GetSetBet Review

getsetbet review
Get Protest Payout and Great Tote
    Chris Owen
    By:Chris Owen

    GetSetBet is a relatively new player in Australia, starting in 2021 and formed by a “group of Aussies mad about … racing” It is operated by Swopstakes Australia Pty Ltd who hold a bookmaking licence issued by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

    GetSetBet is a 24 hours per day operation with an extensive, scalable, customised, cloud-based website plus full function Android and Apple mobile Apps which have been designed to offer a familiar look and feel.

    GetSetBet cover the domestic market for Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racing, plus an impressive international events presence. The range of markets on offer is quite impressive, maybe not as extensive as the big players, but that could change over time. As an aside GetSetBetoffer 15 different sports markets(both domestic and international). Bets can seemingly only be placed online.

    • 100% Australian organisation with the energy of a startup and close ties to the innovative Swopstakes social sweepstakes
    • An intuitive, thought through, uncomplicated website with Live TV
    • Android and Apple full function Apps
    • Extensive support documentation
    • Live TV is whatever GetSetBet decide to show
    • Few Q&As
    • No telephone number officially listed
    • Spurious weblinks that do not work

    GetSetBet Quick Stats

    Website: Founded: 2021
    Phone: NoLive Betting: No 
    Live Chat: YesEmail: [email protected]
    Deposit Methods: VISA, EFT/Branch Deposits, Mastercard, Cheques Withdrawal Methods: Bank EFT 
    App: Android and Apple Licence & Regulation: Northern Territory Racing Commission.
    (Swopstakes) Address: 22 Lambton Road, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292Owner: Not known
    Features: Efficient website and Apps, Live TV,  fast and reliable, extensive support information, multiple race markets

    Approved Wagering Providers: 

    GetSetBet Review

    TheGetSetBet website has been customised by BetMakers who have a number of local Australian Bookmakers as their clients. I think the implementation has limitations which will be discussed.

    The website is straightforward to use and opens with the 5 options of Home,Racing,Sports,Promotions and Live Chat down the left side of the display and the Next to Jump (1) section completing the rest of the display.

    At the very top of any panel no matter where you are there is also a row of Next To Jump(2), which you can seemingly scroll forever looking for your race of interest.

    At the very bottom right of any panel there is a talk bubble to ask for help plus an online help section to search on various topics, - Getting Started, Managing Your Account, Offers and Promotions etc.

    I was interested in Promotions which brought up an article about ”Am I eligible for promotions?” This got me even more interested but under the Learn More section the option ”Get Set for Bonus Bets”, send me to a website that I am not familiar with and requested that I log in, very strange.

    Then to make matters worse, there is an option ”Back to GetSetBet”, which I thought would close the bubble but in fact opens up the homepage, so I now have 2 webpages running. 

    At the bottom left there is TV which if you select will split the screen to allow you to tune into a race of GetSetBet´s choice. You can increase to full screen (or open a pop out viewer) to get a larger, more detailed view.

    Both Next to Jump areas can be left to show all or be filtered to Thoroughbred, Greyhounds or Harness Racing. You can even scroll the Next To Jump (1) to show a total of the next 12 races.

    If you filter on one Next To Jump it does not affect the other Next To Jump. Your usage will let you know whether you get used to this or find it useful, I did not.

    Click on Racing and the following panel is displayed, where you can view the list of Australian/New Zealand or International Races, I have zoomed in to highlight the area of interest:

    If you click on a specific race of interest, a display similar to the one below is presented. I have zoomed out so you can now see Next To Jump (2) at the very top, Racing is now highlighted and then the main body displays a list of Today’s Races in the centre. 

    You can view Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow and Saturday (no matter what day of the week it is, which I think is useful, together with Futures (a list of races that GetSetBet deem to be important) and a Calendar function whereby you can select a date in the future or past.

    If you select Futures you do see a list of races but there is no obvious option to navigate away from this screen back to where you came from. Also, the text NEXT RACE appears at the top right and has no purpose.

    If I selected Calendar, I was not able to go too far into the future, only 3 days in fact. I was able to select dates over a year ago and pulled up the correct race results.

    Finally, there is also an option for those only interested in Quaddies. However this Quaddies option disappears from the row when you select a race of interest.

    As you may detect I was starting to get frustrated with the way the website worked. 

    I found numerous interesting references to “Favourite versus the Field”, “Jockey/Trainer Challenge”, “Runner/s v Field¨, “Winning Race Time”, “Winning Barrier”, “Winning Saddlecloth – Odd or Even”, so I have to pass complement on these interesting betting options albeit only on selected races.

