Jockeys, pro bettor, and horse owner charged with betting offences

Noah Strang
Noah Strang
Tamworth Racecourse 26/04/24
Jockeys Michael Poy and Lewis German have been charged by Racing Victoria

Racing Victoria has charged Western Australian jockeys Michael Poy and Lewis German for betting offences, corruption, and making false or misleading statements. Along with the two jockeys, two registered horse owners, Alysha Vass and Noah Brash have also been charged.  
Brash is also a professional horse racing bettor. Poy and German are accused of manipulating races between April and August 2022 and providing information to Vass and Brash to help Brash win his bets.  

News Insights

  • Two jockeys charged with assisting professional bettor.
  • Horse owners also accused of corruption and betting offences.
  • The Victorian Racing Tribunal will judge the case against the four co-conspirators.

Jockeys charged with corruption and betting offences 

Racing Victoria announced on Friday in their regular RV Stewards' Report that jockeys Michael Poy and Lewis German, along with registered owners Noah Brash and Alysha Vass, have been charged with betting offences and corruption.  
“Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards have today issued charges under the Australian Rules of Racing (AR) against former Victorian licensed jockeys, Michael Poy and Lewis German, registered owner/professional punter Noah Brash and registered owner Alysha Vass,” the statement read.  
The charges relate to thoroughbred races within Victoria between April and August of 2022. However, some charges also relate to earlier instances where critical information was withheld from racing authorities.

Jockey charges explained 

Michael Poy has been charged with 19 violations of the Australian Rules of Racing. Racing Victoria alleges that the former jockey “made a false or misleading statement” when applying for his jockey licence by failing to disclose horse racing betting accounts in his name. The other charges mostly relate to placing illegal bets on horse racing.  
Poy has also been charged of approaching a corruptly offering “money to a rider…to ride a horse, other than in accordance with the merits of the horse,” and engaging in “dishonest, corrupt, improper and/or dishonourable actions in connection with racing” by providing information to Brash.  
The four charges against Lewis German also relate to making improper statements, failing to disclose betting accounts, and providing information to Brash. 
German also allegedly “rode such horses in a manner to ensure that (Brash’s) bets would be successful.” 

Tribunal to hear charges 

In addition to the charges against Poy and German, two registered Racing Victoria owners Noah Brash and Alysha Vass have been charged with violating the Direction of the Stewards and for working with Poy and German on illegal bets.  
Mr Brash did bet with or for Mr Poy, contrary to AR 236, on thoroughbred races on 7 and 14 August 2022,” Racing Victoria says.  
The investigation into the four alleged persons began in August 2022, so it is believed Racing Victoria has quite a bit of evidence to bring against them. 
The Victorian Racing Tribunal will judge the case against the four co-conspirators. The date of the tribunal has not been set.