synthetic R1 31/10/2022

1 Hour Before Jump:

  • Palmerbet - 125.8%
  • TAB - 128.1%
  • Sportsbet 125.1%

5 Minutes Before Jump

  • Palmerbet - 125.8%
  • TAB - 124%
  • Sportsbet - 122%