Morphettville Racecourse

Morphettville Racecourse, also known as Allan Scott Park in Morphettville, is the location of the South Australian Jockey Club.

The inaugural race meeting atMorphettville Racecourse took place in 1875 and since then there has been a storied and illustrious history that has taken place at the famous racing venue located a 10 minute drive outside of Adelaide’s CBD. Although mostly unchanged since that first meet in 1875, the track underwent its first renovation in 2002 to spruce it up to the standard of other elite Australian racing venues such as Randwick Racecourse, Flemington Racecourse, and Caulfield Racecourse.

The Morphettville racetrack has a straight that is 334 metres long and a total circumference of 2,339 metres measured from the inside of the track. Between  the 1,000 metre and 3,200 metre mark there are a range of racing distances. We go into this below in the Morphettville Racecourse Starting Positions section of this Morphettville Racecourse comprehensive review.

In terms of actual meets at Morphettville Racecourse, there are, on average, 35 racing events held at the South Australian Jockey Club venueannually.Some of the notable races at these events include the Group 1 SA Derby and the Goodwood Handicap in May, as well as the Adelaide Cup, Australasian Oaks, and Robert Sangster Stakes in March. It must be noted that some of the Australia’s top Group 1 thoroughbred sprinters compete in the Goodwood Handicap come March.

Hopefully this review of the famous Morphettville Racecourse provides you with some colour as to the prestige and history of the great racing venue. In addition, we at OnlyRacing, hope to get you excited for some of the biggest meets and races at Morphettville Racecourse. So be sure to read on until the Morphettville Racecourse Feature Race Days for more information on these exciting, must see spectacles.

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Morphettville Racecourse History

The origins of the current Morphettville Racecourse, as well as the South Australian Jockey Club can be traced back more than 150 years to 1838! This was the year the Turf Club of South Australia was established.

At Eastern Parklands, which is now known as Victoria Park Racecourse, racing in South Australia got its start. Between 1859 and 1869, it was temporarily relocated to Thebarton Racecourse, also known as the Butchers Course, which only some of you racing fiends would know. However, racing didn't last very long at Thebarton Racecourse since it was impossible for people to attend due to logistical nightmares in transportation, in addition to an abhorrent smell wafting over from an abattoir less than 1km away from the racing venue.

The Eastern Parklands, which had been renamed Victoria Park in 1871, saw racing resume shortly after. However, it wasn't until 1875 that the first meeting was held at Morphettville Racecourse under the then name, the South Australian Jockey Club (which it returned to later on).

Only two years had passed since Sir John Morphett, the club's chairman, had presided over the formation of the South Australian Jockey Club's fourth incarnation when Morphettville Racecoursehosted its first meets in 1875.

The Victoria Park Racecourse was shut down in 2008 as a result of a drop in attendance and the refusal of additional government funds for facility upgrades. Victoria Park, which hosted the Formula One from 1985 to 1995, was going to be rebuilt and turned into a public park. This development ended up happening and now the lovely Victoria Park is used by the public for all sorts of activities.

The Port Adelaide Racing Club's home track at Cheltenham Racecourse was similarly shut down the following year. For $85 million, the land was sold to a local partnership that redeveloped the land to be used for housing.

As a result, the internal park track at Morphettville Racecourse was expanded to accommodate the additional racing from Victoria and Cheltenham circuits. 2009 saw the opening of MorphettvilleRacecourse’s new track, which had undergone a $3.6 million renovation.

Allan Scott Morphettville Racecourse was the brief name of Morphettville Racecoursedue to a generous donations from Scott Group Companies in 2005. This sponsorship lasted for 5 years until the track was reopened as Morphettville Racecourse once again in 2010 as it remains today.

Morphettville Racecourse Featured Race Days

The Adelaide Racing Carnival is the most notable of the numerous feature race meets held throughout the year in South Australia. Obviously, this carnival is held at Morphettville Racecourse, without a doubt the most prestigious racing venue in South Australia and home to the South Australian Jockey Club.

