2023 Makybe Diva Stakes

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled race day as the highly anticipated 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes approaches. As one of Australia's premier Group 1 thoroughbred horse races, the Makybe Diva Stakes has garnered a prestigious reputation since its inception in 1948. Taking place at the illustrious Flemington Racecourse, this event showcases some of the finest equine talent and is one of the first Group 1 races of the world famous Melbourne Spring Carnival. In this comprehensive preview, we dive into the thrilling world of the Makybe Diva Stakes, looking at the following: 

The Feature Race: Makybe Diva Stakes
The Makybe Diva Stakes is a weight-for-age contest that offers a lucrative total prize money of $1,000,000 and we look at the breakdown of that prize money in detail.  

Where to Place Your Bets
When it comes to betting on the Makybe Diva Stakes, you'll have an array of Australian bookmakers at your fingertips. These bookmakers offer thoroughbred horse racing markets, allowing you to engage in the excitement of the race by placing your bets.  We also include a list of five Australian bookmakers we are fans of that might be the right selection for you to bet with on the 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes. 

How to Bet: Makybe Diva Stakes and Beyond
Placing bets on the Makybe Diva Stakes and other Group 1 Australian thoroughbred horse races offers an opportunity to showcase your racing expertise. From straightforward fixed win or place market picks, to more complex exotic bets, the possibilities are vast. Whether you prefer multis, exotics, or want to focus on specific jockeys or popular bets of the day, our comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed betting decisions. Stay tuned for our dedicated "How to Bet" section, which will provide valuable insights into the different types of wagers available in the Makybe Diva Stakes and other Australian races.

The Historic Venue and Melbourne Spring Carnival
The stage for the Makybe Diva Stakes is none other than the iconic Flemington Racecourse, and the race is part of the equally iconic Melbourne Spring Carnival. Steeped in history and tradition, this hallowed turf holds a special place in the hearts of racing enthusiasts. Flemington has witnessed countless epic battles and remarkable triumphs, solidifying its status as one of Australia's most revered racing venues. From the sweeping turns to the iconic straight, Flemington provides an electrifying atmosphere that sets the stage for unforgettable racing moments.

The Storied Past of the Makybe Diva Stakes
Since its inception, the Makybe Diva Stakes has carved out a place in Australian racing history. With a captivating lineage, this race has evolved over time to become one of the pinnacles of middle distance prowess. Take a journey through the annals of the Makybe Diva Stakes and delve into the records held by legendary horses, jockeys, and trainers who have left an indelible mark on this illustrious event.

Previous Winners of the Makybe Diva Stakes
The Makybe Diva Stakes roll of honour boasts an impressive list of champions who have etched their names in racing folklore. From record-breaking performances to thrilling finishes, these exceptional equine athletes have showcased their extraordinary talent in the Makybe Diva Stakes. As we eagerly anticipate the 2023 edition, we take a moment to reflect on some of the past winners who have left their mark on this prestigious race.

The Feature Race – The 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes – 1600m Weight for Age

The Feature Race – The 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes – 1600m Weight for Age

Date: Saturday 16th of September 2023
Time: TBA
Prize Money: $1 million AUD 

Scheduled to take place on September 16, 2023, at Flemington Racecourse, the Makybe Diva Stakes serves as a prime starting point for some of Australia's finest racehorses to showcase their talents with the full Melbourne Spring Carnival ahead.

With a very significant $1m prize pool on offer for contenders it is a significant race to win in its own right although it is fair to say that for many it is a stepping stone towards greater riches on offer deeper into the carnival.

That being said, 1st place walks away with $600,000 split between owners, trainer and jockey, and prize money is paid out all the way down to 8th place.  For the full prize money allocation see below:

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$20,000

Since the field for the 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes has not yet been announced, and there are currently no available future odds from leading Australian thoroughbred horse racing bookmakers, this preview will not provide tips or in-depth analysis on the runners competing at Flemington on September 16, 2023. Instead, let's take a moment to reflect on the 2022 Makybe Diva Stakes results, particularly the top 5 finishers, and a short review of their performance. To explore a comprehensive list of every champion in the race's history spanning several decades, please refer to the "Past Winners of the Makybe Diva Stakes" section at the end of this preview.

  1. I'm Thunderstruck: Against all odds, this horse showed incredible resilience and determination. Despite facing early setbacks and being forced to drop back in the field, he fought back with a remarkable surge towards the end..

  2. Alligator Blood: Tim Clark's ride on this horse was nothing short of exceptional. He skillfully controlled the pace and provided every opportunity for a strong finish over the mile distance. While he appeared to be the winner, he was narrowly overtaken at the last moment.

