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    JungleBet Review 2024: Thrilling Bets in the Wild

    Robin Sydney
    By:Robin Sydney

    Dive into the wild with JungleBet, Australia's exciting new betting site launched in 2023. Licensed by the Victorian Gaming and Casino Control Commission, JungleBet offers a lush, jungle-themed betting experience. From Australian racing to major sports like Soccer and NRL, explore a world of betting opportunities amidst a backdrop of exotic wildlife and adventure. Join JungleBet now for a unique foray into Australia's vibrant betting jungle. 

    JungleBet Quick Stats

    Website: JungleBet.com.au Email: [email protected] 
    Live Chat : Available during supported hours only - 8am to midnight AEST. Deposit Methods : Visa, Mastercard 
    App : the jungle bet app download is available on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Year Founded: 2023
    Features: Protest Payout, Best of 3 Totes, Blended Betting, Even Shot and Same Race / Game MultisSocials: Facebook 
    License and Regulation: JungleBet is licensed and regulated by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and is a Class 1 member of the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association. Withdrawal Methods: Junglebet withdrawal is via Bank Transfer and takes 1-3 Business Days 
    Owner: Jungle Strategic Pty Ltd ACN 663 374 132  
    • Safe regulated site
    • Blended ‘Dutch’ betting
    • Protest Payout features
    • Simple to use
    • No live betting / streaming
    • Limited form details
    • Limited payment options

    About JungleBet

    Entering JungleBet is like embarking on an exotic journey into the heart of a lush betting jungle. Imagine a platform where the thrill of the wild intertwines seamlessly with the excitement of sports wagering; this is the vibrant and adventurous theme that JungleBet brings to life. The website's design goes beyond just visual appeal, offering a user experience that is both immersive and easy to navigate, making it attractive to both seasoned bettors and newcomers. 

    At its core, JungleBet captures the essence of a jungle adventure in betting: vibrant, lively, and straightforward. Launched in 2023 and based in Melbourne, the platform steers clear of complexity, focusing instead on delivering a direct and engaging betting experience. JungleBet's approach, much like navigating through a dense jungle, is about finding the most exciting path in the online betting landscape, often filled with too many distractions. This philosophy is evident in its selection of racing and major sports markets, tailored to Australian preferences. For those seeking a betting experience that combines the thrill of adventure with simplicity, JungleBet is like a thrilling expedition.

    However, the platform's commitment to an adventurous yet simple experience has its trade-offs. JungleBet, while excelling in creating an engaging user interface, might not meet the expectations of bettors seeking a platform rich in unique features or extensive promotions/bonuses. Its focus on providing an accessible and straightforward betting experience means it might lack some of the advanced features sought after by more seasoned bettors.

    JungleBet distinguishes itself in the online betting world with its unique jungle-themed approach, offering a refreshing alternative that values excitement and ease of use. Explore our JungleBet review, complete with a jungle bet app review, for a comprehensive look at this vibrant betting platform, designed for the Australian betting enthusiast's adventurous spirit. 

    JungleBet Scores

    🐴Betting Offerings - 8/10

    JungleBet presents a rich and varied array of betting markets, capturing the essence of a jungle adventure with global sports wagering. It offers extensive coverage of Australian horse racing, harness racing, and greyhound racing, immersing punters in the heart of the action. Additionally, JungleBet extends its canopy to include major Australian sports and key US sports such as Baseball and NFL. A significant feature is the inclusion of international horse racing, inviting bettors to explore racing events from around the world, adding depth and diversity to the betting experience. 
    💳Banking Options - 5/10

    JungleBet's banking options are somewhat limited but functional. The platform accepts only Visa and Mastercard for deposits, and bank transfers for withdrawals. This selection, while uncomplicated and covering basic needs, is like finding a clear trail in the jungle but missing out on the diverse paths one might explore. However, this limited range might not satisfy the varied preferences of modern bettors who are on the lookout for a wider array of instant or diverse payment methods, especially in comparison to the more varied options available at other betting sites

    📱Mobile Experience - 9/10

    JungleBet's mobile app is a vibrant journey offering an experience as intuitive and engaging as exploring uncharted forest terrain. The app's design, teeming with lush jungle graphics and interactive elements, ensures seamless and efficient navigation, distinguishing it from other betting apps. It's not just about convenience; the app immerses users in a visually rich, jungle-themed betting adventure. 
    💸​Withdraw Speed - 6/10

