Best Exotic Tips of the Day | August 11th

Exotic Tips of the Day
Exotic Tips of the Day

We have been hitting some great form in our exotics tips articles lately with applying the strategy of building around our best bets tips with exacta’s and I am keen to go on with it with our Friday Tips by applying the same strategy as we lead into the Spring Group 1 races season for our Saturday Tips and in addition to my horse racing tips there is also a best bets tips article on our site with track insights and promotions on the Aussie betting sites / betting apps for the weekend. The article below features three different tips for the two tracks and I am hoping to compliment our Friday Tips very nicely if even one of the bets comes through. Follow me below as we look to pick up some big exotics winners across our horse racing betting sites!

Exacta - Ipswich - R1

1st: 7, 5

2nd: 7, 5, 2, 6

This is my best bet overall for the day and for Ipswich racecourse, being the #7, and I have full reasoning in my  Friday Tips for Ipswich and Best bets tips but I think that if he doesn’t take this out the #5 likely is the only other horse that does and have added the two outside chances

Exacta at 833% @ Playup  (Best of three totes)

Exacta - Geelong - R4

1st: 4, 2, 9

2nd: 4, 2, 9, 8, 6

The #4 is my roughie of the day and I am keen to replicate the success we had in our Saturday Tips with the exacta we built around our roughie of the day where both got up but I do think there are a few other key chances in this race and you can find my full reasoning in my Friday Tips!

Exacta at 416% @ Palmerbet (Best of three totes)

Exacta - Ipswich - R5

1st: 2

2nd: 1, 4, 6

This is my next best bet of the day at Ipswich but I really do think that the #2 - Hyde presents as a top pick in this field and whilst he is quite short at around $2.60 on the aussie betting sites I think that there are three key chances to fill second, which I have outlined in my Friday tips at Ipswich and as such think we can get some value out of this race.

Exacta at 1666% @ Punterspal  (Best of three totes)

Stats and Insights

  • Trifecta betting can prove extremely lucrative when a higher odds runner fills any of the spots in the trifecta as it massively boosts the total odds.
  • 50% of runners that finish first in the trifecta were placed in their start prior
  • More than 65% of runners that finish second in trifectas finished 1st-5th in their start prior
  • A simple way of comparing two horses that you are considering adding into your exacta / trifecta is to add their placings from the last four starts and take the smaller of the two

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