2024 Toorak Handicap

➡️Toorak Handicap Distance1600 m
➡️Toorak Handicap DistanceCaulfield Racecourse
📅DateSaturday 14 October
💰Prize Money $1m AUD
🐎Weight Class3 YOs and over under handicap conditions
🏇Last Year WinnerTuvalu

The Toorak Handicap, traditionally held at the Caulfield Racecourse in October, holds a prominent position within the Melbourne Racing Club's Spring Carnival, boasting an impressive total prize money of $1m. It stands as one of the premier middle-distance races at Caulfield, and is run on the first Saturday of the Caulfield Cup Carnival.  The race day, often referred to as ‘Caulfield Guineas Day’, boasts  the aforementioned Caulfield Guineas at Group 1 as well as the Might and Power stakes, also at Group 1, and three other listed races on the day.  It is a cracking day of racing and the Toorak Handicap is very much one of the features on the day so join us as we delve into this exciting race:

The Feature Race: 2023 Toorak Handicap

The Toorak Handicap stands as a test of excellence in Australian horse racing, run over the challenging distance of 1,600m.  This Group 1 race tests the mettle of the finest milers in the country. Contested under handicap conditions, it levels the playing field, allowing for thrilling and unpredictable outcomes. With a lucrative prize money of $1 million on offer, the Toorak Handicap not only attracts top-tier talent butalso cements its reputation as one of the most sought-after titles in the racing calendar. 

Where to Place Your Bets

When it comes to betting on the 2023 Toorak Handicap, you'll have an array of Australian bookmakers at your fingertips. These bookmakers offer thoroughbred horse racing markets, allowing you to engage in the excitement of the race by placing your bets.  We also include a list of five Australian bookmakers we are fans of that might be the right selection for you to bet with on the 2023 Toorak Handicap.

How to Bet: 2023 Toorak Handicap and Beyond
Placing bets on the 2023 Toorak Handicap and other Group 1 Australian thoroughbred horse races offers an opportunity to showcase your racing expertise. From straightforward fixed win or place market picks, to more complex exotic bets, the possibilities are vast. Whether you prefer multis, exotics, or want to focus on specific jockeys or popular bets of the day, our comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed betting decisions. Stay tuned for our dedicated "How to Bet" section, which will provide valuable insights into the different types of wagers available in the 2023 Toorak Handicap and other Australian races.

The Venue

As we delve deeper into the prestigious Toorak Handicap, it's crucial to spotlight the venue that has hosted this esteemed race through the ages - Caulfield Racecourse. This legendary course, celebrated for its deep-rooted history and superior racing track, sets the scene for some of Australia's most thrilling horse racing events. Located in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, Caulfield Racecourse is more than just a racing venue; it stands as a testament to Australia's rich equestrian legacy. We take a closer look at this eminent venue, its distinct features, and its pivotal role in hosting the Toorak Handicap.

The History of the Race

When discussing the Toorak Handicap, we're navigating a rich tapestry filled with passion, victory, and heritage. Inaugurated in 1881, the Toorak Handicap has etched its mark in the chronicles of Australian horse racing, reflecting the sport's growth and dynamism over the decades. The saga of this prestigious race is punctuated with unforgettable races and outstanding feats from some of Australia's finest milers. We go on a retrospective journey to uncover the race's origins, its pivotal milestones, and its transformation into the revered contest we recognize today.

Previous Winners of the Toorak Handicap

With a rich history that began in 1881, the Toorak Handicap boasts an illustrious lineup of winners. We've curated an exhaustive list that chronicles the legacy of this iconic race, spotlighting every Toorak Handicap champion from its early days to the latest 2022 victor - more on that shortly!

From Josephine, the first-ever Toorak Handicap winner, to repeat champions like Solzhenitsyn, the roster is replete with unforgettable races and outstanding achievements. It's impossible to overlook standouts like I'm Thunderstruck, a recent notable winner of the Toorak Handicap, whose triumph in 2021 added to the race's rich tapestry of champions.

The Feature Race - Toorak Handicap 2024

Date: 14 October 2023
Time: TBA
Prize Money: $1m

Scheduled to take place on Saturday 14 October 2023, at Caulfield Racecourse, the 2023 Toorak Handicap is one of the Group 1 races of the Melbourne Spring Carnival.

With a very significant $1m prize pool on offer for contenders, it is a significant race to win in its own right although it is also seen as a lead in race for the big mile race of the Flemington Spring Carnival a few weeks later, the Emirates Stakes.

That being said, 1st place walks away with $600,000 split between owners, trainer, and jockey, and prize money is paid out all the way down to 8th place. For the full prize money allocation see below:

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$20,000 

Toorak Handicap Key Dates and Field

Nominations for the 2023 Toorak Handicap will be released on October 9, with Weights released a day later on October 10 and the final field released Wednesday October 11. 