    JungleBet's withdrawal process is reliable but limited to bank transfers, typically completed within 1-3 business days. While this method is dependable and straightforward, it may not fully meet the expectations of punters who seek a bit more speed with their withdrawals. This limitation, especially when contrasted with the wider array of withdrawal methods offered by other betting sites, might leave some users longing for more expedient and varied options. 
    🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10

    JungleBet offers a user experience that immerses you in the heart of a vibrant jungle adventure. The platform's rich jungle theme, combined with a user-friendly interface, creates an engaging and straightforward betting journey. Navigating through the site is like exploring a lush, exotic landscape, both visually captivating and easy to traverse. While JungleBet might not boast some of the advanced features present on other betting platforms, its dedication to a clear, uncluttered approach resonates well with bettors who prefer a more direct and hassle-free betting experience. 
    📧Customer Support - 5/10

    The best method for Junglebet contact is via live chat, operational from 8am to midnight AEST, complemented by email support. The lack of a phone support option, could be a gap for users seeking immediate, voice-based assistance. This approach, while efficient in its own right, might not align with the expectations of users who are used to more comprehensive support options, like those offered by other betting platforms. Expanding this aspect of customer service could greatly enhance the overall user experience, adding another layer of accessibility to the JungleBet adventure. 
    🔒Security- 9/10

    JungleBet's compliance with stringent Australian regulations ensures a high level of security and trustworthiness, akin to the vigilant guardianship of a jungle's most formidable creatures. This commitment to robust security measures provides users with a betting environment as secure as a well-guarded jungle fortress. While the theme may evoke a wild and adventurous spirit, the seriousness with which JungleBet approaches security is anything but untamed. These stringent security practices position JungleBet as a highly reliable and safe option within the online betting industry, emphasising the critical importance of security in the digital realm. 

    JungleBet Racing

    JungleBet Racing immerses punters in the heart of a thrilling jungle adventure, offering a dynamic experience for racing enthusiasts. It covers all aspects of Australian racing, including the celebrated top tracks, Group One races, and horse racing carnivals, as well as a wide range of international racing markets from South Africa, France, the UK, USA, New Zealand, and more. 
    For those seeking the excitement of exotic bets, JungleBet offers a rich variety. Bettors can dive into quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four bets, with final dividends as rewarding as the jungle's hidden treasures, paying the middle dividend of the 3 main Australian totes. This straightforward betting approach is ideal for those who prefer a clear and uncluttered betting experience, a bit like a path through the dense jungle! 
    However, this straightforward approach has its limitations. The absence of features like live betting, cash out options, bet returns, and price boosts might leave some punters longing for more dynamic options. 
    In essence, JungleBet racing provides an uncomplicated and focused betting journey, perfect for those who appreciate a direct approach to betting. Yet, for those yearning for a more varied betting experience, venturing into other horse racing markets or betting apps might offer a more diverse adventure. 

    JungleBet App Review

    The JungleBet app is a vibrant extension of the JungleBet online platform, adorned with lush jungle-themed graphics and a unique style that sets it apart in the betting app world. As you launch the app, you are greeted with the "Next Up" race, immediately drawing attention to upcoming betting opportunities. The "Coming Up" section below offers a glimpse of the next six races across various formats, providing a quick overview of the imminent racing action, with full market access just a tap away. 
    Navigating the JungleBet app is as intuitive and engaging as a trek through a jungle itself. The home screen's bottom menu effortlessly guides users to all racing and sports markets, as well as to the profile section for essential functions like Deposit and Withdrawal. This design reflects JungleBet's dedication to a user-friendly experience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable betting journey. 
    The Quickbet feature is a standout, offering a swift and straightforward betting process. A single tap on Win or Place brings up the QuickBet box, where you can set your stake and confirm your bet with ease. 

