King Charles III Stakes 2024

In this preview we dive in to the excitement of the inaugural King Charles III Stakes which will be run at Royal Randwick, and we take a look at the following:

The Feature Race - King Charles III Stakes 2024

Mark your calendars for the King Charles III Stakes 2023, a thrilling feature race set for Saturday, October 14, 2023. This high-stakes race, formerly known as the George Main Stakes, will take place at the iconic Royal Randwick Racecourse. The distance to be covered by the competing horses is 1600m, under Weight for Age conditions, making the event a true test of strength and speed. Recognised as a Group 1 race, it boasts a whopping prize money pool of $5,000,000. The race has a rich history, with its first run dating back to 1945 as the George Main Stakes, and it enters a new era in 2023, being run as the King Charles III Stakes for the first time.

Where to Place Your Bets

When it comes to betting on the King Charles III Stakes, you'll have an array of Australian betting sites at your fingertips. These bookmakers offer thoroughbred horse racing markets, allowing you to engage in the excitement of the race by placing your bets.  We also include a list below of five Australian bookmakers we are fans of that might be the right selection for you to bet with on the 2023 King Charles Stakes.

How to Bet: King Charles III Stakes and Beyond

Betting on the King Charles III Stakes, along with other Group 1 Australian thoroughbred horse races, presents a chance to demonstrate your racing acumen. Ranging from the simple fixed win or place market selections to the more intricate exotic bets, the options are wide-ranging. Regardless of whether your preference is multis, exotics, or honing in on specific jockeys or top bets of the day, our extensive guide will arm you with the necessary knowledge to make well-informed betting choices. Watch out for our exclusive "How to Bet" section, providing valuable insights into various wagering options available in the King Charles III Stakes and other Australian races.

The Venue

As we set the scene for the inaugural King Charles III Stakes 2023, it is crucial to spotlight the venue that carries a legacy of hosting prestigious races - Royal Randwick Racecourse. This distinguished racecourse is celebrated for its glorious history and superior race track, presenting a perfect backdrop for many enthralling contests in Australian horse racing. Nestled in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Royal Randwick represents more than a racing venue; it is a monument of Australia's deep-rooted equestrian legacy. We take a closer look at this remarkable venue, its unique attributes, and its pivotal role in hosting the first-ever King Charles III Stakes.

The History of the Race

As we delve into the narrative of the King Charles III Stakes, formerly known as the George Main Stakes, we unravel a saga steeped in grit, glory, and grandeur. Initiated in 1945, the King Charles III Stakes has stood as a significant narrative in Australian horse racing history, reflecting the dynamic progression of the sport over several decades. The chronicle of this event is enriched with memorable instances and remarkable victories by the nation's top-notch thoroughbreds. Let us embark on a journey through time to explore the origins of the race, its key milestones, and its evolution into the prestigious event that we anticipate in 2023.

Previous Winners of the King Charles III Stakes

Boasting a rich history that goes back to 1945, the King Charles III Stakes, formerly known as the George Main Stakes, boasts an illustrious roll of honour. We have compiled a comprehensive chronicle tracing the journey of this esteemed event, highlighting each victor from its genesis to the most recent 2022 champion - more on that later!

From Modulation, the first George Main Stakes winner, to repeat victors such as Kingston Town, the roster is brimming with unforgettable instances and awe-inspiring achievements. It would be remiss not to mention Winx, one of the most renowned past winners in recent memory, whose trio of consecutive victories from 2016 to 2018 helped cement her place in the annals of the race's history.

The Feature Race – King Charles III Stakes

Date: October 14 2023
Time: TBA
Prize Money: $5 million 

In 2023, the $5 million King Charles III Stakes, previously recognized as the George Main Stakes, will be held for the first time on The Everest Day at Royal Randwick on October 14 2023.

The race has been rescheduled from its usual slot in September to mid-October for the 2023 edition, making it a part of Randwick's The Everest Day race line-up. 

The 2023 event marks the first official instance of the King Charles III Stakes replacing the George Main Stakes, boasting $5 million in stakes, thus making it the richest weight-for-age 1600m race globally. 