  3. Mo'Unga: Jockey Jamie Kah displayed great positivity with her ride on Mo'Unga. They were in contention for victory throughout the race, but the sprint-style race conditions didn't quite suit him.

  4. Cascadian: Despite the race conditions working against him, Cascadian finished strongly. As the preparation progresses, he tends to improve, so his performance should not be dismissed lightly. 

  5. Western Empire: Positioned behind Alligator Blood, Western Empire had an opportunity to make an impact but fell short in the latter stages. 

Place, Race Number, Horse Name, Time /  Margin Back

  1.  1 I’m Thunderstruck 1:37.82

  2.  4 Alligator Blood 0.1L

  3.  5 Mo’unga 3.1L

  4.  2 Cascadian 4.85L

  5.  7 Western Empire  6.35L

Let’s hope that the 2023 edition of the Makybe Diva Stakes lives up to the excitement of 2022, but whatever the case make sure you set aside Sat 16 September to watch this year’s renewal.  

Where to Bet on the 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes

The 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes promises to be an exciting Group 1 race held at Flemington Racecourse. While this preview does not provide a list of the runners, we can still offer some guidance on selecting the right bookmaker for your bets on the race. Choosing an Australian bookmaker can be overwhelming, but we aim to make it easier by suggesting a few reliable options. Before diving into the recommendations, it's important to study the field of runners for the Makybe Diva Stakes and decide which horses you wish to bet on.

One of the key factors to consider when selecting a bookmaker is the odds they offer. It may require some effort, but visiting multiple bookmakers and comparing the odds they provide for your preferred market can help you determine which bookie offers the best odds. By choosing the bookmaker with the highest odds, you increase your potential return. For a comprehensive list of Australian bookmakers that offer Group 1 thoroughbred horse racing markets, you can refer to our Bookmaker Reviews page.

Another aspect to consider is your comfort level with a particular bookmaker. Many Australian punters prefer to bet with bookmakers they are familiar with, whether it's due to the app or website they frequently use. It is entirely reasonable to stick with a bookmaker you feel comfortable placing your bets with. Our Bookmaker Reviews page provides information on the reliability of each bookie, which can assist you in making an informed decision.

Promotions also play a significant role in bookmaker selection. Check our OnlyRacing Promotions page to see what various Australian bookmakers offer in terms of bonuses and promotions for depositing with them. Some bookies may have specific promotions for the Makybe Diva Stakes, so it's worth exploring those options as well.

Ultimately, there is no definitive method for choosing a bookmaker for the 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes. The three tips mentioned above are all valid considerations. However, it is crucial to ensure that you bet with a reliable bookmaker and provide any necessary verification information before placing your bets. Below, we have included an excerpt from our OnlyRacing Reviews page, featuring five Australian bookmakers that offer markets for Group 1 thoroughbred races across the country. By clicking on the hyperlinks, you can access detailed information about each bookmaker's offerings.

Remember, the key is to choose a bookmaker that suits your needs and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and secure betting experience for the 2023 Makybe Diva Stakes.

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The Historic Venue and Carnival

Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria, holds a special place in Australian horse racing. Established in 1840, it has become synonymous with the prestigious Melbourne Cup, known as the "race that stops a nation," held since 1861. Flemington's sprawling grounds and captivating atmosphere have made it the "Home of the Melbourne Cup”, and also affectionately known as “Headquarters” amongst the Victorian racing community.

Beyond the Melbourne Cup, Flemington hosts other notable races like the Victoria Derby, Oaks Day, and the Makybe Diva Stakes, each with its own esteemed history. During World War II, Flemington served as a training ground for the Australian military and hosted patriotic events and fundraisers.

The Melbourne Spring Carnival is a highlight on Victorian Racing’s calendar. Originating in the late 1800s, it showcases a series of prestigious races, with the Melbourne Cup as its centrepiece. The carnival combines world-class horsemanship, fashion pageantry, and the thrill of racing. Flemington's picturesque gardens and grandstands provide an iconic backdrop for this vibrant event.

Flemington and the Melbourne Spring Carnival hold a huge place in Australian sporting history. Their legacies pay tribute to the nation's love for horse racing and the pursuit of excellence. Flemington's timeless charm ensures its place as a beacon of sporting glory for years to come.

The Storied Past of the Makybe Diva Stakes

In the captivating realm of Australian horse racing, there exists a race that stands tall as a testament to equine greatness and etches its name in the annals of sporting history. The Makybe Diva Stakes, formerly known as the Craiglee Stakes, emerged onto the racing scene in 1948 at Victoria's prestigious Flemington Racecourse. Named after the renowned racehorse Craiglee, the event served as a platform to honor the legacy of equine excellence.

