Empire Rose 2024

➡️Empire Rose 
1600 m 
🛣️Race Track Flemington Racecourse 
📅Date Saturday 4 November 
💰Prize Money $1m AUD 
🐎Weight Class Fillies and Mares 3yo + Weight for Age
🏇Last Year Winner Icebath 

The 2023 Empire Rose Stakes 

The Empire Rose Stakes stands as a key event within the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, shining bright amidst a sea of thrilling horse races, held at the renowned Flemington Racecourse. Its stature is validated by its prestigious Group 1 status and it has become synonymous with showcasing the best of female thoroughbreds, drawing contenders from every corner of the country. In this detailed guide, we turn our focus to the Empire Rose Stakes, delving into the following: 

The Race: 2023 Empire Rose Stakes 

The Empire Rose Stakes, run over 1600m of the distinguished Flemington turf, attracts top-class female thoroughbreds, competing under weight for age conditions. With a notable $1m prize purse up for grabs, the race becomes a beacon for trainers, jockeys, and the entire racing fraternity. In the following sections, we'll delve into the intricacies of the prize allocation and give some colour to the history of the race. 

Betting on the Empire Rose Stakes 

For punters keen to wager on the Empire Rose Stakes, a myriad of Horse Racing betting sites are at your disposal. Specialising in thoroughbred racing markets, these platforms ensure a seamless experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the thrill of the race. Moreover, we've identified five Australian betting sites that come highly recommended and might be the ideal fit for your 2023 Empire Rose Stakes betting pursuits. 

How to Bet: Empire Rose Stakes and Beyond 

Wagering on the Empire Rose Stakes and other elite Australian horse races offers an exciting chance to put your racing acumen to the test. Whether you favour the simplicity of win or place bets, or you're in the mood to try your hand at more intricate exotic wagers, there's a vast array of options available. From combining multiple bets and diving into exotics to supporting specific jockeys or the most talked-about wagers for the race, our detailed guide is here to help. Be sure to check out our "How to Bet" section, which delves deep into the plethora of betting choices available for the Empire Rose Stakes and other prominent Australian races. 

The Venue: Flemington Racecourse 

Flemington Racecourse holds a distinguished position in Melbourne's racing landscape. Perfectly positioned, this iconic racecourse has witnessed countless unforgettable moments, thrilling finishes, and passionate crowds throughout its storied history. Often simply known as "Flemington," its signature track layout offers an unparalleled racing spectacle. Whether you're a veteran racing enthusiast or just someone drawn to the atmosphere of a major race day, Flemington never fails to enthral. And when the Victorian Derby is on the horizon? The anticipation reaches its peak. Dive in to discover more about this legendary racing arena! 

The History of the Race: Empire Rose Stakes 

The Empire Rose Stakes has rapidly become an integral part of the Australian horse racing narrative since its inception in 1988. Celebrated on Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse, this Group 1 race uniquely spotlights fillies and mares. With champions like Melody Belle and Shillelagh gracing its honor roll, the race commemorates the triumphs of female equine stars. As the race draws near, it's fitting to reflect on the Empire Rose Stakes' profound influence on Australia's racing landscape. 

Past Champions of the Empire Rose Stakes 

The Empire Rose Stakes provides a prestigious platform for fillies and mares to immortalise their prowess. Since its establishment, the race has recognized numerous standout champions. Delve into our list of Empire Rose Stakes winners, and you'll encounter many equine talents from Australian racing’s rich history. 

The Feature Race – Empire Rose

Date: Sat 4th November 
Time: TBA 
Prize Money: $1m 

Scheduled for November 4 2023, at the iconic Flemington Racecourse, the Empire Rose Stakes stands as a hallmark event for fillies and mares during the bustling Melbourne Spring Carnival. 
One of three Group 1s that make up the iconic Derby Day, it plays a huge part in making it such a special day on the racing calendar.  Although not up there with some of the richest races that we now see around this time of year in particular, it still boasts a very healthy $1m prize money, 
The winner of the race collects $600,000, and prize money is paid out down to 8th place. For a detailed breakdown of the prize money distribution, refer to the section below: 

