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Our free horse racing tips section covers form guides, betting previews, Listed and Group 1 race information. Additionally, our professional’s exotic and “sharp” bets for Australian horse racing. We post metro / midweek racing tips on a Wednesday morning during the week and Saturday racing tips generally the night before / morning of. 

OnlyRacing will always provide the most important betting information, our experts do extensive form on the runners for the selected day and track to bring you exactly what you need for race day.

Below you’ll find individual articles that have been curated by our tipsters on each track with our top selections and other bets and key insights within. Furthermore, you’ll find comprehensive information on betting types and the intricacies of current racing such as the top jockeys and track conditions.

You can be assured that with as your first destination for horse racing tips that you will be going into raceday more than well equipped with track insights, top selections and important raceday information.

Pick Of the Day & Roughie of the Day

Our Experts have done form for the day’s meetings and provide their best horse racing tip everyday on our Pick Of the Day page. Here our Only racing tipsters will provide their best free racing tips.

Similar to Pick of the Day, ‘Roughie of the Day’ will be our best free horse racing tip of the day, although this time it will be above 6 odds! These outside runners are horses that the tipsters believe to have been undervalued or rather have a greater chance of winning than the odds suggest. Of course, as with all our Australian horse racing tips it will be decide by our horse racing experts.

Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets 20/07/24

I have highlighted my best bet of the day and best outside chance of the day as well as some insights for race day across all racecourses for Saturday. Follow along with me for the best free horse racing tips on race day!

Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets 17/07/24

I have highlighted my best bet of the day and best outside chance of the day as well as some insights for race day across all racecourses for Wednesday. Follow along with me for the best free horse racing tips on race day!

Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets 16/07/24

I have highlighted my best bet of the day and best outside chance of the day as well as some insights for race day across all racecourses for Tuesday. Follow along with me for the best free horse racing tips on race day!

Saturday Racing Tips

Our experts post weekly Saturday racing tips in our tips and information section in the form of an article per track. Here, as well as providing tips, they will cover track conditions, weather, important jockey’s and track news. 

Our experts will go over the best racing promotions for the specified track and provide their top 4 runners in each race they tip to enable you to form all sorts of exotic bets as well as Basic bets from the tips given. Refer to the section below for clarity and in-depth information on Racing betting types.

Furthermore, our expert tipsters may form some multi type bets for the day based on a few confident win / place bets or following a trend of inside runners, potentially a prominent jockey or any other sharp betting information. For access to all of this, refer to the top of this page to see this week’s articles, or if you want to see previous weeks refer to our Saturday racing section. As always, Onlyracing will make all your upcoming Australian racing tips available at least the night prior!

Wednesday Racing Tips

As is the case with our Saturday racing, our dedicated team will post just horse racing tips every Wednesday where our analysts will delve into the track conditions, jockey information, and any important scratchings along with our expert’s horse racing tips for the main tracks!
Our Wednesday racing tips will cover all the information mentioned in our Saturday Racing tips, with a selection of the top 4 runners in each race to enable you to form all common types of racing bets.

Friday Racing Tips

Just like our Saturday and Wednesday racing tips, our dedicated team will also provide specialized horse racing tips for every Friday races. Our analysts will thoroughly examine the track conditions, jockey information, and crucial scratchings, along with our expert's horse racing tips for the main tracks.

Our Friday racing tips will encompass all the information highlighted in our Saturday and Wednesday racing tips, featuring a selection of the top 4 runners in each race. This will help you formulate all common types of racing bets.

Stay tuned every Friday for the most insightful and expertly analyzed horse racing tips that will increase your chances of winning and make your betting experience more enjoyable!

Group One Races Tips

Our free Group One races tips designed to provide all the necessary information punters need before placing bets on major races. Our tips cover crucial details for all the prestigious races, including the Melbourne Cup, The Everest, Golden Slipper, and many more. Whether you are a seasoned punter or new to the racing scene, our expert tips are crafted to give you the best chance of success. Don't miss out on maximising your winning potential with our invaluable insights.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Playup is our current top selection for betting sites in Australia. They have an industry leading website that is extremely user friendly and fast-functioning bet placement. They further offer live betting for sports, done via call. Their app is premium, with it essentially being the website with subtle adjustment for ease of navigation on the mobile screen. They are also a fresh new, Australian owned bookmaker with reliable 24/7 customer service. 

They have a top of the market racing product, with good odds, access to free tips for racing, form guides and a strong range of markets they are our pick destination for Australian horse racing betting.

Playup have some of the better odds across bookies in the country, which is unusual for new bookmakers. They have solid market choice across a constantly expanding range of sports but are slightly limited for punters who find value in deep lines as often is an issue with newer bookies. Whilst there are competitors who offer more payment options, debit/credit cards as well as poli and P2P direct bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals should satisfy most punters.

Overall, Playup’s quality, ease of use and practicality in their approach to their betting site, as well as constant market and sport expansionism makes play up one of the best picks as a bookmaker for Australians.

There are a number of other great bookmakers that we have amazing reviews for such as WinnersBet, MidasBet and PalmerBet.


A scratching is when a horse is entered into a race and then decides not to run the race, alternatively it is when a veterinarian deems the horse unfit to run the race. This can affect the odds of the race, the most extreme example would be if a horse was a heavy favourite in the field and it was scratched from the race, the race is essentially open again and the odds of runners will likely go down as their chance of winning increases. 

Only racing will cover Saturday and Wednesday and Friday scratchings in our free racing tips.