In the early 2000s, a transcendent force entered the Australian racing landscape - Makybe Diva. This mighty mare, trained by the esteemed Lee Freedman and ridden by the talented jockey Glen Boss, embarked on a journey that would forever change the course of the Makybe Diva Stakes. With her remarkable triumphs in the Melbourne Cup from 2003 to 2005, securing an unprecedented three consecutive victories, Makybe Diva captured the nation's imagination and became an icon of Australian racing.

In 2007, the race underwent a momentous transformation and was aptly renamed the Makybe Diva Stakes, paying homage to the mare who had left such a significant mark on the sport. This renaming symbolized the enduring legacy of Makybe Diva and the eternal connection between her extraordinary achievements and this hallowed race. Since then, the event has continued to serve as a tribute to her unparalleled dominance and profound impact on the sport.

The Makybe Diva Stakes, held annually in September, has evolved into a highly anticipated event on the Australian racing calendar. Set at weight-for-age conditions over a distance of 1600 metres, it attracts a stellar field of elite thoroughbreds vying for glory and the chance to inscribe their names alongside racing legends. The allure of the Makybe Diva Stakes lies not only in its rich history but also in the opportunity it provides to witness the next generation of champions emerging onto the grand stage.

Throughout its illustrious history, the Makybe Diva Stakes has produced numerous moments of triumph and drama that have enthralled racing enthusiasts. From the stunning victories of equine luminaries such as Weekend Hussler, All Too Hard, and Black Heart Bart to the breathtaking duels and upsets that have unfolded on the Flemington turf, each edition of the race has contributed its own chapter to the captivating narrative.

As the Makybe Diva Stakes continues to captivate audiences and etch new memories into the fabric of Australian racing, its legacy as a testament to equine excellence remains steadfast. The race serves as a reminder of the remarkable achievements of Makybe Diva herself, igniting a sense of awe and reverence for the past while kindling the hopes and dreams of future champions who strive to make their mark alongside the greats. The Makybe Diva Stakes stands as a celebration of the sport's history, a showcase of the present talent, and an embodiment of the enduring spirit of Australian horse racing.

Past Winners of the Makybe Divas Stakes

An illustrious list of winners and stars of the Australian turf.

  • 2022 - I'm Thunderstruck
  • 2021 - Incentivise
  • 2020 - Fierce Impact
  • 2019 - Gatting
  • 2018 - Grunt
  • 2017 - Humidor
  • 2016 - Palentino
  • 2015 - Fawkner
  • 2014 - Dissident
  • 2013 - Foreteller
  • 2012 - Southern Speed
  • 2011 - Littorio
  • 2010 - Shocking
  • 2009 - Vigor
  • 2008 - Weekend Hussler
  • 2007 - Marasco
  • 2006 - Pompeii Ruler
  • 2005 - Confectioner
  • 2004 - Hug's Dancer
  • 2003 - Pentastic
  • 2002 - Northerly
  • 2001 - Native Jazz
  • 2000 - Go Flash Go
  • 1999 - Sky Heights
  • 1998 - Umrum
  • 1997 - Marble Halls
  • 1996 - Saleous
  • 1995 - Jeune
  • 1994 - Mahogany
  • 1993 - Mannerism
  • 1992 - Star Of The Realm
  • 1991 - Durbridge
  • 1990 - Zabeel
  • 1989 - Apollo Run
  • 1988 - High Regard
  • 1987 - Military Plume
  • 1986 - King Phoenix
  • 1985 - Fine Offer
  • 1984 - Prolific
  • 1983 - Pleach
  • 1982 - Rose Of Kingston
  • 1981 - Sovereign Red
  • 1980 - Big Print
  • 1979 - Dulcify
  • 1978 - Family Of Man
  • 1977 - Ming Dynasty
  • 1976 - How Now
  • 1975 - Tontonan
  • 1974 - All Shot
  • 1973 - Gay Icarus
  • 1972 - Gossiper
  • 1971 - Dual Choice
  • 1970 - Gay Poss
  • 1969 - Rain Lover
  • 1968 - Lowland
  • 1967 - Star Belle
  • 1966 - Tobin Bronze
  • 1965 - Light Fingers
  • 1964 - Sir Dane
  • 1963 - Havelock
  • 1962 - Aquanita
  • 1961 - Lord
  • 1960 - Nilarco
  • 1959 - Vogel
  • 1958 - White Hills
  • 1957 - Sailor's Guide
  • 1956 - Sailor's Guide
  • 1955 - Cromis
  • 1954 - Acramitis
  • 1953 - Aldershot
  • 1952 - Great Western
  • 1951 - Chicquita
  • 1950 - Chicquita
  • 1949 - Comic Court
  • 1948 - Lungi