Caulfield Guineas 2024 Betting Guide: Odds, Expert Tips & Betting Sites

➡️Caulfield Guineas Distance 1600 m 
🛣️Race Track Caulfield Racecourse 
📅Date Saturday 14 October 
💰Prize Money $3m AUD 
🐎Weight Class 3 year olds, set weights and penalties 
🏇Last Year Winner Golden Mile 

The 2023 Caulfield Guineas 

The Caulfield Guineas holds a distinguished spot in the Melbourne Spring Carnival, serving as a pivotal highlight in a thrilling lineup of races. Traditionally taking place in October at the Caulfield Racecourse, this competition has evolved into an essential meet for racing enthusiasts, punters, and industry insiders alike. The allure of the Caulfield Guineas is not merely rooted in its Group 1 status but also in its ability to attract the crème de la crème of emerging 3 year old talent from all over Australia. In this in-depth preview, we delve into the exhilaration of the Caulfield Guineas, taking a closer look at the following: 

The Race: 2023 Caulfield Guineas 

The Caulfield Guineas, a highlight of Melbourne's spring racing calendar, is renowned for showcasing some of Australia's finest young thoroughbreds over 1600m ,and under set weight conditions. Hosted annually at Caulfield Racecourse, this esteemed race carries not only prestige but also a generous prize fund, further elevating its importance. As we navigate the intricacies of the Caulfield Guineas, we'll delve deeper into the specifics of its prize fund and the significance it holds in the racing world.

Where to Place Your Bets 

For those keen to have a bet on the Caulfield Guineas, a multitude of Australian betting apps is available to let you immerse yourself in the race's exhilaration. Moreover, we've spotlighted five Australian bookmakers that we highly recommend for placing your bets on the 2023 Caulfield Guineas.

Best Racing Betting Sites in Australia

Betting Site

How to Bet: Caulfield Guineas Guide

Betting on the Caulfield Guineas and other premier Australian horse racing events is an exciting way to demonstrate your racing acumen. Options range from the basic fixed win or place bets to intricate exotic wagers, providing a broad spectrum of betting avenues. Whether you're inclined towards multis, exotic wagers, highlighting specific jockeys, or tapping into the day's most favoured bets, our detailed guide is designed to furnish you with the insights necessary for an astute bet or two. Look forward to our specialised "How to Bet" segment, which will shed some light on the varied wagering options for the Caulfield Guineas and comparable Australian races. 

The Venue: Caulfield Racecourse 

Step into Caulfield Racecourse, and you're stepping into a piece of Melbourne's rich racing history. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city center, this iconic track has seen countless hoof beats, roaring crowds, and photo finishes. Often referred to as "The Heath," it's got a unique triangular shape that adds its own twist to every race. Whether you're a die-hard racing fan or just in it for the thrill and atmosphere, Caulfield's definitely got a vibe. And when the Guineas rolls around? Well, you're in for a treat. So, strap in and get ready to soak in all that this legendary venue has to offer! 

The History of the Race: Caulfield Guineas 

Imagine this: it's the 1800s, and the very first Caulfield Guineas is making a splash in the horse racing world. Fast forward to today, and this iconic race is a highlight of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Every October, the best three-year-olds in the country lock hooves in a fierce battle, with many past winners etching their names into racing legend. The Guineas isn't just a race; it's a trip down memory lane, showcasing the best of Australian thoroughbred talent over the years. As we gear up for another chapter in this celebrated race, take a moment to appreciate the legacy and history that make the Caulfield Guineas the spectacle it is today. 

Past Champions of the Caulfield Guineas 

The Caulfield Guineas is where young racehorses get their big break. It's a sneak peek into which thoroughbreds might just become the next big names in racing. Over the years, we've seen some real standouts cross the finish line first. Dive into our list of Caulfield Guineas winners - you'll spot quite a few names that have made racing headlines. 

