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Blended (Dutch) Betting

Volcanobet Quick Stats

Robin Sydney
By:Robin Sydney
Website: volcanobet.com.au  Year Founded: 2023 
Live Chat : Available during supported hours only 
Deposit Methods : Visa, Mastercard 
Email: [email protected] Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer 1-3 Business Days 
App : available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Features:  Fixed Odds Betting, Vic Tote for Australian Racing Exotics 
License and Regulation: Volcano Bet is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission Socials: Facebook 
Owner: VOLCANO (AUST) PTY LTD ABN 26 666 349 293  
  • Simple User Experience
  • Blended betting
  • First Past the Post Payout
  • Fun playful graphics
  • No live betting
  • Limited deposit methods
  • Maybe ‘too’ simple

Stepping into Volcanobet is like being transported into a whimsical realm where betting takes a playful turn. Imagine if the Flintstones ventured into the online betting scene; this is precisely the fun, stone-age aesthetic that Volcanobet embodies. The site’s design doesn’t just stop at being visually engaging; it's intuitive and straightforward, welcoming both seasoned punters and newcomers to easily navigate through its offerings. 
At the heart of Volcanobet is simplicity. This platform, new to the scene in 2023 and operated by Volcano Bet (Aust) Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, shuns gimmicks, choosing instead to focus on providing a clean, uncomplicated betting experience. It’s clear that Volcanobet values ease of use over an overwhelming array of features, reflecting a refreshing approach among the plethora of betting sites available online. This simplicity extends to its focused offering of racing and major sports markets predominant in Australia. If you’re after an uncomplicated, straightforward betting journey without the steep learning curve often associated with more feature-heavy sites, Volcanobet is your go-to destination. 
However, simplicity does come at a cost. While Volcanobet excels in providing a user-friendly interface, it may lack the allure for punters seeking a platform with a variety of unique offerings or promotions/bonuses. The site’s core proposition is clear - it's all about making betting simple and accessible. Yet, the absence of distinct features or promotions means it may not have the pull to keep the more experienced bettor coming back for more. 
Volcanobet is a fresh breath in the online betting landscape, celebrating a minimalist approach in a market often cluttered with over-the-top features. It's the place where ease of betting takes centre stage, making it a solid choice for those who appreciate a no-fuss, straightforward betting environment. Dive deeper into our Volcanobet Review to explore this eruptive betting platform tailored for the Australian market. 

Volcanobet Score

🐴Betting Markets - 8/10
Volcanobet covers a wide array of markets including Australian horse racing, harness racing, greyhound racing, major Australian sports, and key US sports like Baseball and NFL. With offerings of futures markets, fixed odds, and exotics via Vic Tab, it caters to a variety of betting preferences, making it a notable choice among betting sites. 

💳Banking Options - 5/10

Banking options at Volcanobet are quite limited, offering only Visa and Mastercard for deposits, and bank transfer for withdrawals. While these methods cover the basics, the lack of variety may deter punters seeking more flexible or instant payment options compared to other betting sites. 

📱Mobile Experience - 9/10
The Volcanobet app shines with its ease of use and simple navigation combined with the fun and playful graphics / design. It's a breeze for users to find their way around, making the mobile betting experience smooth and hassle-free. Its user-friendly interface stands out among other betting apps, ensuring a positive on-the-go betting adventure. 

💸​Withdraw Speed - 6/10
Volcanobet offers a standard withdrawal process with bank transfers taking 1-3 business days. While the reliability is appreciated, the lack of multiple withdrawal options or faster processing times may leave some punters desiring more flexibility, especially when compared to other betting sites with quicker withdrawal solutions. 

🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10
Volcanobet delivers a straightforward and enjoyable user experience. The whimsical theme coupled with a user-friendly interface makes navigating the platform both fun and easy. Its focus on simplicity removes unnecessary clutter, enabling punters to focus on betting. While it may lack some advanced features found in other betting sites, its no-nonsense approach will appeal to those seeking a hassle-free betting experience. 

📧Customer Support - 5/10 

Customer support at Volcanobet is somewhat limited. Live chat is available, but only during business hours, leaving punters with only email support outside of these times. The absence of a phone support option may be a drawback for those seeking immediate assistance. Compared to other betting sites with more comprehensive support channels, Volcanobet's support offerings are modest.

🔒Security - 9/10

With a license and regulation under the reputable Australian jurisdiction, Volcanobet assures a high level of security for its users. This licensing is a solid indicator of the platform's commitment to adhering to stringent security standards, instilling confidence among punters when engaging in betting activities on the site. It stands as a secure option among other betting sites, ensuring a safe betting environment. 

