Railway Stakes 2024

➡️Railway Stakes 
1600 m
🛣️Race TrackAscot Racecourse
📅DateSaturday 25 November
💰Prize Money$1.5m AUD
🐎Weight ClassHandicap
🏇Last Year WinnerTrix of the Trade

The 2023 Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes holds a significant place in the Perth Summer Racing Carnival, standing out as a major highlight in an array of exciting races. Traditionally hosted at the renowned Ascot Racecourse, this race has grown into an event that grabs the attention of racing fans, bettors, and top industry stakeholders. The appeal of the Railway Stakes isn't just its Group 1 status but also its knack for drawing top middle-distance runners from throughout Australia. In this thorough preview, we take a closer look at the Railway Stakes, diving into the following:

The Race: 2023 Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes is a key event in Perth's summer racing calendar. This 1600m race attracts top middle-distance runners, competing under handicap conditions at Ascot Racecourse. With a significant prize pool of $1.5m in the offing, it's a much-anticipated race for trainers, jockeys, and fans alike. In the following sections, we'll discuss the specifics of the prize distribution and the overall impact of the Railway Stakes in the horse racing community. 

Betting on the Railway Stakes

For those keen on placing wagers on the Railway Stakes, a range of Australian bookmakers are available to assist. These providers specialise in thoroughbred racing markets, making it simple for you to join in the thrill of the race. Additionally, we've highlighted five Australian  horse racing betting sites we recommend, which could be a good fit for your 2023 Railway Stakes betting needs.

How to Bet: Railway Stakes and Beyond

Betting on the Railway Stakes and other top-tier Australian horse races can be an exciting way to put your racing insights to the test. You can opt for simple win or place bets, or venture into the realm of more intricate exotic wagers. Whether you're drawn to multis, exotics, specific jockeys, or the most-talked-about bets for the race, our detailed guide is here to help. Look out for our "How to Bet" section, offering a closer look at the variety of bets you can place in the Railway Stakes and other notable Australian events.

The Venue: Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse stands as a key highlight in Perth's racing circuit. Conveniently situated, this racecourse has been the backdrop for numerous memorable races and passionate spectators over the years. Often referred to simply as "Ascot," its distinct layout offers a unique racing experience; details on its features and significance to follow. Whether you're a seasoned racing fan or someone who simply enjoys the buzz of a race day, Ascot provides a captivating environment. And when the Railway Stakes rolls around? The excitement is palpable. Let's explore more about this renowned racing venue!

The History of the Race: Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes has a **legendary** place in Australian horse racing, tracing its roots back to the early 20th century. An essential feature of the Perth Racing season, it consistently lures premier middle-distance runners to Ascot Racecourse. Throughout its history, illustrious horses have etched their names on its winner’s list, securing their legacy in the annals of racing. The race celebrates not only the prowess of these equine athletes but also commemorates its past champions and the ethos of spirited competition. As anticipation builds for the upcoming event, it's worth reflecting on the enduring legacy of the Railway Stakes in the broader tapestry of Australian horse racing.

Past Champions of the Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes is a battleground where middle-distance runners aspire to solidify their places in the annals of racing. Over the years, this prestigious race has celebrated many remarkable champions. Dive into our list of Railway Stakes victors, and you'll discover many horses that have left an indelible mark on the world of horse racing.

The Feature Race – Railway Stakes

The Feature Race – Railway Stakes

Date: Sat 25 November
Time: TBA
Prize Money: $1.5m

Slated for November 25, 2023, at Ascot Racecourse in Perth, the Railway Stakes stands out as one of the premier events in Western Australia's horse racing calendar. As a highlight of the Perth Racing summer carnival, known as ‘The Pinnacles’, it draws both top local competitors and notable interstate contenders.

With $1.5m in prize money up for grabs, it's a significant race that captures attention nationwide. The champion will secure a sizable $822,000, to be shared among the owners, trainer, and jockey, with prizes also given to those finishing up to10th place. A detailed breakdown of the prize distribution can be found below:

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th$27,000

Since the field for the 2023 Railway Stakes has not yet been finalised, and future odds from top Australian thoroughbred horse racing bookmakers are currently unavailable, this preview will not delve into tips or detailed analysis for the contenders competing at Ascot on November 25, 2023. Instead, our focus will shift to a reflection on the 2022 Railway Stakes results, emphasising the top 3 finishers and a brief overview of their performance. For a full record of all the champions spanning the race's rich history, please refer to the "Past Winners of the Railway Stakes" section at the conclusion of this preview.

