Australian Oaks 2024

The 2023 Australian Oaks will be held at Randwick Racecourse on the 8th of April 2023 so be sure to block out your calendars and tune in for what promises to be an outstanding race! 

This year’s Australian Oaks will be run at the usual distance of 2400m, available to all three year old fillies around the nation. The set weight for the 2023 Australian Oaks is 56kg.

The Australian Oaks has been an Australian Turf Club (ATC) Group 1 race since all the way back in 1885! Since then, a plethora of some of Australia’s greatest champions have claimed victory in the notable Randwick Racecourse based Australian Oaks. 

Throughout the storied history of the Australian Oaks, there have been a number of changes to the distance, name, and time of year at which the Australian Oaks race was held. Scroll down to the ‘Race History of the Australian Oaks’ section of this Australian Oaks preview for more detailed information as to how the Australian Oaks has transformed over the years to become the staple race at Randwick Racecourse we know and love.

In addition to a full account of the Australian Oaks and its race history, this Australian Oaks preview takes an in-depth look at the field of runners, their critical race information, as well as the results for the 2023 Australian Oaks. Also, a brief look at the home of the Australian Oaks, Randwick Racecourse, will be looked at. Lastly, a comprehensive list prepared by the good people at OnlyRacing at the bottom of this Australian Oaks preview denotes every single race winner in the history of the Australian Oaks. 

From Uralla in 1885 to Pennyweka just last week in the 2023 Australian Oaks, the Australian Oaks feature race trophy has some special names attributed to it. Please be sure to tune in for the next edition of the Australian Oaks, the 2024 Australian Oaks at Randwick Racecourse, which will be held on the second Saturday of April next year!

Make sure you check out our OnlyRacing Tips page for analysis into the runners that competed in the 2023 Australian Oaks, our expert tipster faired quite well at the Randwick Racecourse meet on Saturday the 8th of April 2023. 

The Feature Race – The 2024 Australian Oaks

2400mAustralian Oaks – 2400m

Date: Saturday 8th April 2023
Time: 3:55pm (AEDT)
Prize Money: $1 million AUD

The 2023 Australian Oaks boasted its largest ever prize pool available to its participants thanks in no small part to Racing New South Wales. Racing New South Wales announced an injection of upwards of $20 million to New South Wales Group 1 races’ prize money for the season. As a beneficiary of this, more heads were turned to watch the 2023 Australian Oaks than any other Australian Oaks race before with a whopping $1 million AUD on offer.

See below the distribution of prize money for the 2023 Australian Oaks. Pennyweka took home the gold in the 2023 Australian Oaks, along with a handsome $580,000 AUD payday for its connections (jockey, trainers, and investors). 

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$10,000
9th and 10th$8,000

Whilst we have become accustomed to the prize money in races such as the Queen Elizabeth Stakes or the Doncaster Mile where Racing New South Wales generated prize pools of $5 million AUD, not to mention the most lucrative race in Australia, the Everest. However, $1 million AUD on offer for its runners is nothing to snuff your nose at! 

Now that we are well versed in the prize money distribution for the 2023 Australian Oaks, we can take a deep dive into who battled it out for that elusive first prize! Below is a table that includes the most integral information on the field of runners that competed in the 2023 Australian Oaks at Randwick Racecourse on Saturday the 8th of April. This table includes the race number and barrier for each horse, their name and nationality, as well as the fixed win and place odds for the 2023 Australian Oaks according to PlayUp taken as the race jumped.

Please Note: All odds are provided by PlayUp.

Race Number (Barrier)Horse Name (Nationality)Fixed Win Odds ($)Fixed Place Odds ($)
1 (11)Pennyweka (New Zealand)4.801.90
2 (2)Pavitra (Australia)4.801.90
3 (4)Fireburn (Australia)6.502.35
4 (5)Polygon (Australia)16.004.00
5 (10)Arts (Australia)4.801.90
6 (7)Pierossa (Australia)11.003.40
7 (1)Soul Choice (Australia)20.005.00
8 (15)So Dazzling (New Zealand)21.005.0
9 (8)Byron Belle (Australia)51.008.50
10 (6)Premise (New Zealand)17.004.40
11 (9)Mountain Guest (Australia)51.008.50
12 (3)Frankie's Me Dad (Australia)61.0011.00
13 (14)Jolted (Australia)71.0015.00
14 (12)Stormy Witness (Australia)301.0051.00
15 (13)Fay's Angels (Australia)301.0051.00

From this tough field of competitors, one horse stood alone at the top! Coming in as tied favourite with Pavitra, Pennyweka raced home from the 11th barrier to claim victory in the 2023 Australian Oaks with odds of $4.80 according to PlayUp at the time of the jump. 

Whilst Pavitra was nowhere to be seen, a couple of roughies came through to complete the podium for the 2023 Australian Oaks. Cashing my personal $5.00 fixed place bet was the New Zealand native So Dazzling. As the name suggests, he dazzled the field regardless of the pitiful $21.00 according to PlayUp that the market gave to him. A strong race from the 15 barrier will definitely see So Dazzling drop in price for his next race so be warned!