Volcanobet Racing

Volcanobet Racing encapsulates the platform’s essence of simplicity, offering a straightforward betting experience for racing enthusiasts. Covering a good range of racing markets including Australia, South Africa, France, the UK, USA, New Zealand, and a few others, it provides a decent global racing coverage. The betting options are simplified with fixed odds betting available across all these markets, removing the dilemma often faced by bettors on other betting sites regarding different product offerings. 
For those keen on exotic bets, Volcanobet does not disappoint. Punters can place bets on quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four, with prices derived from the final dividends from Vic Tote. This simplistic approach might resonate well with punters who prefer a hassle-free betting experience. 
However, the simplicity does come with its drawbacks. The absence of live betting, cash out options, bet returns, price boosts, and the lack of an option to take a tote price on a straight win or place bet may leave some punters wanting more. Additionally, the fixed odds, while removing complexity, may not always be the most attractive when compared to the offerings of other bookmakers. The mid-range final dividends might not adequately reward punters for their winning bets, which could be a deterrent for those seeking better returns on their wagers. 
In conclusion, while Volcanobet Racing offers a clean, uncluttered betting environment, the lack of certain betting features and the average dividend prices may not keep the engagement levels high among seasoned punters. For those seeking more competitive odds or a variety of betting features, exploring other betting apps or platforms might be a worthy consideration.

Volcanobet App

Embodying the spirit of simplicity, the Volcanobet App offers a seamless transition from the Volcanobet online web platform, retaining the fun graphics and playful style that makes Volcanobet unique among betting apps. Upon launching the app, punters are greeted with the "Next Up" race within the race markets, immediately drawing attention to upcoming betting opportunities. Just below, the "Coming Up" section showcases the next six races across all formats, providing a quick glance at the near-future betting landscape, with full markets merely a click away. 
Navigating the app is a breeze. The bottom menu on the home screen effortlessly guides users to all racing and sports markets, and the profile section. Here, key functions such as Deposit and Withdrawal are easily accessible, aligning with Volcanobet's ethos of user-friendly design. 
The Quickbet feature is a testament to the platform's commitment to UX simplicity, facilitating swift and easy betting, embodying the hassle-free experience Volcanobet aims to provide. 
However, the simplicity does come with its trade-offs. The app lacks a robust tipping guide or detailed form analysis, which could be a hurdle for punters seeking deeper insights into their betting choices. Given the fact that there is very little in the way of tips and advice, make sure to check out our own OnlyRacing.com.au free horse racing tips. While there's a sporadic guide under some runners offering a glimpse of direction, the lack of comprehensive form detail may leave the curious bettor wanting more.  
In essence, the Volcanobet App is tailored for those who appreciate a straightforward, no-frills betting experience. Yet, for a more informed betting journey, punters might find themselves turning to other resources or betting sites with more extensive form guides and analysis. 

Volcanobet: Products and Features

Volcanobet, with its simplistic ethos, delivers a user-friendly interface that is mirrored across both its website and mobile app. The platform's design facilitates easy navigation, ensuring a hassle-free betting experience. A notable feature is the Quickbet functionality, which aligns with Volcanobet's user-centric design, making the betting process swift and uncomplicated.

Volcanobet has also recently introduced Same Race Multis, and Same Game Multis in sports betting.  They have also launched, an almost unique amongst its peers, Blended feature.  The Blended feature allows the punter to select two or more runners in a race, which is something I really like.  Known as ‘Dutching’, this is something that I think a lot of punters like to do but it is not always quick and easy to do as ordinarily you’d need to calculate the correct stake to put on each horse to ensure an even win if your selections get up.   Now with this new Blended feature all the hard work and calculations are done for you.  Simply select the runners you like and the combined odds are displayed for you.

In the screenshot below is the market for a harness race at Maryborough.  I had a feeling the short priced favourite, That’s Your Opinion, could well come under pressure from one of the other 3 runners which were under $10.  So with the blended feature I was able to back all 3 of them for the combined odds of $1.76, all calculated for me as quick as a flash!  As it happened, the #4 won making it a successful bet.  It’s a great feature, especially when the result goes your way!!

Volcanobet has also introduced the "Even Shot" feature, igniting a thrilling twist in even-money racing opportunities. In this dynamic option, the platform selects an even-odds bet for you. It might be on a runner to finish in the top 2, 3, or 4 - see the screenshot below showing an example of even money being offered around the #1 horse to finish in the top 3. If you feel the odds are in your favour, just click the 'Add to Betslip' button, set your stake, and brace yourself for an exhilarating betting experience, infused with the explosive energy of Volcanobet!

Volcanobet has recently introduced the "First Past the Post Payout" feature, aligning perfectly with Volcanobet's explosive theme, where fairness and the thrill of the race play pivotal roles. While it's not a unique concept among betting sites, it's certainly a welcome addition. It guarantees that if your horse crosses the finish line first but is subsequently relegated due to a protest, your win is still paid out. This policy of acknowledging the initial victory mirrors the racing enthusiast's passion, fusing the excitement of a win with the eruptive energy of Volcanobet. It's a gesture that not only celebrates the rush of triumph but also mitigates the disappointment of a reversal.

However, I do have to say that whilst simplicity might well be a blessing for some, I’m sure for others it will be a curse.

Take the banking options for example which are quite limited. Currently, only Visa and Mastercard are accepted for deposits, and bank transfer is the sole option for withdrawals. While this straightforward approach to banking removes complexity, it may not cater to the diverse financial preferences of all punters.