    While the app shines in its simplicity and thematic appeal, it does have its limitations. It lacks comprehensive tipping guides or detailed form analysis, which might be a drawback for punters seeking deeper insights. For those in need of more extensive betting advice, our own  OnlyRacing.com.au  horse racing tips can be a valuable resource. The occasional guide under some runners offers guidance, but the lack of detailed form analysis might leave some users wanting more. 
    Overall, the JungleBet app is crafted for those who appreciate a straightforward, efficient betting experience within a fun and immersive jungle theme. However, for more in-depth betting analysis, users might turn to other resources or betting sites with more comprehensive form guides and analysis.. 

    JungleBet Products and Features

    JungleBet seamlessly weaves the thrill and mystery of the jungle into its betting platform, evident in both its website and the JungleBet App. This jungle-themed platform offers punters an adventurous and intuitive betting journey, marked by an interface designed for easy navigation through the wilds of sports betting.

    Embracing the spirit of jungle exploration, jungle bet introduces features like Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis in sports betting. A standout feature is the 'Blended Bet' option, a unique offering in the betting world. This feature allows bettors to strategically combine bets on multiple runners in a race, displaying combined odds with the swiftness of a jungle cat. It simplifies the traditional Dutching method, streamlining the betting process in a way that reflects the agility and cunning of jungle survival, without the need for complex calculations.

    In the screenshot below you can see the market for a greyhound race at Sandown Park.  There was a very short priced favourite in Box 5 and I wanted to bet against it, with my thoughts being that the dogs in boxes #1 and #2 were a good chance to beat it.  With simple click of the Blended button on the screen, just above the market (and just out of view in the screenshot) I was able to place my bet on the 2 dogs in question, with odds of $2.05 to beat the fav.  Unfortunately on this occasion I didn’t get it quite right; the fav didn’t win but it was beaten in the end by the #6.


    JungleBet also offers the 'Even Shot' feature. This innovative option serves as your even-money racing opportunity, where the platform selects a bet for you at even odds. It could be a wager on a runner to finish in the top 2, 3, or 4. If you sense it's a worthy even-money chance, simply hit the 'Add to Betslip' button, place your stake, and you're ready for an exhilarating betting experience, jungle-style! 
    In the example below I tried the ‘Even Shot’ feature on a greyhound race at Albion Park.  It offered me even odds for the #6 Irinka Daniel to finish in the Top , in a 7 dog field.  I thought it was a really good bet and moments later it duly finished second to the favourite and I had doubled my money with a simple click of the Even Shot button and entering my stake. 

    Additionally, jungle bet has introduced the "First Past the Post" feature, a boon for punters. This feature ensures that if your horse is first across the finish line but later loses due to a protest, your win is still honoured. It’s as if the law of the jungle is being evoked for the punter, with winner takes all no matter what!

    However, JungleBet's offerings have their limits. The banking options are efficient but limited to Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers. This approach, while straightforward, may not meet the varied financial needs of all bettors, especially when compared to other betting sites with more payment options.

    A noticeable difference between JungleBet and other platforms is the absence of certain dynamic features. The lack of live betting, cash out options, bet returns, price boosts, and comprehensive form guides, along with limited promotional offers, might deter punters seeking a more feature-rich betting environment.

    Customer support at JungleBet, though reliable, is available within the confines of business hours. The live chat feature, operational only during these times, and email support for other times, might not be sufficient for those seeking immediate assistance at any time, unlike some other betting apps. 

    JungleBet Betting Markets

    JungleBet opens up a lush world of betting, offering a comprehensive yet straightforward experience. The platform covers a wide range of Australian horse racing, including the celebrated horse racing carnivals and Group One races. Beyond this, it includes harness racing, greyhound racing, major Australian sports, and key American sports. JungleBet's reach also extends to international races in countries like South Africa, France, the UK, USA, and New Zealand, offering a diverse scope of global betting opportunities. 

    In this jungle of betting, fixed odds betting stands as the dominant strategy across all markets, appealing to punters who prefer a direct and uncomplicated approach to wagering. For those drawn to the excitement of exotic bets, jungle bet provides a variety of options such as quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four, with final dividends sourced with the precision of a jungle explorer from middle dividend of the 3 main Australian totes This straightforward betting approach is perfect for those who seek a focused and uncluttered betting experience. 
    However, JungleBet's approach, while straightforward, has its limitations. The absence of features like live betting, cash out options, bet returns, and price boosts might leave some punters yearning for more dynamic options. This could limit the full spectrum of betting excitement and versatility that some bettors seek. 
    For those who value a clear and straightforward path in their betting journey, JungleBet's markets offer an uncluttered environment. It's a place where simplicity is king, ideal for bettors who appreciate an efficient and direct betting experience, akin to navigating through the vibrant yet uncomplicated paths of the jungle. 