    As you scroll down the webpage the   TV and the pink talk bubble are always present, but toward the bottom there is extensive information given on the Terms of Use, Racing Rules and Privacy Policy documents as discussed later.

    GetSetBet Score

    🐴Betting Markets - 9/10
    GetSetBet provide an extensive range of race betting markets that you would want including Same Race Multi, a whole range of exotics and a range of niche offerings mentioned earlier including  Jockey/Trainer Challenges, Favourite versus the Field and Odds v Evens. 

    💳Banking Options - 7/10
    Debit Card deposits are a minimum of 20 dollars. I have not tested if Debit card deposit can be made over the telephone, but I have not been able to find an official contact telephone number.
    For Bank deposits make sure your username or GetSetBet ID number is quoted on the deposit slip.
    The only option for a withdrawal is via bank transfer and the minimum amount (as per deposits) is 20 dollars.
    📱Mobile Experience - 9/10
    The GetSetBet mobile experience feels better than the website, it is fast and intuitive. It certainly will be familiar to all race followers. You can navigate from one race to another (even at a different racetrack) in a couple of clicks. 

    💸​Withdraw Speed - 9/10
    Withdrawals are processed twice per day at 9am and 5:30pm, 7 days per week. GetSetBet suggest that withdrawal requests made before 5:30pm will be processed that same day and should be received into your nominated bank account the next business day.
    Withdrawals made after 5:30pm will be processed the morning of the following day.

    🧩Overall User Experience - 9/10
    I was getting really annoyed with the GetSetBet website but the mobile App made the experience completely different. So even though there is website and GetSetBet App access I completely prefer the latter which not only follows the look & feel of the website but also improves on it in so many ways.

    🔒Security - 10/10
    GetSetBet is fully licenced and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.GetSetBet take security seriously explaining in detail in their Privacy Policy document how they secure your personal information.

    GetSetBet Racing

    Although GetSetBet is a new player in the bookmaking business, they are clearly aiming to compete vigorously for your business. There odds seem reasonable compared to others. 
    The GetSetBet App has received over 18 reviews and 10K Android downloads and from Apple users there have been 35 feedbacks. The interesting (worrying ?) thing is that there have been 19 releases on the Apple iOS platform since February 2022 and all have “Bug Fixes and Improvements” listed as the reason for the update. 
    GetSetBet offer an extensive range of betting options beyond Fixed Win and Place Odds, including Best Tote which guarantees the best dividend from all the VIC/NSW/QLD Totes or the Starting Price whichever is the higher.
    GetSetBet offers competitive fixed odds for every thoroughbred, greyhound, and harness racing meeting in Australia and New Zealand, as well for overseas races in so many countries including (looking at numerous GetSetBet website race results and futures)Peru, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Chile, Argentina UK, USA, Uruguay, Jamaica, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Ireland, France, Sweden, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain plus others.This is an extensive list.

    GetSetBet Mobile App

    The GetSetBet mobile App debuted over a year ago, so it is fairly well established.

    Once you are logged in the Login and Join buttons change to show Balance and My Bets

    Balance is accompanied by a Varrow ) to allow you to select Deposit, Withdraw,see the Promotions on offer and this is where you can Logout.

    At the bottom of the App the Home, Racing, Sports, Account and BetSlip buttons are always present. Selecting Account give you all the options in managing your account including updating your Profile, Promotions, Deposit Funds, Withdraw Funds, Transactions, Live Chat and all the Rules and Policy documentation, etc.

    Countdowns times to races are shown everywhere. The AUS/NZ and International buttons are independent so you can look at just either or all.  

    Races with Same Race Multis on offer show SRM. You can obviously select Thoroughbred or Greyhound or Harness Racing, depending on your interest.

    For any race, the weather forecast and track condition is present. There is a row of buttons next which will have Win/Place, Same Race Multi (and for Australian races should also have), Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and FirstFour. You may need to scroll to the left and right depending on your mobile font size.  

    Although the example in the 2nd screenshot above shows only Quick Form and Flucs, for most Australian races you will also see a Form Guide, Tips(!) and a Speed Map which are all well worth reviewing to help in your betting.

    I should stress if tipping is something you like to have access, in preparing for your race day, it is also worth reviewing our website 

    Those of you who read my reviews will know I am very keen on being able to analyse the field and GetSetBetwith the APP (not the website) have enabled the ability to sort the field by Runner Number, Win Odds and Place Odds, so I can easily see the favourite at the top of list and the other runners that punters are also backing.

