Pride Of Jenni dominates the competition at Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Noah Strang
Noah Strang
Tamworth Racecourse 26/04/24
Pride Of Jenni wins Queen Elizabeth Stake by a “Secretariat-like” lead

Pride Of Jenni gave Sydney horse racing fans the performance of a lifetime at the Queen Elizabeth Stakes on Saturday. The six-year-old mare blew away the competition, winning the Randwick race by a remarkable 40 lengths. For winning the race, Prize Of Jenni captured $5 million in prize money, bringing her total winnings up to $8.6 million. 
Fans, callers, and even Pride Of Jenni’s jockey Declan Bates could not believe it on Saturday. Many are calling Pride Of Jenni Australian horse racing’s next superstar.  

News Insights

  • Pride Of Jenni dominates Queen Elizabeth Stakes by 40 lengths.
  • People are calling her win “Secretariat-like.”
  • Pride Of Jenni came into the race as one of the favourites.

Pride Of Jenni dominates  

According to the horse racing betting sites, Pride Of Jenni was second favourite to win the Queen Elizabeth Stakes with $5.50 odds. She showed on Saturday why she should have been the top favourite.  
The six-year-old mare took an early lead in the race and never looked back. By the 1400-metre mark, she had a ten-length lead over her closest competition, Mr Brightside ($8.00).  
By the time she crossed the finish line, Pride Of Jenni and her jockey Declan Bates had a 40-length lead over the competition.  

Reactions to Pride Of Jenni’s win 

Fans watching Pride Of Jenni could not believe what they were seeing.  
We expected her to lead by a long way. But seriously, 30 lengths? This is unbelievable,” race announcer Darren Flidell said halfway through the race after Pride Of Jenni took a commanding lead.  
My goodness. This is a demolition job!,” Flidell said as Pride Of Jenni crossed the finish line with a 40-length lead. 
Fans on social media called her performance “Secretariat-like,” and declared that Pride Of Jenni is the superstar Australian racing needs right now.  
Pride Of Jenni’s trainer, Ciaron Maher, called the performance “phenomenal.” 
That’s the biggest win I’ve ever seen, let alone had anything to do with,” Maher said. “I don’t think it will get any better than that,” he added. 

Jockey praises amazing horse 

Her jockey, Declan Bates, downplayed his role in the race. “That was all her today,” Bates said.  
Over the last six months, the times I’ve ridden her we had a nice rhythm with each other and when I’d ask her to come back she’d come back a bit. Today, when the horse on the outside came to her, she grabbed the bit and she didn’t drop it at any point,” he added.  
I was actually concerned that we were doing a bit too much. To be honest, until we hit that line I wasn’t happy at all today until it was done. I couldn’t tell you what the sectionals were
Generally once we’re doing it nice and smoothly, I’m aware. Today, just knew we were going quicker than I wanted to so it was a matter of coming back, coming back, and she said ‘nah I’m going’. She knows better. 
It is amazing. Tony Ottobre has changed my life putting me on these horses. Just to be a part of this, you know, it is something special. It really is. I knew when I got out today she had a spring in her step and I was concerned that she was getting to the end of her prep. You can usually hear them coming and I was tempted to have a look back but I kept my eyes on the post,” said Bates.