The Feature Race - The Feature Race – Caulfield Guineas 2024

Date: 14 October 2023 
Time: TBA 
Prize Money: $3m 

Scheduled to take place on October 14, 2023, at Caulfield Racecourse, the Caulfield Guineas is one of the great 3 year old races on the Australian racing calendar.  It’s run under set weight conditions - 57kg for Colts and Geldings and 55kg for Fillies - over 1600m at Group 1 level. 
With a recently increased total prize pool of $3m on offer for contenders it is a significant race to win, and it carries further kudos, particularly for Colts that win the race as it is a massive step towards a lucrative stud career. 
For the full prize money allocation see below: 

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$60,000

2023 Caulfield Guineas Nominations 

This year promises an exciting showdown with 127 three-year-olds having been thrown into the hat for first nominations. Here's a snapshot of some of the premier nominations: 


Achievements: 2023 Champagne Stakes winner; Inglis Sires' – Champagne Stakes double winner. 

Trainer: Chris Waller, aiming for his third Caulfield Guineas win. 

Recent Performance: Clocked an impressive close finish at the Group 2 Run To The Rose. 

King Colorado: 

Achievements: Group 1 J.J. Atkins winner. 

Trainer: The formidable duo, Ciaron Maher & David Eustace. 

Recent Performance: Showed potential at the Group 1 Winx Stakes. 


Achievements: Undefeated with a remarkable 4/4 win record. 

Trainer: Paul Preusker. 

Recent Performance: Clinched the Listed McKenzie Stakes title on September 9. 


Achievements: Group 2 VRC Sires’ winner. 

Trainer: Tony & Calvin McEvoy. 

Recent Performance: Triumphed at the Group 3 H.D.F. McNeil Stakes on September 2. 

Other promising contenders include Legacies, Little Brose,Encap and Tom Kitten. With the first acceptances set to close on September 26th, the racing community eagerly awaits the unfolding of events on the iconic track at "The Heath".  
The Caulfield Guineas, attracts considerable attention from bettors. Consequently, a 'Pre Noms' market is available for the 2023 race. However, punters should approach 'Pre Noms' markets with caution. Any wager made here is 'All In', meaning the bet stands whether or not the horse ultimately competes. 
Taking a look at the market below, the horses mentioned above are the clear standouts in the betting, although if you are looking for something with a little value, the horses highlighted as ‘other promising contenders’ should fit the bill. 