First place walks away with $600,000 split between owners, trainer and jockey, and prize money is paid out all the way down to 8th place.  For the full prize money allocation see below:

PlacingPrize Money
9th, 10th$40,000
11th, 12th$20,000    

King Charles III Stakes Field and Key Dates

The final field and barriers will be revealed on Wednesday 11 October. Nominations will be published on 9 October and weights published on 10 October.

Such is the interest in this race with its new name, boosted prize money and re-scheduling to Everest Day that many bookmakers have what is known as a Pre Noms market should you wish to get an early bet on.  It is worth noting that you need to be wary in such markets as they are known as All In, meaning that whatever happens a bet in these markets mens no refund if indeed your chosen horse doesn’t make the final field.

Let’s have a look at some of the top favoured runners in the pre noms markets, bearing in mind much can change between now and race day.

  • Mr Brightside: 6.00 / 2.25
  • Light Infantry (FR): 8.00 / 2.75
  • Romantic Warrior: 8.00 / 2.75
  • Alligator Blood: 11.00 / 3.50
  • Amelias Jewel: 11.00 / 3.50
  • Cascadian: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Fangirl: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Militarize: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Mo’unga: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Think It Over: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Zaaki: 15.00 / 4.50
  • Buckaroo: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Converge: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Duke De Sessa: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Hinged: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Kovalica: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Legarto: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Montefilia: 26.00 / 7.25
  • New Energy: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Osipenko: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Pericles: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Prowess: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Sharp N Smart: 26.00 / 7.25
  • She’s Extreme: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Sunshine in Paris: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Top Ranked: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Without A Fight: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Yellow Brick: 26.00 / 7.25
  • Zou Gotcha: 26.00 / 7.25

Let’s take a look at the above and pick out some notable horses of interest.

  • Mr Brightside - it’s no surprise to see this former NZ galloper heading the pre Nom market after his blistering win in the 2023 Doncaster Mile at Randwick in April.  Run over the same distance and at the same track, it’s no surprise that he is leading the betting.
  • Light Infantry (FR) - this is definitely an interesting runner to see at the top of the market.  Based in the UK he definitely looks set to be in Australia for the Spring with trainer team Ciaron Maher and David Eustace eyes very much on the Cox Plate.
  • Alligator Blood - defeating Mr Brightside in the 2022 Kennedy Champions Mile over 1600m at Flemington it’s no surprise to see this 5 time Group 1 winner right up there in the pre Nom betting.
  • Zaaki - a 4 time Group 1 winner and each time at weight for age.  A definite contender.
  • Mo’unga - this 2 time Group 1 winner and stablemate of Zaaki above is always an interesting runner to keep in mind and it’s no surprise to see this stallion at a pre Nom $15 quote.  However it is worth keeping in mind that he hasn’t won since August 2021.

Where to Bet on the 2024 King Charles III Stakes

So, you now know my tips for the 2023 Randwick Guineas, but what are you going to do with them? Well, let me try help with this too. Come race day on March 4th, the biggest thing to decide will be where to place your Randwick Guineas punts. Will you use one of the bigger and well-known bookies like Bet365 or Ladbrokes? Or will you opt to place your money with a newer face in the Australian bookmaking scene?

Ultimately, for me, it comes down to one thing, who is offering you better odds on your preferred markets. Let’s say for example you want to place a fixed win bet on the 2023 Randwick Guineas, following my best bet tip of AFT Cabin. My suggestion would be to scour the available Australian bookmakers to find where AFT Cabin is the highest odds. If you need a comprehensive list of Australian bookmakers, visit our Bookmaker Reviews page for more information on every single Aussie bookmaker available to you.

Below is a list of five popular Australian bookies that you can use for betting on the 2023 Randwick Guineas. All these bookmakers have full reviews on our website, so go to our Bookmaker Reviews page to see key insights into PlayUp, Unibet, Midasbet, PalmerBet, and Winnersbet. Be sure to check our Promotions page to see if we can help you use one of these bookies and provide you with some help going into the Randwick Guineas.