  1. Trix of the Trade: He went around as a $5 favourite and jockey Troy Turner got the job done for trainer Colin Webster and connections.  He could be seen punching the air as he took the horse over the line, and that emotion was there for all to see in In his post race interview.  

    "It is a bit emotional but just trying to win these races for the team has been pretty hard so today we had the right horse and the horse was trained a treat.  It is good to get the job done.

  2. Comfort Me: This was a definite outsider as far as the market was concerned, running around at $26, so an incredible effort to finish 2nd. Jockey Peter Knuckey declared his pride in the horse for running ‘exceptionally well’.  

  3. Startrade: Well the trifecta was well and truly a good one in 2022 as Startrade was $41 in the market.  Jockey Christopher Nichol felt that his mount could have finished second if he hadn’t copped some bad luck in the run and ‘got shuffled back when they just tried to back it off a little down the back’.

    It’s interesting to note that all the top 3 above ran under relatively light weight in the race with Trix of the Trade and Startrade both at 53kg and Comfort Me 54kg.  In their next outings they were penalised by the handicapper considerably with Tris of the Trade carrying 58.5kg and the other two both 59kg.  

    Keep this in mind if thinking about looking at these three horses for this year’s Railway Stakes should they line up.  They’ll likely be carrying much more weight than last year.

Place, Race Number, Horse Name, Time / Margin Back

  1. 16 Trix of the Trade 1:35.82

  2. 6 Comfort Me 1.71L

  3. 14 Startrade 1.77L

It’s always a thrilling race, the Railway Stakes, and I have no doubt that 2023’s edition will be more of the same.  

Where to Bet on the 2024 Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes, a premier Group 1 race held at Ascot Racecourse, is fast approaching. Although this article doesn't delve into specific runners, we're here to guide you on picking the most suitable bookmaker to place your bets. With numerous Australian bookmakers in the mix, the choice can seem daunting. Still, we're on hand with a few trusted recommendations to simplify your decision. Before delving deeper, remember to analyse the Railway Stakes' lineup to determine your preferred bets.

Key to your bookmaking choice are the odds on offer. To get the most value, it's prudent to check odds across several bookmakers for your chosen market. Opting for the one with the best odds will naturally amplify your potential winnings. For an exhaustive list of Australian bookmakers catering to Group 1 horse racing events, our horse racing bettig sites page is a handy resource.

Your familiarity and ease of use with a bookmaker also count. Many punters gravitate towards platforms they're accustomed to, be it a specific website or an app. It makes sense to side with a platform where you feel at ease placing bets. To get a sense of how various bookmakers stack up in terms of reliability, head to our Bookmaker Reviews page.

Furthermore, promotions and special offers are enticing factors. Our OnlyRacing Promotions page offers a snapshot of promotions and bonuses provided by various Australian betting sites. It's worth checking if there are any exclusive deals for the Railway Stakes.

While there's no one-size-fits-all method in choosing a bookmaker for the 2023 Railway Stakes, the aforementioned points are valuable. The paramount thing is to bet with a trustworthy platform and ensure all required verifications are completed beforehand. Here's a snippet from our OnlyRacing Reviews page, spotlighting five standout Australian bookmakers. Detailed insights about each one's services can be accessed through the provided hyperlinks.

Always remember: prioritise a bookmaker that aligns with your specific needs, assuring a seamless and safe betting experience for the 2023 Railway Stakes.

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Venue: Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse, situated just about 8 kilometres east of Perth's central business district, stands as the primary racecourse in Perth, Western Australia. This iconic racecourse has deep roots, with its history tracing back to the mid-19th century. Perth Racing's headquarters finds its place right opposite Ascot, marking the importance of this racing hub.

Often referred to as the "grand old lady" of Australian racecourses, Ascot boasts a 2-kilometre modern, well-drained turf track. Notably, its 300-metre straight incline is viewed by many in the racing fraternity as one of the toughest tests for stayers in the country.

The origins of Ascot date back to 1848 when a race meeting took place on J.W. Hardey's "Grove Farm" beside the Swan River. This event laid the groundwork for a permanent racecourse on Hardey's property, which subsequently evolved into the renowned Ascot Racecourse we know today. Just a few years later, in 1852, the West Australian Turf Club was established, further cementing Ascot's status.