STEPARTY: Win 4.50 | Place 1.87 

KING COLORADO: Win 6.00 | Place 2.25 

MILITARIZE: Win 6.00 | Place 2.25 

VEIGHT: Win 8.00 | Place 2.75 

SHINZO: Win 11.00 | Place 3.50 

TOM KITTEN: Win 11.00 | Place 3.50 

CYLINDER: Win 15.00 | Place 4.50 

ENCAP: Win 15.00 | Place 4.50 

GRIFF: Win 15.00 | Place 4.50 

SCENTIFY: Win 15.00 | Place 4.50 

SCHEELITE: Win 15.00 | Place 4.50 

AKICITA: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

AMBASSADORIAL: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

AMUR: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

BRAVE MEAD: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

DON CORLEONE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

DUCASSE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

FISTSOFFURY: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

KANDINSKY ABSTRACT: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

KINTYRE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

LEGACIES: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

LIBERTAD: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

LITTLE BROSE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

MCHALE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

MIRACLE OF LOVE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

NADAL: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

PRINZERRO: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

PUSHY: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

ROCK EMPIRE: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

SALTCOATS: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

SNOW PATROL: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

SOUTHPORT TYCOON: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

TANNHAUSER: Win 26.00 | Place 7.25 

KING OF FIGHTERS: Win 34.00 | Place 9.25 

SURPRISE COMING: Win 34.00 | Place 9.25 

Where to Place Your Bets for the 2024 Caulfield Guineas

The upcoming 2023 Caulfield Guineas is set to be a riveting Group 1 race hosted at the renowned Caulfield Racecourse. As you can see from the number of nominations for the race there is considerable interest from trainers and owners and as ever there will be significant interest from bettors. We're eager to guide you in pinpointing the optimal bookmaker for your Caulfield Guineas wagering. The task of selecting an Australian bookmaker might seem daunting, but we're here to simplify the process by proposing a handful of trusted options. Prior to delving into our suggestions, get yourself familiar with the Caulfield Guineas lineup to determine your betting choices. 
A pivotal consideration when opting for a bookmaker is the value of the odds they present. Though it might necessitate some groundwork, scouting various bookmakers and contrasting the odds they set for your chosen market can guide you in identifying the one offering the most advantageous odds. Opting for the bookmaker proposing the prime odds amplifies your potential payout. For an exhaustive directory of Australian bookmakers that cater to Group 1 horse enthusiasts, our best Australian betting sites page is at your disposal. 

Your personal comfort with a bookmaker should also weigh in on your decision. A substantial number of Australian betting enthusiasts lean towards familiar bookmakers, perhaps due to a user-friendly app or website. Staying loyal to a known bookmaker is a valid approach, especially if you're at ease with their platform. Our Bookmaker Reviews page furnishes details on the credibility of each bookmaker, aiding you in your choice. 
Don't overlook promotions when selecting a bookmaker. Our betting sites bonuses page showcases the various bonuses and incentives provided by Australian bookmakers upon deposit. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers tailored for the Caulfield Guineas. 
While there isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy to pick a bookmaker for the 2023 Caulfield Guineas, the trio of tips above should steer your considerations. It's imperative to affiliate with a reputable bookmaker and furnish any obligatory verification details beforehand. Following is a snippet from our OnlyRacing Reviews page, spotlighting five leading Australian bookmakers that cater to Group 1 horse racing events nationwide. Direct links provide an in-depth view of each bookmaker's services. 
In essence, it's about partnering with a bookmaker that aligns with you’re after, guaranteeing a smooth and secure punting journey for the 2023 Caulfield Guineas. 

Caulfield Racecourse: A Racing Jewel in the Heart of Melbourne

Situated just ten kilometres southeast of Melbourne's bustling city centre, Caulfield Racecourse stands as a testament to the city's rich equestrian heritage. Originally used by the Melbourne Hunt Club during the early stages of European settlement, the site has since evolved into one of Australia's premier horse-racing venues. 
Debuting its racing activities in 1859 along a basic bush track, the establishment witnessed the formation of the Victorian Amateur Turf Club by 1876. This entity subsequently morphed into the renowned Melbourne Racing Club. Significantly, the inauguration of the Caulfield railway station in 1879 further embedded the racecourse's prominence within the region. Coinciding with this development, the inaugural Caulfield Cup was organised, setting the stage for an iconic event in Australia's spring racing calendar. 
Endearingly termed "The Heath" by locals, Caulfield Racecourse boasts a distinct triangular design, featuring three expansive straights and a comprehensive loop stretching 2.08 kilometres. In a bid to modernise, the track underwent significant upgrades in 1995, now showcasing banked turns varying from 4% to 6% and a final straight measuring 367 metres. 
The contemporary Rupert Clarke stand offers spectators a seamless, glass-encased view of the racecourse. Home to roughly 25 race meetings annually, Caulfield hosts esteemed races, including the Caulfield Guineas, Blue Diamond Stakes, and Underwood Stakes. 
Further enhancing its community relevance, the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve, nestled between Caulfield and Caulfield East, functions as a racetrack, a recreation zone, and a communal green space. Overseen by the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Act 2017, a dedicated Trust ensures its preservation and growth. Demonstrating transparency, the Trust presents annual reports to the Victorian Parliament, which are accessible via their official digital portal. The Trust's progressive Land Management Plan is designed to foster inclusivity, reinforcing Caulfield's significance beyond racing, and emphasising its communal value. 