Best Betting Sites for King Charles III Stakes

Betting Site

Where to Bet on the 2024 King Charles III Stakes

The 2023 King Charles III Stakes at Royal Randwick Racecourse is poised to be a thrilling Group 1 race. As per above, there is already a Pre Noms market for the race, such is the interest in it, and in this section we can certainly offer some guidance on choosing the best bookmaker for placing your bets. The task of selecting an Australian bookmaker can be quite daunting, but we aim to simplify it by recommending several trustworthy options. 

One key aspect to keep in mind when choosing a bookmaker is the odds they provide. This may necessitate some effort – visiting different bookmakers and comparing the odds they offer for your chosen market. This process will help you identify the bookie offering the most favourable odds. By opting for the bookmaker with the highest odds, you stand to maximise your potential return. For a comprehensive list of Australian bookmakers that cover Group 1 thoroughbred horse racing markets, please refer to our Bookmaker Reviews page.

Your comfort level with a particular bookmaker also matters. Many Australian punters prefer sticking with bookmakers they are familiar with, be it due to the app or website they frequent. It's completely acceptable to continue with a bookmaker you feel at ease betting with. Our Bookmaker Reviews page gives you an insight into each bookie's reliability, aiding you in making an informed choice.

Promotions also weigh heavily in the bookmaker selection process. Our OnlyRacing Promotions page displays various bonuses and promotions offered by Australian bookmakers for depositing with them. Check for any specific promotions related to the King Charles III Stakes.

In conclusion, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to selecting a bookmaker for the 2023 King Charles III Stakes. The above-mentioned tips are all valid considerations. However, it's imperative to choose a reliable bookmaker and provide any required verification details before betting. We have included a snippet from our OnlyRacing Reviews page below, showcasing five Australian bookmakers who provide markets for Group 1 thoroughbred races nationwide. Clicking on the provided hyperlinks will lead you to detailed information about each bookmaker's offerings.

Remember, the objective is to pick a bookmaker that aligns with your requirements and preferences, ensuring a secure and enjoyable betting experience for the 2023 King Charles III Stakes.

The Venue - The Iconic Royal Randwick Racecourse

Located a mere 5km from Sydney's buzzing central business district, Royal Randwick Racecourse shines as Sydney racing's crowning glory. As the primary racecourse in New South Wales and Australia's most ancient racing venue, it holds an esteemed place in the Australian Turf Club and the broader racing industry, being the stage for many of the country's most renowned races.

The historical establishment commenced its racing activities in June 1833 under the guidance of the Australian Jockey Club. Official land ownership was granted to the club in 1863, and they maintained control until a merger with the Sydney Turf Club in 2011, forming today's Australian Turf Club (ATC).

The track itself is characterised by unique elements such as 'The Rise'—a slope located just 400m from the finishing post—and starting points at the 1000m, 1200m, and 1400m marks. With a 410m home straight and a full circuit of 2224m, it provides a challenging battleground for equine competitors.

In 1992, the course earned a significant acknowledgment when Queen Elizabeth II permitted it to be officially termed Royal Randwick during her course visit. Apart from royal visits, this venue has witnessed a variety of events, from Papal Masses and rock music performances to large-scale conferences and the impressive 2008 World Youth Day vigil, which drew in over 400,000 participants.

Royal Randwick is the heartland of several iconic Australian races, including the ATC Australian Derby, the Doncaster Mile, and the Epsom Handicap. Yet, The Everest, the world's wealthiest turf race with a $14 million prize fund in 2019, has swiftly risen to prominence.

Over the decades, Royal Randwick has hosted many eminent champions on its tracks, such as Phar Lap, Tulloch, and Kingston Town. The legendary mare, Winx, has an extraordinary record here, retiring in 2019 after an unbeaten series of 33 races, including 25 Group 1s, a substantial portion of which were achieved at Royal Randwick. Future enhancements, including a public stand christened the Winx Stand in her tribute, underscore the significance of her feats.

With its top-tier facilities, deep-seated history, and continued dedication to excellence, Royal Randwick Racecourse endures as a fundamental pillar of Australian horse racing.