    Lastly, for a specific race you may see the Fixed (Odds) button present, this can be changed to Tote if that is the market of interest.

    GetSetBet Products and Features

    GetSetBet TV

    GetSetBet offer live TV, a race of their selection. A view of a live race is great, but it may not be the race you are interested in, it all depends on whether there are races occurring at the same time as the race you are following.

    Protect Payout

    In the case of a race protest where your winning horse is first past the post but then gets beaten in a protest, GetSetBet will still pay you out as a winner. Note, Protest Payout will not apply to any “Extra Market” bets, for example Favourite versus the Field etc.

    Top Tote Plus - Best Tote plus SP

    GetSetBetoffer Top Tote Plus (TOP) which is the Best Tote plus SP prices on all Australian Thoroughbred markets. This product provides you with the highest dividend between all three of the Australian Totesand the 'Official On-Course Starting Price (SP)' for the Win portion of a bet. Top Tote Plus is a highly useful feature as it guarantees punters are receiving the best tote odds possible on the race.

    GetSetBetBetting Markets

    GetSetBet offers one of the widest range of markets and features that I have seen in a while, which should make GetSetBet a great choice for race betting:

    • GetSetBet offers an extensive range of markets for Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racing.
    • GetSetBet offers competitive fixed odds markets for both Australian and International horse races, with a minimum internet bet starting at $1.
    • GetSetBet has Exotic betting options such as Trifectas, Quadrella, Quinellas, First Four and Exacta for all races.
    • GetSetBet offer their Best Tote + SP betting option, a great way to guarantee the best tote prices available. 
    • GetSetBet offers Top Tote Plus (TOP) which offers the greater of the highest of the dividends declared by the 3 TABs and the Official On-Course Top Fluctuation.
    • GetSetBet offer Multi Bets which is a combination of numerous single bets which multiply the individual odds creating the total dividend. GetSetBet accepts Multi Bets from 2‐10 legs including a combination of Racing and Sports.
    • GetSetBet offer Same Race Multis (SRMs), which allow you to combine two or more runners to win or finish top 2, top 3 or top 4 and receive a multi price for your selections. The maximum number of Same Race Multi legs is 4. They become available after 9:30am local track time once the fixed odds win prices are available.
    • GetSetBet offer Racing MultiBets (also known as All Up or Multis Betting) where a maximum of 25 runners in 25 different races can be selected. However, and this confused me (from the Racing Rules document), Racing MultiBets are either Win or Place with a maximum of ten legs and can only include one runner in each race leg.
    • GetSetBet offer an amazing number of Extra Markets – Favourite Versus the Field, Head to Head, Back The Field (Versus The Favourite or a specified runner), Jockey Challenge, Trainer Challenge, Winning Race Time, Favourite Out, Winning Saddlecloth – Odd or Even and Inside v Outside

    The offerings from GetSetBet are extensive and certainly worth considering whether to add to your race betting toolkit.
    As I like to do where trying to cherry picking, I can´t think of an Extra Market that is missing, but I am sure you will find one !

    Betting Prior to Race Numbers reducing to below 8

    If a field reduces in number from 8 or more to less than 7, GetSetBet will pay three dividends on all the Fixed odds place bets struck prior to the field reducing, but deductions will apply.

    If a field reduces in number from 5, 6 or 7 to less than 5, GetSetBet will pay two dividends on all the Fixed odds place bets struck prior to the field reducing, but deductions will apply.

    24/7 Customer Service

    Live Chat provides a message service where the usual reply time is extremely quick, GetSetBet quote under 1 minute. 

    Under the Live Chat section there is also an ability to Search for help. Search is the wrong word as you think you are going to be able to type in some search criteria but you can only view a number of Article headings where each list a number of Q&As.  

    GetSetBet also offer email support via [email protected]

    GetSetBet FAQs

    Why Choose to bet with GetSetBet?

    Although a new player GetSetBet are certainly aiming to take on the big boys

    • GetSetBet was developed by a group of Aussies, mad about racing, with a long history in the Australian Wagering industry.
    • GetSetBet offer website and Apps for both static or mobile users. 
    • GetSetBet is licenced in Australia
    • GetSetBet offer access to a large number of markets

    Does GetSetBet have a Mobile App?