Being one of the feature races of the Melbourne Spring Carnival, there is significant interest from punters and as a result there is Pre Noms market for the 2023 Toorak Handicap.  As always with a Pre Noms market care needs to be exercised as any bet placed in such a market is known as ‘All In’, meaning whether or not the horse actually runs the bet is most definitely placed.

So let’s take a look at the market.

Amelia's Jewel W $4.50 P$1.88
Antino W $4.80 P$1.95
Attrition W $11.00 P$3.50
Gentleman Roy W $11.00 P$3.50
Fangirl W $11.00 P$3.50
Globe W $11.00 P$3.50
Osipenko W $15.00 P$4.50
Tuvalu W $15.00 P$4.50
Amenable W $15.00 P$4.50
Detonator Jack W $17.00 P$5.00
Knights Choice W $17.00 P$5.00
Converge W $26.00 P$7.25
Zougotcha W $26.00 P$7.25
The Inevitable W $26.00 P$7.25
Pericles W $26.00 P$7.25
Sirileo Miss W $26.00 P$7.25
Nugget W $26.00 P$7.25
Foxy Frida W $26.00 P$7.25
Golden Mile W $26.00 P$7.25
Hinged W $26.00 P$7.25
Communist W $26.00 P$7.25
Golden Path W $26.00 P$7.25
Lindermann W $26.00 P$7.25
Pounding W $26.00 P$7.25
Madame Pommery W $26.00 P$7.25
Sheeza Belter W $26.00 P$7.25
Hawaii Five Oh W $26.00 P$7.25
Cascadian W $26.00 P$7.25
Old Flame W $26.00 P$7.25
Atishu W $26.00 P$7.25

It’s always interesting to see the previous year’s winner in the betting, and were Tuvalu to make it back to back wins it would become only the 4th horse to do so since 1950.

At the top of the betting is Amelia’s Jewel, a Western Australia based 4 yo mare.  She’s lightly raced and should she take up a position on raceday it will be her first time racing on the east coast.  Over and above that, the last mare to win the Toorak Handicap was the mighty More Joyous in 2010 so were Amelia’s Jewel to win it would be breaking a 12 year drought for mares.

Antino, like Amelia’ Jewel, will be making an interstate raid for Spring Carnival riches, hailing from the very strong Queensland racing stable of Tony Gollan.  Similarly lightly raced,the 5 year old gelding he has an incredible career stats of 9 starts for 8 wins all in his home state, but unlike Amelia’s Jewel he has not yet won a Group 1.

The fact they are both so short in the market, and the only two horses in single figure odds, would suggest that they are very likely to be lining up in the race and it sure shapes up to be a cracking dual between them. 

One I do like in the double figure odd brigade is Cascadian.  He is a seasoned veteran, originally from the UK but now trained at Flemington by James Cummings.  An 8 yo gelding he has amassed 48 career starts with 11 wins and 14 placings.  The most significant win of his career was in the 2021 Doncaster Mile which shows he is right up there in terms of middle distance talent.  Given that he has also won at Caulfield over 1800m in the last 18 months there is a lot to like about him for the 2023 Toorak Handicap.

Where to Bet on the 2024 Toorak Handicap

The 2023 Toorak Handicap is shaping up to be a thrilling Group 1 race at Caulfield Racecourse. We’ve looked at some of the likely contenders above, and in this section we’ll give some insights on picking the ideal bookmaker for your wagers on this event. The Australian bookmaking scene can be daunting, but we're here to simplify the process by recommending trustworthy choices. Before delving into our suggestions, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Toorak Handicap's lineup and decide on your favored horses.

A primary consideration in choosing a bookmaker is the odds they present. It might take a bit of legwork, but comparing odds across various bookmakers for your chosen market can pinpoint the one offering the most value. By opting for the bookie with superior odds, you amplify your potential winnings. For an extensive list of Australian bookmakers catering to Group 1 horse racing events, our Bookmaker Reviews page is a handy resource.

Your personal comfort with a bookmaker also matters. Many local bettors have a preference for familiar platforms, be it a frequently-used app or website. It's perfectly valid to remain loyal to a bookie you're at ease with. Our Bookmaker Reviews page sheds light on the credibility of each operator, aiding your decision-making process.

Promotional offers are another pivotal factor in bookmaker selection. Browse our OnlyRacing Promotions page to discover the bonuses and deals Australian bookmakers extend for making deposits. Some might even roll out exclusive promotions for the Toorak Handicap, so it's beneficial to scout those out.

In the end, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting a bookmaker for the 2023 Toorak Handicap. The trio of tips highlighted above are foundational guidelines. It's imperative to partner with a reputable bookie and furnish any required verification details before wagering. We've appended a snippet from our OnlyRacing Reviews page below, spotlighting five premier Australian bookmakers that cater to Group 1 horse races nationwide. The embedded links will guide you to in-depth insights on each bookie's offerings.