History of the George Main Stakes, now the King Charles III Stakes

The King Charles III Stakes, which was formerly known as the George Main Stakes, was initially named in honour of George Main, an esteemed chairman of the Australian Jockey Club, racehorse breeder, and sheep runner. The renaming of the race occurred in 2023 as a tribute to His Majesty King Charles III.

This historic race, first run in 1945, was won by Modulation. Since then, a number of horses have had the distinction of winning the race multiple times, with such champions as Kingston Town (1981-82), Regal Rhythm (1967-68), Count Radiant (1964-65), and Shannon (1946-47). During the 2011 edition, the race was temporarily relocated to Rosehill and run over 1500m due to ongoing construction at Randwick.

In 2017, the exceptional mare Winx clinched her second consecutive victory in the race, becoming the shortest-priced favourite to win at odds of $1.12. Winx's reign continued into 2018, when she scored a third successive win, leaving only six competitors behind, with the nearest, Le Romain, trailing by four lengths!

Trainer Chris Waller had an impressive track record in the race, marking his seventh victory in the span of nine years in 2020 with Kolding. This upset victory led to an all-Waller first four. In the following year, Waller earned his eighth win in ten years, this time with the future Melbourne Cup victor, Verry Elleegant.

The 2022 edition witnessed Anamoe, subsequent Cox Plate champion, becoming one of the shortest-priced favourites to triumph in the race's history, with a starting price of $1.65.

The inaugural King Charles III Stakes will be run in 2023, when the first winner under the new name will be announced.

Past Winners of the Race under the George Main Stakes moniker

An illustrious list of winners and stars of the Australian turf.

  • 2022: Anamoe
  • 2021: Verry Elleegant
  • 2020: Kolding
  • 2019: Avilius
  • 2018: Winx
  • 2017: Winx
  • 2016: Winx
  • 2015: Kermadec
  • 2014: Sacred Falls
  • 2013: Streama
  • 2012: Shoot Out
  • 2011: Sincero
  • 2010: More Joyous
  • 2009: Road To Rock
  • 2008: Mentality
  • 2007: race not held due to equine influenza outbreak
  • 2006: Racing to Win
  • 2005: Mr Celebrity
  • 2004: Grand Armee
  • 2003: Lonhro
  • 2002: Defier
  • 2001: Viscount
  • 2000: Adam
  • 1999: Shogun Lodge
  • 1998: Dracula
  • 1997: Encounter
  • 1996: Juggler
  • 1995: Turridu
  • 1994: Durbridge
  • 1993: March Hare
  • 1992: Coronation Day
  • 1991: Planet Ruler
  • 1990: Shaftesbury Avenue
  • 1989: Vo Rogue
  • 1988: Gennaker
  • 1987: Campaign King
  • 1986: Ma Chiquita
  • 1985: Roman Artist
  • 1984: Inspired
  • 1983: Emancipation
  • 1982: Kingston Town
  • 1981: Kingston Town
  • 1980: Tullmax
  • 1979: Imposing
  • 1978: Party's Pride
  •  1977: Blockbuster
  • 1976: Purple Patch
  • 1975: Hartshill
  • 1974: Itchy Feet
  • 1973: All Shot
  • 1972: Nippon
  • 1971: Baguette
  • 1970: Ricochet
  • 1969: Zephyrus
  • 1968: Regal Rhythm
  • 1967: Regal Rhythm
  • 1966: Chantal
  • 1965: Count Radiant
  • 1964: Count Radiant
  • 1963: Wenona Girl
  • 1962: New Statesman
  • 1961: Martello Towers
  • 1960: Second Earl
  • 1959: Amanullah
  • 1958: Lindbergh
  • 1957: Landy
  • 1956: Kingster
  • 1955: Prince Morvi
  • 1954: Gendarme
  • 1953: Tarien
  • 1952: Montana
  • 1951: Oversight
  • 1950: San Domenico
  • 1949: The Groom
  • 1948: De La Salle
  • 1947: Shannon
  • 1946: Shannon
  • 1945: Modulation
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