Morphettville Racecourse hosts the Adelaide Racing Carnival every year from March to May. In this prestigious and historic Racing Carnival held in the Autumn months, Morphettville Racecourse hosts, in total, four Group One races each year, with the Group 1 Goodwood Handicap being the most prestigious and storied of them all.With a total prize fund of $1,000,000 AUD, The Goodwood Handicap is tied for the most lucrative Group 1 thoroughbred event in South Australian racing.

The Robert Sangster Stakes, a weight-for-age race run over 1200 metres, is the other million-dollar race held at the famous Morphettville Racecourse in Adelaide. Below is a table highlighted the important dates for next year’s Autumn Adelaide Racing Carnival.

In addition to these high-profile Group 1 thoroughbred races at Morphettville Racecourse, we have also prepared a table for the Group 2 and Group 3 races that take place during the Autumn Adelaide Racing Carnival. Whilst these races may not have the prestige of the Group 1’s at Morphettville Racecourse, they are still big races with lucrative prizes on offer for their connections.

Please keep in mind that the dates, names (sponsorship), and prize money are all subject to change. This table has been prepared based on historic and currently available information.

South Australia Group One Races

Date of RaceTrack NameRace NameDistancePrize Money (AUD)
May 4, 2024Morphettville RacecourseAustralasian Oaks2000m$500,000
May 11, 2024Morphettville RacecourseRobert Sangster Stakes1200m$1,000,000
May 18, 2024Morphettville RacecourseSA Derby2500m$500,000
May 25, 2024Morphettville RacecourseThe Goodwood Handicap1200m$1,000,000

South Australia Group Two Races

Date of RaceTrack NameRace NameDistancePrize Money (AUD)
Mar 11, 2024Morphettville RacecourseAdelaide Cup3200m$302,250
May 11, 2024Morphettville RacecourseTobin Bronze Stakes1200m$250,000
May 11, 2024Morphettville RacecourseQueen Of The South Stakes1600m$200,000

South Australia Group Three Races

Date of RaceTrack NameRace NameDistancePrize Money (AUD)
Aug 12, 2023Morphettville RacecourseSpring Stakes1200m$127,250
Feb 24, 2024Morphettville RacecourseLord Reims Stakes2600m$120,000
Apr 20, 2024Morphettville RacecourseAuraria Stakes1800m$120,000
Apr 27, 2024Morphettville RacecourseRN Irwin Stakes1100m$120,000
May 4, 2024Morphettville RacecourseSA Chairman’s Stakes2000m$120,000
May 4, 2024Morphettville RacecourseBreeders Stakes1200m$120,000
May 11, 2024Morphettville RacecourseDC McKay Stakes1100m$120,000
May 18, 2024Morphettville RacecourseSA Sires’ Produce Stakes1400m$150,000
May 25, 2024Morphettville RacecourseRA Lee Stakes1600m$175,000
May 25, 2024Morphettville RacecourseDavid Coles AM Stakes1200m$150,000
May 25, 2024Morphettville RacecourseSA Fillies Classic2500m$175,000
May 25, 2024Morphettville RacecourseProud Miss Stakes1200m$150,000

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Morphettville Racecourse Track Map

Morphettville Racecourseis a large track by Australian Group 1 thoroughbred venue standards, having a straight distance of 334 metres and a course diameter of 2,339 metres. 

The 1200 metres, 1800 metres, and 2000 metres are its three most common starting positions, although many other distances are raced at Morphettville Racecourse. Read below for the Morphettville Racecourse starting positions. It is also important to note that Morphettville Racecourse is run anti-clockwise.

Morphettville Racecourse Starting Positions

1000 metres: The starting line for the 1000 metre distance races at MorphettvilleRacecourseis situated by the trackside. Before reaching the home turn, the straight is roughly 400 metres long. Inside barriers always have a minor edge over outside ones over short distances such as this one

1050 metres: This start is on the side of the track and is nearly identical to the 1000 metre start. Once again, runners getting the jump from the inside barriers here at Morphettville Racecourse are considered to have an advantage at this distance

1100 metres: Comparable to the start at 1000 metres, as well as the 1050 metres distances, the home turn is reached after a 500-meter long run. Yet again, Morphettville Racecourse runners on the inside barriers are advantaged at this distance.

