Controversial Beaudesert result getting a closer look from stewards

Noah Strang
Noah Strang
Morphetville Racecourse 27/04/24
Queensland stewards to review controversial interference call

Queensland stewards are set to review a controversial alleged interference decision from a race on Saturday at Beaudesert. Beachside Babe, a three-year-old filly, lost a race due to the call. Almost immediately, there was outrage over the fall. Videos of the incident further show just how dubious the decision was.  
Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) will review the interference. However, it’s unclear whether they will actually overrule the decision and re-award the Beachside Babe the $22,000 in prize money that was taken from her on Saturday. 

News Insights

  • Beachside Babe easily won a race on Saturday, but was disqualified for alleged interference.
  • “I almost fell off my chair,” says Beachside Babe trainer.
  • Queensland Racing Integrity Commission plan to review the decision.

Controversial Beaudesert decision explained

Beachside Babe, a three-year-old Australian-trained filly, got out to a comfortable lead in a race on Saturday at Beaudesert in Queensland. The horse ended up winning the race, after being eased down the stretch.  
After the race, the second place horse’s, Quade’s, trainers issued a complaint, alleging interference around the 300m mark of the race by Beachside Babe’s jockey, Andrew Spinks. Brett Wright, chairman of stewards at Beaudesert, agreed with the complaint and upheld the ejection, disqualifying Beachside Babe and costing her $22,000 in prize money.  

“I almost fell off my chair,” says trainer

The decision was met with immediate criticism. David Murphy, Beachside Babe’s trainer, was among the most outraged by the decision.  
“I almost fell off my chair. I was that stunned by it. I am still in shock. I couldn't answer my phone last night. I couldn't believe it, I was dumbfounded.” the Eagle Farms trainer was quoted as saying after the race in Beaudesert on Saturday. 
Murphy also called the decision one of the most “bizarre” calls he’s seen in his time involved with horse racing. “It was bizarre because there is only one camera there at Beaudesert, so you can't even see what is going on really, I don't know how they can come to the conclusion they did,” he said.  

Other reactions and QRIC review 

Murphy was not the only one outraged by the decision.  
Worst protest decision ever?” said the caption of a video of the incident that went viral among horse racing betting fans on Twitter over the weekend.  
The outrage also got to the ears of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC). QRIC has announced that they will reevaluate the Beaudesert stewards’ decision. 
However, QRIC were keen to point out that this review is not unusual. “The Commission will review the processes around the decision from Saturday at Beaudesert, as it does around all decisions,” QRIC said in a statement.