The Legacy of the Caulfield Guineas

Renowned as a hallmark event within Australian horse racing, the Caulfield Guineas has etched its mark as a premier race for three-year-olds. Celebrated during the Victorian Spring Carnival, this race occupies a monumental position on the calendar, with its history tracing back to 1881 when Wheatear claimed victory. Standing tall as one of Australia's paramount races for three-year-olds, it has set the stage for many equestrian legends to showcase their prowess. 
With its origins anchored at the heart of the Melbourne Racing Club's Spring Carnival, the Caulfield Guineas proudly shares its race day with two other Group 1 races, namely the Caulfield Stakes and the Toorak Handicap. This offers a stellar lineup, intensifying the allure of the day. On the same date, racing aficionados also get treated to the thrill of The Everest and the newly named King Charles III Stakes in Sydney, setting the scene for an exhilarating racing weekend. 
This 'stallion-making' event has been a testament to the abilities of numerous three-year-old colts, many of whom have not only clinched victory but later transitioned into sought-after sires. The Guineas' significance is further augmented by the potential $1 million bonus for its winners if they also emerge triumphant in the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley. 
The prestige of the Caulfield Guineas underwent official recognition when it was classified as a Principal race from 1886 to 1978, subsequently earning its Group 1 status from 1979. Racing Victoria's decision to elevate the Caulfield Guineas prize money to $3 million in 2022 underscores the race's continued prominence. 
Though traditionally hosted at Caulfield Racecourse, a brief relocation saw it held at Flemington Racecourse from 1940 to 1943. Over the years, winners of the Caulfield Guineas, depending on their disposition towards longer distances, have aimed at contests like the Victoria Derby at Flemington. Some notably ambitious three-year-olds, meanwhile, have stepped up to challenge older horses in open-age Group 1 races, with the Cox Plate being the pinnacle for these contenders. 
Historical annals show a rich tapestry of victors, including renowned names like Heroic, Tulloch, and The Autumn Sun. Some have gone on to achieve significant successes in subsequent races. For instance, the 2010 Caulfield Guineas champion, Starspangledbanner, clinched victory in the UK's Golden Jubilee Stakes that year. Another mention-worthy name is Anamoe, the 2021 winner, who nearly captured the Cox Plate title, finishing a close second. 
The evolution of the race's form indicators has been fascinating. While once the Caulfield Guineas Prelude was a crucial lead-up, recent times have seen only three winners since 2011 emerging from this event. Barriers have been instrumental in shaping the outcomes, with gates 1-5 boasting 21 winners out of the past 33. Interestingly, while favourites have often clinched the title, outsiders have also stunned, offering attractive value odds, making the Caulfield Guineas an event where predictions often get thrillingly overturned. 
To sum up, the Caulfield Guineas isn't just a race; it's a legacy, a tradition that continues to shape the narrative of Australian horse racing. 