Furthermore, one of the stark contrasts between Volcanobet and other betting sites is the lack of additional features. The absence of live betting, cash out options, bet returns, price boosts, and detailed form guides, as well as a lack of promotional offers, may deter punters seeking a more feature-rich betting environment.

Lastly, customer support at Volcanobet is available, albeit within limited hours. Live chat support is accessible during business hours, with email support covering the off-hours. The lack of a phone support option may be a point of contention for those seeking immediate assistance.

In summary, Volcanobet champions simplicity and user-friendliness, making it an accessible platform for punters who prefer a straightforward betting experience. However, the lack of certain features and limited banking options might prompt seasoned bettors to explore other betting apps or platforms for a more comprehensive betting experience.

Volcanobet Betting Markets

Volcanobet offers a simplified betting landscape covering a wide array of racing and sports markets. Punters can explore betting opportunities in all Australian horse racing markets, including all Group One races, harness racing, and greyhound racing, alongside major Australian and key US sports. Of course all the major horse racing carnivals are covered.  The platform extends its reach to international racing markets in countries like South Africa, France, the UK, USA, and New Zealand, providing a fair global betting scope. 
The betting options are straightforward with fixed odds betting available across all these markets, catering to punters who prefer a hassle-free betting experience. For those inclined towards exotic bets, options like quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four are available, with prices derived from Vic Tote. 
However, the simplicity in betting options comes with a trade-off. The absence of features like live betting, cash out options, bet returns, and price boosts may limit the betting dynamics for some punters. Yet, for those seeking a straightforward and uncomplicated betting platform, Volcanobet's betting markets offer a clean and easy-to-navigate environment.

Volcanobet FAQs

Who owns Volcanobet?

Volcanobet is wholly owned by VOLCANO (AUST) PTY LTD ABN 26 666 349 293  

Is Volcanobet legit?

Yes, Volcanobet is legit. It is a registered bookmaker and is licensed in Victoria, offering punters a secure betting experience. 

What is the minimum deposit for Volcanobet?

There is no minimum deposit for Volcanobet but you can set a deposit limit if you want to set some control over how much you would like to deposit. 

Who owns Volcanobet Australia?

Volcanobet is wholly owned by VOLCANO (AUST) PTY LTD ABN 26 666 349 293  

Do Volcano bet offer a sign-up bonus?

Volcano bet offers various promotions and bonuses. Check their official website and 'Promotions’ section for the latest offers 

How can I bet with Volcanobet Australia?

You can bet with Volcanobet Australia by visiting their official website, volcanobet.com.au, or by using theVolcanobet app, which offers a user-friendly interface for both new and seasoned punters. 

Is the Volcanobet App a legit app?

Yes, the Volcanobet app is legitimate. It provides a simple and straightforward betting experience, and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Volcano Bet Promotions and Bonuses

Sign-up incentives for online wagering platforms are subject to stringent regulations in Australia. As a result, Volcano Bet is unable to advertise any sign-up bonuses to Australian bettors without a registered account. 
If you're keen on exploring Volcanobet promotions and offers, click here to establish a Volcanobet account. Alternatively, view all the promotions presently available for display here! 

How to Sign-up to Volcanobet

It’s very simple.  Either head over to the website and hit the Sign Up button, or go to the App, and do the same. 



And then complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time. 

Once completed you will receive an email asking you to verify your account and then you can head back to the Volcanobet login and start making your way around the site, assess what offers, promotions and Volcanobet bonus might be available, and deposit funds.

Volcanobet Banking, How to Deposit

Once your account is validated, depositing becomes a breeze. Click on the orange box top right of the screen which shows the balance of your account and then follow the prompts. 
If you've set up with, or transitioned to the app, the process remains the same, and it is very easy.   

Volcanobet Customer Service

Volcanobet provides a streamlined channel for customers to interact and seek assistance from their team. For real-time help, their Live Chat is accessible during business hours, ensuring that inquiries are addressed within a reasonable time frame. In case you prefer to communicate via email, Volcanobet's dedicated team is available at [email protected] and is committed to providing timely responses to all queries. 
For more specific account-related concerns or questions, you may reach out to their Customer Service team, although contact number details are not provided on the site. Unlike some other platforms, telephone betting or direct interaction with traders isn't facilitated at Volcanobet, reflecting its simplistic and digital-focused approach. 

Volcanobet: My Final Thoughts

I'm well and truly captivated by the eruptive and dynamic nature of Volcanobet. The 'Blended' and 'Even Shot' features bring a thrilling and tactical aspect to horse race betting. I find the 'Blended' option particularly appealing, as it resonates with my approach of backing multiple runners.

The addition of Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis further enhances the betting experience, providing punters with diverse ways to engage in the races and sports they are passionate about.

Overall, Volcanobet makes a strong impression as a betting site, especially for those who value an energetic and straightforward approach to betting. However, those seeking a site brimming with features might find Volcanobet a bit too direct. Its limited banking options and the lack of advanced features like live betting and cash out, commonly found on other sites, could be perceived as limitations.

But as with any betting platform, the best way to appreciate its unique qualities is to try it out yourself. So why not dive into the volcanic thrill of Volcanobet and discover how its vibrant, volcano-themed betting experience can ignite your passion for wagering?