Articles by: Kai Shmukler

I am an avid horse racing enthusiast and punter. Growing up in Randwick, I was exposed to racing through my barber whose family were owners and it was the trophies and plaques on the walls that eventually inspired me to get deeper into the sport.

When I turned 18 I decided to gain interest in the punting aspect of horse racing, applying the knowledge that I had learnt thus far about the sport and learning about systematic risk.

I am also a data-scientist and beyond racing am fascinated and intrigued by the algorithmic approach to form. I’ve has become more involved with horse racing over the past few years through learning how to apply deep learning techniques to horse racing.

Beyond Racing, I am an avid NRL fan and MMA fan. The latter I have largely applied the same philosophy of methodical, data driven punting and found solid success in MMA gambling and I continue to track and seek to improve these methods.