Past Winners of the Race

  • 2021 - Anamoe 
  • 2020 - Ole Kirk 
  • 2019 - Super Seth 
  • 2018 - The Autumn Sun 
  • 2017 - Mighty Boss 
  • 2016 - Divine Prophet 
  • 2015 - Press Statement 
  • 2014 - Shooting To Win 
  • 2013 - Long John 
  • 2012 - All Too Hard 
  • 2011 - Helmet 
  • 2010 - Anacheeva 
  • 2009 - Starspangledbanner 
  • 2008 - Whobegotyou 
  • 2007 - Weekend Hussler 
  • 2006 - Wonderful World 
  • 2005 - God's Own 
  • 2004 - Econsul 
  • 2003 - In Top Swing 
  • 2002 - Helenus 
  • 2001 - Lonhro 
  • 2000 - Show A Heart 
  • 1999 - Redoute's Choice 
  • 1998 - Kenwood Melody 
  • 1997 - Encounter 
  • 1996 - Alfa 
  • 1995 - Our Maizcay 
  • 1994 - St. Covet 
  • 1993 - Mahogany 
  • 1992 - Palace Reign 
  • 1991 - Chortle 
  • 1990 - Centro 
  • 1989 - Procol Harum 
  • 1988 - Vitalic 
  • 1987 - Marwong 
  • 1986 - Abaridy 
  • 1985 - Drawn 
  • 1984 - Red Anchor 
  • 1983 - Beechcraft 
  • 1982 - Grosvenor 
  • 1981 - Binbinga 
  • 1980 - Sovereign Red 
  • 1979 - Runaway Kid 
  • 1978 - Manikato 
  • 1977 - Luskin Star 
  • 1976 - Surround 
  • 1975 - Sou'wester 
  • 1974 - Kenmark 
  • 1973 - Grand Cidium 
  • 1972 - Sobar 
  • 1971 - Beau Sovereign 
  • 1970 - Dual Choice 
  • 1969 - Vain 
  • 1968 - Rajah Sahib 
  • 1967 - Dark Purple 
  • 1966 - Storm Queen 
  • 1965 - Star Affair 
  • 1964 - Yangtze 
  • 1963 - Time And Tide 
  • 1962 - Coppelius 
  • 1961 - King Brian 
  • 1960 - Lady Sybil 
  • 1959 - Prince Lea 
  • 1958 - Wiggle 
  • 1957 - Tulloch 
  • 1956 - Hot Spell 
  • 1955 - Caranna 
  • 1954 - King Boru 
  • 1953 - Barfleur 
  • 1952 - Bayside 
  • 1951 - Hydrogen 
  • 1950 - Merry Scout 
  • 1949 - Iron Duke 
  • 1948 - Phoibos 
  • 1947 - Hororata 
  • 1946 - Praetor 
  • 1945 - Attley / Royal Gem 
  • 1944 - Kintore 
  • 1943 - Lawrence 
  • 1942 - Great Britain 
  • 1941 - Tea Cake 
  • 1940 - Lucrative 
  • 1939 - High Caste 
  • 1938 - Nuffield 
  • 1937 - Ajax 
  • 1936 - Beechwood 
  • 1935 - Young Idea 
  • 1934 - Theo 
  • 1933 - Palphar 
  • 1932 - Liberal 
  • 1931 - Ammon Ra 
  • 1930 - Green Wave 
  • 1929 - Pentheus 
  • 1928 - Balmerino 
  • 1927 - Avant Courier 
  • 1926 - Rampion 
  • 1925 - Manacre 
  • 1924 - Heroic 
  • 1923 - King Carnival 
  • 1922 - Soorak 
  • 1921 - Demetrius 
  • 1920 - Midilli 
  • 1919 - Artilleryman 
  • 1918 - Eusebius 
  • 1917 - Thrice 
  • 1916 - Ettefred 
  • 1915 - Patrobas 
  • 1914 - Blague 
  • 1913 - Andelosia 
  • 1912 - Burrawang 
  • 1911 - Woolerina 
  • 1910 - Danaus 
  • 1909 - Malt King 
  • 1908 - Parsee 
  • 1907 - Master Foote 
  • 1906 - Booran 
  • 1905 - Lady Wallace 
  • 1904 - Demas 
  • 1903 - Sweet Nell 
  • 1902 - Strata Florida 
  • 1901 - Ibex 
  • 1900 - Kinglike 
  • 1899 - Tremarden 
  • 1898 - Bobadil 
  • 1897 - Aurum 
  • 1896 - The Officer 
  • 1895 - Wallace 
  • 1894 - Cobbity 
  • 1893 - Patron 
  • 1892 - Autonomy 
  • 1891 - Strathmore 
  • 1890 - Annesley 
  • 1889 - Rudolph 
  • 1888 - Volley 
  • 1887 - Carlyon 
  • 1886 - Maddelina 
  • 1885 - Ringmaster 
  • 1884 - Sandal 
  • 1883 - Sardius 
  • 1882 - Fryingpan 
  • 1881 - Wheatear 

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