PlacingPrize Money 
2nd $180,000
3rd $90,000
4th $45,000
5th $25,000 
6th, 7th, and 8th$20,000

With the race on this Saturday 4 November there is an All In market as follows for the nominated runners.  I think the top 2 in the market are where the likely winner will come from and would be taking a bet on them both confident that they will be running and giving a great sight 

HOPE IN YOUR HEART - Win: 5.00 | Place: 2.00 
ATISHU - Win: 6.00 | Place: 2.25 
PRINCESS GRACE - Win: 6.00 | Place: 2.25 
WISHLOR LASS - Win: 9.00 | Place: 3.00 
ALCOHOL FREE - Win: 11.00 | Place: 3.50 
LIFE LESSONS - Win: 11.00 | Place: 3.50 
PRIDE OF JENNI - Win: 11.00 | Place: 3.50 
BARBIES FOX - Win: 15.00 | Place: 4.50 
SKYBIRD - Win: 15.00 | Place: 4.50 
MADAME POMMERY - Win: 21.00 | Place: 6.00 
WROTE TO ARATAKI - Win: 21.00 | Place: 6.00 
AUSBRED FLIRT - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
DENY KNOWLEDGE - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
FOXY FRIDA - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
HINGED - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
JENNILALA - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
MORE SECRETS - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
ROOTS - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
SHUFFLE DANCER - Win: 26.00 | Place: 7.25 
MUSTANG VALLEY - Win: 51.00 | Place: 13.50 
RENAISSANCE WOMAN - Win: 51.00 | Place: 13.50 
WALTZ ON BY - Win: 101.00 | Place: 26.00 

Where to Bet on the 2024 Empire Rose Stakes

The Empire Rose Stakes in 2023 promises to be a premier Group 1 race held at Flemington Racecourse. With the field having taken shape as outlined above, we can guide you in the direction of the best bookmakers for your bets on this race. With so many Australian bookmakers to choose from, we aim to simplify the selection process by spotlighting reliable options. Before diving into our recommendations, it's a good idea to have an idea as to where your interest lies in terms of who you want to back in the race. 
When choosing a bookmaker, the odds they offer play a pivotal role. It might require some research, but comparing odds across multiple bookmakers for your desired market can be very beneficial. Selecting a bookmaker with the most attractive odds can boost your potential returns. For a comprehensive look at Australian bookmakers specialising in Group 1 horse races, be sure to visit our Horse racing betting sites page
Many Australian punters tend to stick with betting sites they've previously used, often due to user-friendly platforms or specific betting apps they prefer. If you've had positive experiences in the past, it makes sense to continue betting with a familiar provider. Our betting sites reviews page offers insights into the reliability of each platform, helping you make an informed decision. 
Another key consideration is the promotions available. Our OnlyRacing Promotions page highlights a range of bonuses and offers from various Australian bookmakers. It's worth checking if there are any special promotions tied to the Empire Rose Stakes. 
Ultimately, the process of selecting the perfect bookmaker for the 2023 Empire Rose Stakes is subjective. The tips provided here are designed to steer you in the right direction. Most importantly, always choose a reputable bookmaker, and ensure you've completed any necessary verification processes before placing bets. Below, we've listed five leading Australian bookmakers known for their focus on Group 1 racing events. By following the provided links, you can access detailed reviews of each platform's offerings. 
The goal is to find a bookmaker that meets your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and secure betting experience for the 2023 Empire Rose Stakes. 