1200 metres: This sprint distance starts in a chute that is slightly off the main course, in contrast to the other sprint distances such as the 1000, 1050, and 1100 metre distances at Morphettville Racecourse. Before the home turn, there is a 600-metre run.

1600 metres: There are no races run at MorphettvilleRacecourse between the 1200 metre and 1600 metre distances. This barrier begins on the actual course in the back part of the venue. Before the first turn, there is a 300 metre run. At this sort of distance there is said to be no advantage for runners of different barriers.

1800 metres: This start is situated in a chute right at the back of the course, away from the actual 2,339 metre racetrack at Morphettville Racecourse. It offers runners a 500 metre run until the first turn. Similar to the other middle distances, there is no particular advantage for runners starting from either the inside or outside barriers.

2000 metres: This obstacle begins in a chute off the main course once again, similar to the other middle distances at Morphettville Racecourse. There is only a 150 metre run before the first turn into the back straight. At this distance there is once again a bias for where runners start, and yet again barriers on the inside are said to have a significant advantage at this distance at Morphettville Racecourse.

2400 metres: The start for 2400 metre races at MorphettvilleRacecourse are located on the home straight on the actual racing course. The first 150 metres of the race are a straight for the competitors, who are also running at a small angle into the first turn.

3200 metres: Whilst not a common distance run at MorphettvilleRacecourse, the Adelaide Cup starts at this distance of 3200 metres. The home turn is very close to the start, so runners are completing well over a full lap of Morphettville Racecourse’s main track. Barrier draws are usually not considered to be that significant because of the distance to the finish line.

What to do at Morphettville Racecourse

The facilities at Morphettville Racecourseare of the highest standard that is expected of Australian Group 1 races. The grandstand was improved in 2002, and additional work was done in 2009 to improve the racing surface, making Morphettville Racecourse now comparable with other Group 1 racing venues across Australia, such as Randwick Racecourse, Flemington Racecourse, and Doomben Racecourse. For more information on the upgrades and changes to the Morphettville Racecourse track, please scroll up to the Morphettville Racecourse History section of this Morphettville Racecourse review.

On Saturday meets, as well as other race days, Morphettville Racecourse offers a variety of packages to make a punter's race day experience more enjoyable.In the big halls and grandstand, there are numerous bars for getting drinks and food options, and betting locationstoo!

Morphettville Racecoursealso boasts Restaurant 1873 for a sit-down dinner or lunchwhich providesan opportunity to watch racing from an interior view. I recommend booking Restaurant 1873 at MorphettvilleRacecourse if you are looking to host a function. 

For those racing enthusiasts who prefer more exclusive viewing, there is also the Diva Lounge. This Diva Lounge offers an excellent view of the racing at the bottom of the grandstand and is situated across from the winning post.

Alternatively, just enjoy watching the Morphettville Racecourse meets from the grandstand where all the punters and racing fans will be watching from too!

Morphettville Racecourse Contact Details

Morphettville Racecourse Details
Address: 78 Morphett Road, Morphettville, SA 5043
Phone Number: 08 8295 0111
Twitter Handle: @SAJockeyClub
Website: (South Australian Jockey Club)

Morphettville Racecourse Postal Address
Address: SA Jockey Club, PO Box 2646, Adelaide, SA 5001
Phone Number: 08 8295 0111
Twitter Handle: @SAJockeyClub
Website: South Australian Jockey Club

How to Get to Morphettville Racecourse

If you are attending by Adelaide tram: The Glenelg tram stops at stop 12 which is the Morphettville Racecourse stop.This is just off the Anzac Highway and drops you near the northern end of the racetrack where entry is easy. Trams operate throughout the day and continue on into the city after Morphettville Racecourse.

If you are attending by car: Morphettville Racecourse offers a plethora of parking options, including the Morphettville Junction Carpark off the Anzac Highway and the Morphett Road Carpark directly across from the members entrance.

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