Top Jockeys

One of the key factors in doing form for horse racing is who is jockeying the horse. Punters can seek to incorporate an edge by following Only Racing’s top jockey tracker location within our Saturday,Wedneday and Friday tips where we will give out a multi type bet (see bet types) composed of the best horses of the day riding under a particular top jockey. For example, on a particular country level race day we may give out a “following James Mcdonald” multi in the day’s racing tips, with his best 3 of 6 races on that day. 

Track Conditions/Weather

In Australian racing, tracks are ranked from 1 to 10 on any given race day. A track ranked 1 indicates extremely firm, hard grass. Whereas a 10 indicates heavy, rain affected track. The consensus optimal ranking range is 3-4 where the ground has some give to negate injury and jarring.


NumberOlder RatingDescription
Firm1FastHard and firm track
Firm2GoodStill firm with slight grass coverage to ease
Good3GoodTrack the has the positives of being on the firmer side but has solid grass coverage
Good4DeadFirmer side track with good give
Soft5DeadHas a greater portion of give in the ground
Soft6SlowA damper track but not that bad for most horses
Soft7SlowThis is where the track becomes rain affected enough that the grass will worsen over the day
Heavy8HeavyRain affected, muddy, lack of grass covery as day goes on
Heavy9HeavyDense wet track, almost mud at this point
Heavy10HeavyThe heaviest the track can be without calling off the days racing
Synthetic -Synthetic


What is the best app for horse racing tips?

Make Only racing Free tips and information page your first destination on a Wednesday and Saturday for the best free racing tips for Australian racing, with a wide selection of tips and variation of risk you can be sure to find horse racing tips for your day of interest.

What is the best bet to make in horse racing?

Our betting types guide on the free tips and information page provides thorough insight into all types of horse race betting as the best racing bets largely are contextual and as such we help you to filter per race

How do I make the most money on horse racing?

By having a deep understanding of racing bet types the punter can seek to minimise risk and maximise profits by matching the best racing bets to the type of bet that is best for that runner/race combination. Like anything else, this comes from dedicating time and effort to learning the sport.

What is the best tipster website?

Make Only Racing your first destination for Saturday racing tips and midweek racing tips as our punting experts will provide you with a range of bets, exploring more complex bet types and giving curated insight to the best jockeys all accumulating in our free horse racing types.

What is the best horse tracker app?

We would suggest a website with a thorough and comprehensive database of jockeys and horses such as racenet or a paid form guide, many of these are accessible with a simple google search of “horse racing form guide”.

What is the easiest bet to win in horse racing?

Statistically, the easiest horse racing bet to win would be the one with the lowest odds, obviously this varies from race to race. For example a heavy favourite horse can have shorter odds to win than another horse in a different race may be to place. Refer to our betting types section where we cover the different types of racing and also to our tips section to maximise your chances of winning from our free Australian horse racing tips.

What are the best horses running today?

For best free racing tips today head to the top of this page, our tips of the week page where we will have article style posts with our favourite runners for the day narrowed down into the races we have selected. 

Racing Bet Types

Explore the different betting types in horse racing in the detailed paragraphs that follow, and for an even deeper dive, check out the horse racing markets page on our site.

Basic Betting types

  • WIN:Win betting is as it sounds! You are selecting the horse that you believe will come 1st in the race.
  • PLACE: In this instance, rather than the win, you select a runner that may come between 1st - 3rd when making a place bet. The odds, on average, that place bets pay is 20% of the win price for the horse. Punters should be aware that if there are less than 8 runners in the race a place bet only covers 1st and 2nd, and not third.

Accumulator Bet Types

  • Win Multis: A win multi bet is a bet where one selects a runner in a race to win, then does that in a number of races and combines the legs for significantly greater returns. This is covered lower on this page in our how to place racing bets section.
  • Place Multis: Similar to the style of the win multi above, this racing betting style is statistically safer as one is taking the fixed place odds, the odds for some horse to finish in the placings of a race and combining them on multiple races. 
  • Each way Multi: Most bookies in Australia offer each way multis / mixed leg type multis where you can combine legs from either of the two above bet types. You are also able to put the each way leg into the multi that will just split the multi into two partitions for every each way leg you add. This is covered in our racing bets section further down this page.

Exotic bet types

  • Quinella: A quinella is the simplest of the exotic bet types you select however many runners you desire and if any combination of them run 1st and 2nd you win the bet. Naturally, the more runners you add the more combinations there are to win which increases your chances but also spreads the money that you are placing thinner across all combinations.
  • Exacta: Similar to a quinella, however this time you select two runners that have to come in the order you select, i.e. selecting one or more runners to come 1st and one or more runners to come 2nd. 
  • Trifecta: A trifecta bet creates a noticeable jump up in returns as you are now selecting runners to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you seek to minimize risk or it is a fairly even race you can place this bet ‘boxed’. This means that, if 3 horses are selected boxed, you’d pay $6 to get 100% of the dividend as they can finish in any order, and there are 6 combinations.
  • FIRST FOUR: In a first four, the punter picks four or more runners to make up the first four placings of the selected race. In the instance you pick exactly four runners and select it as ‘boxed’, it requires $24 to get 100% of the dividend as there are 24 combinations in which the bet comes in.

This can all be a bit confusing not visualised. Whether it be tips for randwick on a Saturday or tips for caulfield racing, our experts at OnlyRacing will cover all these bet tips in their free racing tips on this page. 

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