The notable Perth Cup, one of the key races in the Western Australian racing calendar, saw its inception at Ascot in 1887. An essential facet of Ascot's history is its connectivity. Originally, in 1885, a railway was built on the northern side of the Swan River, facing the racecourse. This railway was then extended to Ascot in 1897, only to be removed six decades later in 1957.

Over the years, Ascot has seen numerous transformations, from racegoers picnicking in the centre of the track in its early days to the erection of a grandstand in 1903, which altered the racecourse's dynamics. The proximity of the racecourse also led to the growth of Belmont district, with trainers establishing residences equipped with stables around Ascot. Hotels, like the famed Ascot Inn, emerged to serve the racegoers and those associated with the racing industry. The Inn, which underwent a transformation, reopened in 2014 as the plush "International on the Water Hotel", a nod to its rich history.

History of the Railway Stakes

The Railway Stakes stands as a distinguished Group 1 race, a compelling fixture on the Australian racing calendar. Conducted by Perth Racing at Ascot Racecourse, this race is designed to challenge the best milers in the field. Inaugurated in 1887, the very first winner of the Railway Stakes was Nimrod. Interestingly, the race wasn't always the main event. In its early days, it served as a supporting race on Perth Cup day.

Historically, the race distance has undergone changes. Initially, horses contested over a 2000m track. Over time, the distance was trimmed to 1500m before settling at its current 1600m (a mile) in 1984. The race's stature has also evolved. Starting as a Principal Race, it achieved Group 1 status in 1979.

Success in the Railway Stakes has often hinted at a horse's prowess. For instance, Northerly and Better Loosen Up both clinched victory here and then went on to triumph in the esteemed Cox Plate the following year. It's also noteworthy that light-weighted horses have often shined, though Luckygray defied this trend in 2013 by carrying a significant 58kg to victory under extraordinary circumstances.

Winning the Railway Stakes is no mean feat, and some have even managed to take both this and the Kingston Town Classic, later renamed the Northerly Stakes in 2022. Notable dual victors include Better Loosen Up, Old Comrade, Modem, and Sniper’s Bullet.

A few horses have etched their names deeper into the Railway Stakes' annals. Carbine, the 1894 winner, was celebrated for his dual Caulfield Cup triumphs and a Melbourne Cup win. Northerly, who won the Railway Stakes in 2000, accumulated an impressive list of Group 1 victories, including two Cox Plates and a Caulfield Cup. And then there's the memorable duo who've won the Railway Stakes twice: Tudor Mak (1966 & 1967) and Luckygray (2011 & 2013). Luckygray's initial win came after a dramatic protest against the first horse to cross the line, He’s Remarkable, marking one of the race's most controversial moments.

Another unique aspect of this race's history is that, on several occasions, it was held twice within a year, either in December or January.

The more recent editions of the race have seen some record-breaking performances. Inspirational Girl's victory in 2020 marked the third consecutive win for jockey William Pike, trainers Grant & Alana Williams, and owner Bob Peters. This winning streak was further extended by Western Empire, securing a fourth consecutive victory for the team and solidifying their place in the race's history.

In 2022, the Railway Stakes carried a purse of $1,500,000, and it was Trix Of The Trade that emerged as the victor. This win wasn't just significant for the horse but also for its 84-year-old trainer, Colin Webster, who savoured his maiden Group 1 success.

All in all, the Railway Stakes, with its rich tapestry of winners and memorable moments, continues to be a race that captivates the hearts of racing enthusiasts across Australia and beyond.

Past Winners of the Race

An illustrious list of winners from this historical Western Australian race:

  • 2022 - Trix of the Trade
  • 2021 - Western Empire
  • 2020 - Inspirational Girl
  • 2019 - Regal Power
  • 2018 - Galaxy Star
  • 2017 - Great Shot
  • 2016 - Scales Of Justice
  • 2015 - Good Project
  • 2014 - Elite Belle
  • 2013 - Luckygray
  • 2012 - Mr Moet
  • 2011 - Luckygray
  • 2010 - Gathering
  • 2009 - Sniper's Bullet
  • 2008 - Gilded Venom
  • 2007 - El Presidente
  • 2006 - Belle Bizarre
  • 2005 - Covertly
  • 2004 - Modem
  • 2003 - Hardrada
  • 2002 - Old Fashion
  • 2001 - Old Comrade
  • 2000 - Northerly
  • 1999 - Slavonic
  • 1998 (Dec.) - Machine Gun Tom
  • 1998 (Jan.) - Willoughby
  • 1996 - Bold Extreme
  • 1995 - Jacks Or Better
  • 1994 (Dec.) - Zaparri
  • 1994 (Jan.) - Island Morn
  • 1992 - Welcome Knight
  • 1991 - M'Lady's Jewel
  • 1990 - Medicine Kid
  • 1989 - Better Loosen Up
  • 1988 - Marwong
  • 1987 (Dec.) - Jungle Dawn
  • 1987 (Jan.) - Miss Muffet
  • 1985 - Valley Of Carome
  • 1984 - Eastern Temple
  • 1983 (Dec.) - Getting Closer
  • 1983 (Jan.) - Sanatate
  • 1981 - Iko
  • 1980 - Golden Heights
  • 1979 - Asian Beau
  • 1978 - Sarsha's Choice
  • 1977 (Dec.) - Marjoleo
  • 1977 (Jan.) - Alpine Wind
  • 1975 - Detonator
  • 1974 - Cambana Lad
  • 1973 - Starglow
  • 1972 - Millefleurs
  • 1971 - Royal Spring
  • 1970 - Kilrickle
  • 1969 - Gold Casket
  • 1968 - La Trice
  • 1967 - Tudor Mak
  • 1966 - Tudor Mak
  • 1965 - Blue Spring
  • 1964 - Sweet Saga
  • 1963 - Yenton
  • 1962 - Royal Thrust
  • 1961 - Big Bob
  • 1960 - Westmaster
  • 1959 - Aquanita
  • 1958 - On Guard
  • 1957 - Young Filipino
  • 1956 - El Boom
  • 1955 - Cunderdin
  • 1954 - Maniana
  • 1953 - Earl James
  • 1952 - Aptofine
  • 1951 - Beau Temps
  • 1950 - Chieftain Warrior
  • 1949 - Tania
  • 1948 - Gold Patois
  • 1947 - Sorcery
  • 1946 - Thorium
  • 1945 - Falsetto
  • 1944 - Bobby Breen
  • 1943 - Beaufine
  • 1942 - Flame Lady
  • 1941 - Hinda
  • 1940 - Pretoria
  • 1939 - Winbyie
  • 1938 - Tetreen
  • 1937 - Temple Coyn
  • 1936 - Gay Gipsy
  • 1935 - Desert Hero
  • 1934 - Aclis
  • 1933 - Earl Cunje
  • 1932 - Jolly Fair
  • 1931 - Comprador
  • 1930 - Coette
  • 1929 - Hint
  • 1928 - Columban
  • 1927 - Jolly Odd
  • 1926 - Cunningman
  • 1925 - Eupator
  • 1924 - Borgia
  • 1923 - Jolly Handsome
  • 1922 - Sweet Doris
  • 1921 - Fair Intervener
  • 1920 (Dec.) - Bobaris
  • 1920 (Jan.) - Andronicus
  • 1919 - Acclivity
  • 1917 - Quiara
  • 1916 (Dec.) - Minever
  • 1916 (Jan.) - Simple Maid
  • 1914 (Dec.) - Lilyveil
  • 1914 (Jan.) - Werenda
  • 1912 - Saturate
  • 1911 - Apple Charlotte
  • 1910 (Dec.) - Artesian
  • 1910 (Jan.) - Thigen Thu
  • 1908 - Lady Agnes
  • 1907 (Dec.) - Betsy Burke
  • 1907 (Jan.) - Man O' War
  • 1905 - Scorher
  • 1904 - Possum
  • 1903 (Dec.) - Display
  • 1903 (Jan.) - Meteorite
  • 1901 (Dec.) - Limber
  • 1901 (Jan.) - Australian
  • 1900 - First Mate
  • 1899 - Yatheroo
  • 1898 - Onslow
  • 1897 - Primrose
  • 1896 - Dryden
  • 1895 - Florrie
  • 1894 - Carbine
  • 1893 - Lockeville
  • 1892 - Lord Byron
  • 1891 - Will O' The Wisp
  • 1890 - Wandering Willie
  • 1889 - Hermit
  • 1887 - Nimrod
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