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Betting Site

The Venue: Flemington Racecourse

Nestled near Melbourne's vibrant city core is the iconic Flemington Racecourse, a mecca for horse racing devotees. Its vast expanse, marked by pristine tracks and imposing grandstands, has witnessed countless nail-biting races and stories of unexpected victories. 
However, Flemington isn't merely a racecourse; it's a symbol of Australia's deep-rooted racing culture. Since its inception in the 19th century, this revered ground has hosted several of Australia's esteemed racing events, with the Melbourne Cup taking the crown as its standout spectacle, capturing both national and international imaginations. 
Commonly known as "Flemington", this venue artfully marries its storied past with cutting-edge amenities. Each nook and cranny resonates with tales of past champions, dramatic finishes, and the collective gasps of bygone crowds. Its renowned rose gardens, especially vibrant during the Spring Racing Carnival, provide a serene contrast to the race day fervour. 
A day at Flemington is more than just racing; it's an immersion. The pulsating ambiance draws in dedicated punters, style mavens, and casual visitors alike. Whether you're toasting in a plush marquee, engaging with on-ground bookmakers, or rallying from the stands, Flemington promises a day etched in memory. 
In the following sections, we'll uncover the nuances of Flemington Racecourse, highlighting its pivotal role, standout features, and the reasons it remains a cherished spot for racing enthusiasts worldwide. 

The History of the Empire Rose Stakes

The Empire Rose Stakes is a relatively young event in the Australian horse racing calendar, taking place annually on Derby Day at the renowned Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. Established in 1988, this Group 1 race has gradually cemented its place as a significant event for fillies and mares. Spanning a distance of 1600 metres, and at weight for age, it is a true test of the mettle of the elite female horses. 
For many years known as the 'Myer Classic', the race underwent a name change in 2019, reverting to the Empire Rose Stakes, the race’s registered name, in honour of the legendary mare, Empire Rose, who clinched the coveted Melbourne Cup in 1988. The name change also symbolised a break from the commercial sponsorship by Myer, reflecting a return to the race’s roots and a tribute to a horse that made history. 
Over the years, the race conditions have evolved to keep pace with the changing dynamics of horse racing. In 2003, the race conditions transitioned from 'set weights & penalties' to 'weight for age', which also marked the inclusion of three-year-old fillies in the competition. This change further elevated its status, eventually leading to its designation as a Group 1 race in 2004. This upgrade was a significant milestone, not only enhancing the prestige of the race but also augmenting the allure of Derby Day, which hosts a series of Group 1 races. 
The Empire Rose Stakes attracts top-notch fillies and mares from Australia and New Zealand, making it a competitive and eagerly anticipated event. Some notable winners over the years include Melody Belle in 2019, Shillelagh in 2018, and I Am A Star in 2016. Their victories underline the competitive spirit and the high standard of racing that the Empire Rose Stakes embodies. 
The race also serves as a stepping stone to other prestigious races. Many participants go on to compete in high-profile events such as the Group 1 Emirates Stakes at Flemington or the Group 1 Railway Stakes at Ascot in Perth. The progression of horses from this race to other notable competitions highlights its importance in the broader racing landscape. 
In a relatively short span since its inception, the Empire Rose Stakes has become a staple of the Melbourne spring racing season. It not only offers a thrilling spectacle for horse racing enthusiasts but also contributes to the rich tapestry of horse racing in Australia, marking a day of competitive racing and celebration of female equine talent. 

Past Winners of the Empire Rose Stakes

  • 2022 - Icebath 
  • 2021 - Colette 
  • 2020 - Shout The Bar 
  • 2019 - Melody Belle 
  • 2018 - Shillelagh 
  • 2017 - Shoals 
  • 2016 - I Am A Star 
  • 2015 - Politeness 
  • 2014 - Bonaria 
  • 2013 - Red Tracer 
  • 2012 - Appearance 
  • 2011 - Hurtle Myrtle 
  • 2010 - Sacred Choice 
  • 2009 - Typhoon Tracy 
  • 2008 - Forensics 
  • 2007 - Divine Madonna 
  • 2006 - Lyrical Bid 
  • 2005 - Lotteria 
  • 2004 - Miss Potential 
  • 2003 - Zanna 
  • 2002 - Miss Zoe 
  • 2001 - Market Price 
  • 2000 - Super Sequel 
  • 1999 - Noircir 
  • 1998 - Bonanova 
  • 1997 - Prairie 
  • 1996 - Rose of Portland 
  • 1995 - Aunty Mary 
  • 1994 - Sedately 
  • 1993 - Mingling Glances 
  • 1992 - Excited Angel 
  • 1991 - Western Chorus 
  • 1990 - Natural Wonder 
  • 1989 - Echo Lass 
  • 1988 - Concordance 
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