    Who owns JungleBet?

    JungleBet is wholly owned by Jungle Strategic Pty Ltd ACN 663 374 132 

    Is JungleBet legit?

    Yes, JungleBet is totally legit. It is a registered bookmaker and is licensed in Victoria, which should give punters all the peace of mind they need for a fun and safe betting experience. 

    What is the minimum deposit for JungleBet?

    There is a $10 minimum deposit for JungleBet and you can set a deposit limit if you want to have some control over how much you would like to deposit at any one time. 

    Who owns JungletBet Australia?

    JungleBet is wholly owned by Jungle Strategic Pty Ltd ACN 663 374 132 

    Do JungleBet offer a sign-up bonus?

    No, JungleBet can’t offer sign up bonuses as there is legislation preventing that.  However once you have signed up you can check their official website and 'Promotions’ section for any latest updates on promotions / bonuses for existing users. 

    How can I bet with JungleBet Australia?

    Easy. You can bet with JungleBet Australia by visiting their official website, JungleBet.com.au, or by using the jungle bet app, signing up with the simple form and you’re pretty much ready to go. 

    Is the JungleBet App a legit app?

    Yes, the jungle bet app is totally legit. It provides a simple, fun and uncomplicated betting experience, and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 

    JungleBet Promotions and Bonuses

    In Australia, the promotion of sign-up bonuses for online betting platforms is tightly regulated. As a result, JungleBet is unable to advertise sign-up bonuses to Australian bettors who are not yet registered. 
    Curious about the offers, promotions and possible JungleBet bonus that might be in store for you? Click here to set up your JungleBet account and explore the exciting bonuses waiting in the depths of this jungle-themed betting platform. 

    How to Sign-up to JungleBet

    It’s very simple.  Either head over to the website and hit the Sign Up button, next to the Junglebet login option, or go to the JungleBet app, and do the same. 



    And then complete the form and you’ll be signed up in no time. 

    Once completed you’re good to go and follow the instructions below re how to deposit. 

    JungleBet Banking, How to Deposit

    Click on the orange box top right of the screen, showing your account balance, then hit Deposit and follow the super simple prompts.  
    If you've set up with, or transitioned to the app, the process remains the same, and it is very easy.  

    JungleBet Customer Service

    JungleBet provides a streamlined approach to customer service, much like navigating through a dense jungle with a clear path. Their Live Chat, operational during business hours, stands as the primary channel for quick and direct assistance, adeptly handling customer inquiries. For those who prefer email communication, the JungleBet support team is just a message away at [email protected], dedicated to offering timely and helpful responses.

    While JungleBet's Customer Service team is ready to address account-specific concerns, the platform does not currently offer direct phone support, focusing on efficient and straightforward online interactions. The absence of telephone betting or direct trader interaction further emphasises JungleBet's commitment to a seamless and user-friendly betting experience.  That said, it might not be to everyone’s liking, especially if you prefer being able to place bets or sort issues via the phone. 

    JungleBet: My Final Thoughts

    I'm thoroughly captivated by the adventurous, jungle-themed approach of JungleBet. The 'Blended' and 'Even Shot' features bring a dynamic and exciting dimension to horse, harness and greyhound betting. The 'Blended' option is particularly appealing, as it resonates with my approach of backing multiple runners.

    The addition of Same Race Multis and Same Game Multis further enhances the betting experience, providing punters with a variety of ways to engage with the races and sports they are passionate about.

    Overall, JungleBet distinguishes itself as an impressive betting site, especially for those who enjoy an immersive and straightforward approach to betting. However, for those seeking a site with a broader range of features, JungleBet might feel a bit too direct. Its limited banking options and the absence of advanced features like live betting and cash out options, commonly found on other betting apps and betting sites, could be perceived as limitations.

    But as with any betting platform, the best way to appreciate its qualities is to give it a go yourself. So why not dive into the vibrant world of JungleBet and discover how its jungle-themed betting experience can bring a new level of excitement to your betting adventures?