Always remember, the goal is to align with a bookmaker that resonates with your preferences, guaranteeing a pleasurable and safe betting journey for the 2023 Toorak Handicap.

Best Bookmakers for 2024 Toorak Handicap

Betting Site
Bet Now

Caulfield Racecourse: A Venue Steeped in Melbourne's Racing History

Nestled just ten kilometres southeast of Melbourne's bustling centre, Caulfield Racecourse stands as a testament to the city's rich equestrian history. Originally serving as the meeting ground for the Melbourne Hunt Club during the early years of European settlement, the racecourse has since evolved into one of Australia's premier horse-racing tracks.

Horseracing at Caulfield began in 1859 on what was once a simple bush track. By 1876, the Victorian Amateur Turf Club, which later became the renowned Melbourne Racing Club, was established. The subsequent construction of the Caulfield railway station in 1879 further solidified the racecourse's prominence in the region. That same year, the inaugural Caulfield Cup race was held, marking the beginning of what would become a cornerstone event in the spring racing calendar.

Known affectionately as "The Heath" by local enthusiasts, Caulfield Racecourse boasts a unique triangular design, featuring three expansive straights and a total circumference of 2.08 kilometres. The track's design, which underwent significant modifications in 1995, ensures thrilling races with its 4% to 6% banked turns and a finishing straight of 367 metres.

The Rupert Clarke stand, a modern addition, offers spectators an unparalleled, glass-encased view of the track. With around 25 race days each season, Caulfield hosts some of Australia's most iconic races, including the Caulfield Guineas, Blue Diamond Stakes, and the Underwood Stakes, among others.

Beyond racing, the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve, situated on the cusp of Caulfield and Caulfield East, serves a tri-fold purpose: racing, recreation, and as a public park. Governed by the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Act of 2017, a dedicated Trust oversees the reserve's development and maintenance. Their commitment to transparency is evident through annual reports presented to the Victorian Parliament and made accessible on their official website. The Trust's Land Management Plan envisions the reserve as a space for all, further emphasizing Caulfield's significance not just in racing, but in the broader community.

The Toorak Handicap: A Storied Legacy in Australian Horse Racing

The Toorak Handicap, a prestigious race with a rich history, has been a cornerstone of Australian horse racing since its inception in 1881. With a lineage of winners that stretches back over a century, the race has witnessed some of the most iconic moments and champions in the sport.

The inaugural Toorak Handicap was won by Josephine, setting the stage for a long list of esteemed champions that would follow. From the race's early days to the present, each winner has added a unique chapter to the Toorak Handicap's storied legacy. Notably, in 2021, I'm Thunderstruck clinched the title, later going on to secure victory in the lucrative Golden Eagle race, which now boasts a whopping $10 million prize pool. The following year, in 2022, Tuvalu emerged victorious, having previously showcased a commendable performance in the Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes.

Over the years, the Toorak Handicap has seen its share of remarkable feats. Solzhenitsyn, for instance, stands out as the last horse to claim back-to-back victories in 2012 and 2013. Furthermore, five horses have achieved the illustrious Toorak Handicap-Caulfield Cup double in the same year, with names like The Trump, Royal Gem, and Tobin Bronze gracing this elite list. Tobin Bronze's 1976 victory is particularly noteworthy, as he also clinched the Cox Plate title that year. The Trump's 1937 triumph was another historic moment, as he went on to win the Melbourne Cup, achieving the coveted Spring Cups' double.

The race itself has undergone several transformations over the years. Originally known as a Principal event spanning eight furlongs, the race briefly extended to nine furlongs in 1891 before reverting to its original distance the following year. With the introduction of the metric system in Australia, the race's length was standardized to 1600m in 1972, and it was elevated to Group 1 status in 1979.

While the Toorak Handicap has primarily been associated with Caulfield Racecourse, it has also seen changes in its venue. During World War II, the race was temporarily relocated to Flemington Racecourse. Today, the race is a highlight of the MRC Spring Carnival, taking place annually in October on Caulfield Guineas day.

The Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes, a Group 1 1400-metre race held three weeks prior to the Toorak Handicap, is often viewed as a key preparatory event. Horses that excel in the former frequently compete in the latter, with many subsequently participating in the G1 Cantala Stakes on Victoria Derby day. Some of these elite thoroughbreds even venture into longer distances, showcasing their versatility and prowess.

In conclusion, the Toorak Handicap is more than just a race; it's a celebration of horse racing's rich tapestry in Australia. With each passing year, new stories are woven into its legacy, ensuring that the Toorak Handicap remains an enduring symbol of excellence in the world of equestrian sports.