    I really like the mobile App (I was using Android, but there is also an App for Apple) I think this has a lot to offer. 

    Who is GetSetBet owned by?

    GetSetBet is Australian owned and operated by Swopstakes Australia Pty Ltd. Swopstakes are known for their creativeness in the betting industry.

    How Long Does a GetSetBet Withdraw take?

    Withdrawal requests are processed twice per day, at 9:00am and 5:30pm (AEST) 7 days a week (including Public Holidays). Withdrawal requests made before 5:30pm will be processed same day. Withdrawal requests made after 5:30pm will be processed the morning of the following day.

    Deposits via Bank Transfer must all have cleared into the GetSetBet bank account before they will process a withdrawal request.

    Does GetSetBet offer a Cash Out?

    I have not seen a Cash Out offer for racing, so I cannot comment any further on this item.

    How Do you get GetSetBet Bonus Bets?

    Taken from the Terms of Use document: “SSA may, from time to time, offer promotions whereby members can win “Bonus Bets”. Any Bonus Bets won are paid to the customer’s Bonus Wallet. The terms & conditions of each promotion are located on the Promotions Page of the SSA website/s. Bonus bets:

    • cannot be exchanged for cash
    • must be used within 7 days of being issued
    • cannot be combined with real money to form a single bet
    • winnings will be paid into the customer’s “real money” account balance

    For winning Bonus Bets, winnings will be paid excluding the initial Bonus Bet stake.

    To learn more about GetSetBet promotions and offers, visit their website or to sign up for a GetSetBet account.

    If you want to know more about Promotions and Bonus Bets it is also worth reviewing the Horse Racing Promotions and Bonuses section which goes into more detail.

    How do you verify your Account on GetSetBet?

    Most customer accounts will automatically verify based on the information provided when you join. You can check if your account is verified, by logging into your GetSetBet account then click on the My Account icon. You will see your Verification Status under Account Profile.

    If your account is Verified, you donot need to do anything further.  If your account is Unverified, you will need to select ”Contact Us” to complete the Verification process.

    If after all this you still have problems, GetSetBet suggest that you send them a copy of at least 2 of the following:

    • Drivers’ License
    • Medicare card
    • Passport

    Ideally via email to [email protected] or also, apparently, through Live Chat.
    You MUST be verified within 3 days of opening your account. Otherwise GetSetBetare obliged by Federal regulation to block your account until you become verified.

    Does GetSetBet have Sign-up offers?

    Sign-up bonuses for online betting are governed by tight Australian legislation. Therefore, GetSetBet is unable to promote any sign-up bonuses to Australian punters who do not already have an account.

    If you want to find out about GetSetBet promos and offers, first create a GetSetBet account(affiliate link for phoebe) and then navigate to the “Promotions” visible down the 1st Column on the home page.

    As a final note, if you surf the internet you should be able to find comments from other customers of what they received from GetSetBet once they had registered. 

    Sign Up Process

    Signing up is straightforward, once you navigate to and select the  Joinoption at the top right of the screen the following page will request your input:

     After entering your email address, password, (selecting a) Username, mobile number and Date of Birth press the Next Step button to enter the final registration details.

    Complete your personal details and select “Create Your Account”.

    (Notice the “Need Help?” Box, immediately below, I found the first mobile number on the web site, I did not test if it was still valid.)

    GetSetBet Banking

     How To Deposit at GetSetBet

    Once logged in there are 2 ways to make a deposit:

    1. Selecting the Deposit Button at the top of the screen
    2. Selecting My Account from the left-hand column (or Balance or Bonus) at the top of the screen and then selecting Deposit Funds

    You can make deposits via Debit Card directly to GetSetBet or you can make a Bank Deposit into the GetSetBet Bank Account.

    The minimum deposit amounts for Debit card 20 dollars. 

    If paying via bank deposit ensure your newly created username or your unique GetSetBet ID number is quoted on the deposit slip.

    How To Withdraw

    After selecting My Account (or Balance or Bonus) select Withdraw Funds. Funds can only be withdrawn to a Bank Account. You can have more than one account on file, just select the one you want at the time of the withdrawal.

     Select the 20, 50, 75, 100, 250 or Other.  The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 dollars.

    There is also a Cancel Withdraw option which allows for cancellation of any pending withdrawals if they have not already been processed.

    Note: Your first withdrawal, if you have deposited via debit card, may be refunded back to your card.

    GetSetBet Customer Service

    There seem to be 2 contact options for customer service, being an email address or the Live Chat window.