Past Winners of the Race

Past Winners of the Race

  • 2022 - Tuvalu
  • 2021 - I'm Thunderstruck
  • 2020 - Mr Quickie
  • 2019 - Fierce Impact
  • 2018 - Land Of Plenty
  • 2017 - Tosen Stardom
  • 2016 - He's Our Rokkii
  • 2015 - Lucky Hussler
  • 2014 - Trust In A Gust
  • 2013 - Solzhenitsyn
  • 2012 - Solzhenitsyn
  • 2011 - King Mufhasa
  • 2010 - More Joyous
  • 2009 - Allez Wonder
  • 2008 - Alamosa
  • 2007 - Divine Madonna
  • 2006 - Red Dazzler
  • 2005 - Barely A Moment
  • 2004 - Regal Roller
  • 2003 - Roman Arch
  • 2002 - Shot Of Thunder
  • 2001 - Show A Heart
  • 2000 - Umrum
  • 1999 - Umrum
  • 1998 - Marble Halls
  • 1997 - Penghulu
  • 1996 - Poetic King
  • 1995 - Sober Suit
  • 1994 - Oppressor
  • 1993 - Golden Sword
  • 1992 - Ready To Explode
  • 1991 - Comrade
  • 1990 - Ricochet Rosie
  • 1989 - Cole Diesel
  • 1988 - Planet Ruler
  • 1987 - Caledonian Boy
  • 1986 - Canny Lass
  • 1985 - King Phoenix
  • 1984 - Mr. Ironclad
  • 1983 - Showmeran
  • 1982 - Magari
  • 1981 - Penny Edition
  • 1980 - Torbek
  • 1979 - Manaroa
  • 1978 - Salamander
  • 1977 - Nunkalowe
  • 1976 - Visit
  • 1975 - Plush
  • 1974 - Leilani
  • 1973 - Princess Eulogy
  • 1972 - All Shot
  • 1971 - Gunsynd
  • 1970 - Tauto
  • 1969 - Crewman
  • 1968 - Tried And True
  • 1967 - Tobin Bronze
  • 1966 - Galilee
  • 1965 - Ripa
  • 1964 - Nicopolis
  • 1963 - Nicopolis
  • 1962 - Gay Filou
  • 1961 - Anonyme
  • 1960 - Gabonia
  • 1959 - Smokey Jane
  • 1958 - Tudor Hill
  • 1957 - Mac's Amber
  • 1956 - Farquhar
  • 1955 - Harmonist
  • 1954 - Plato
  • 1953 - Desert Breeze
  • 1952 - Desert Breeze
  • 1951 - Jovial Lad
  • 1950 - Grey Boots
  • 1949 - Saxony
  • 1948 - Saxony
  • 1947 - Don Pedro
  • 1946 - Royal Gem
  • 1945 - Huntingdale
  • 1944 - The Bohemian
  • 1943 - ‡ Burberry / Counsel
  • 1942 - Crojick
  • 1941 - Sun Valley
  • 1940 - Gold Salute
  • 1939 - Hilton
  • 1938 - † El Golea / Ena
  • 1937 - The Trump
  • 1936 - The Chanter
  • 1935 - † Epigram / Journal
  • 1934 - Sir Simper
  • 1933 - Chilperic
  • 1932 - K. Cid
  • 1931 - Glenanton
  • 1930 - The Gay Mutineer
  • 1929 - Highland
  • 1928 - Kalloni
  • 1927 - Textile
  • 1926 - Abdera
  • 1925 - Metellus
  • 1924 - Soorak
  • 1923 - Sonora
  • 1922 - The Tyrant
  • 1921 - Stare
  • 1920 - Lord Setay
  • 1919 - St. Mira
  • 1918 - Prince Royal
  • 1917 - King's Bounty
  • 1916 - Rael Locin
  • 1915 - Miss Meadows
  • 1914 - Rathlea
  • 1913 - Valido
  • 1912 - Uncle Sam
  • 1911 - Motoa
  • 1910 - Sequarious
  • 1909 - Irishman
  • 1908 - Soultline
  • 1907 - True Scot
  • 1906 - Iolaire
  • 1905 - Dandalla
  • 1904 - Ossian
  • 1903 - F.J.A.
  • 1902 - Kinglock
  • 1901 - Bonnie Chiel
  • 1900 - Lochaber
  • 1899 - Alva
  • 1898 - Massinissa
  • 1897 - Paul Pry
  • 1896 - Hopscotch
  • 1895 - Mostyn
  • 1894 - Devon
  • 1893 - Titan
  • 1892 - Fortunatus
  • 1891 - Zalinski
  • 1890 - Precedence
  • 1889 - Maelstrom
  • 1888 - Bothwell
  • 1887 - Dufferin
  • 1886 - Middlemarch
  • 1885 - Mentmore
  • 1884 - Precious Stone
  • 1883 - Bar One
  • 1882 - Verdure
  • 1881 - Josephine
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