To round out the top 3 in the 2023 Australia Oaks was a horse that (as a roughie loving racing bloke) I never saw coming! Byron Belle, a $51.00 odd roughie flew home to take third place in the 2023 Australian Oaks. Cashing the $8.50 fixed place bet that some lucky punters have probably shared slips of around social media, Byron Belle is definitely one to watch for the future. Also, do not expect to see a similar price for Byron Belle in relation to the 2023 Australian Oaks odds according to PlayUp.

Below is a table of the race information for the placings in the 2023 Australian Oaks race at Randwick Racecourse. This table includes the same information as in the above table that highlights the critical race information for the entire field of the 2023 Australian Oaks race. So, be sure to scroll up a bit further in this ‘The Feature Race – the 2023 Australian Oaks’ section of the 2023 Australian Oaks preview to get a full comprehension of the field that Pennyweka, So Dazzling, and Byron Belle finished ahead of. 

Please Note: All odds are provided by PlayUp.

Race Number (Barrier)Horse Name (Nationality)Fixed Win Odds ($)Fixed Place Odds ($)
1 (11)Pennyweka (New Zealand)4.801.90
8 (15)So Dazzling (New Zealand)21.005.00
9 (8)Byron Belle (Australia)51.008.50

Where to Bet on the 2024 Australian Oaks

Betting on the 2023 Australian Oaks included many difficult decision for both me and many punters alike. Hopefully you guys fared better than me in the 2023 Australian Oaks as I ended the day with a loss on the entire Randwick Racecourse meet on Saturday the 8th of April 2023. 

Given that the outcome of the 2023 Australian Oaks race is already determined, I think it best to give you guys a strategy going forward for deciphering the complex world of picking a bookie. At the end of the day it comes down to 2 things:

Firstly, which bookie is going to offer you the best value for betting with them on feature races such as the 2023 Australian Oaks race. Yes, the eye-popping odds of the second and third place finisher in So Dazzling and Byron Belle respectively, who fought valiantly in the 2023 Australian Oaks race, may make you feelregret for not betting with PlayUp on the 2023 Australian Oaks. 

However, unless you yourself undertook to compare the odds for your preferred markets (regardless of if you went bang on So Dazzling and/or Byron Belle), how do you know what Australian bookie would have given you in terms of odds? So, my word of advice for the future in relation to betting on any race, not just Group 1 thoroughbred races such as the 2023 Australian Oaks, is to:

  1. Decide on your preferred markets, or bets, that you wish to place on the 2023 Australia Oaks or otherwise.
  2. Compare the odds for your picks across as many available Australian bookmakers as you can bothered with. For reference, we have a Bookmaker Reviews page that includes a pros and cons list for every single Australian bookmaker that offers racing markets. Additionally, our bookmaker reviews include feature in-depth reviews of specific bookmakers that we care to highlight. Some of these bookmakers include PlayUp, Midasbet, PalmerBet, Unibet, and Winnersbet, all of which I have included a sneak peak of their pros and cons lists. Be sure to click on any of these tables to visit our full bookmaker reviews.
  3. Bet on whichever available Australian bookmaker offers you the best price for your preferred bets on races like the 2023 Australian Oaks. It could be that simple! Or complicated depending on how long you spend scouring the different bookies in Australia, because there are a lot!

The second method, and in my experience, the most common method used by punters not just in Australia but around the world, is betting with whichever bookie you are used to, or rather, most comfortable with. Take the 2023 Australian Oaks for example. I am accustomed to betting with PlayUp, their layout, their formula, the exact process of placing a quick bet, and quite frankly I am just more familiar with their platform than most others. However, I noticed that Winnersbet were offering a better price on certain fixed place bets for the 2023 Australian Oaks race at Randwick Racecourse. In this instance, in relation to the 2023 Australian Oaks, I bet on PlayUp due to comfortability. However, in the future, and in the past, I have placed with the bookie offering the best price.

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Track History of Randwick Racecourse – Home to the Australian Oaks

Randwick Racecourse is one of the most well-known racing venues around the world. As the jewel of Racing New South Wales and home to some of the biggest feature races in the country, the Australian Oaks has remained in good company and in good hands for the better part of a century and a half! 

Visit our Randwick Racecourse feature length review for important information on the track’s history, biggest races, and differentiating factors in comparison to other esteemed racing venues across Australia.

Race History of the Australian Oaks

The Australian Oaks is one of Randwick Racecourse’s most prestigious Group 1 races, offering its runners a share of a whopping $1 million AUD in prize money for the 2023 Australian Oaks race. However, the Australian Oaks that we are aware of today, is not the same as the first ever iteration of the Australian Oaks back in 1885, won by Uralla. Let us take a look at the different changes to the Australian Oaks that have shaped its notable history.

First looking at the Australian Oaks in relation to distance, we all know that the race is run at 2400. And it has been for 50 years now which is longer than my lifetime and a lot of yours too, I am sure! For 15 years before that it was one and a half miles, or the equivalent of our 2400m. However, for those older racing fans, they might remember that between 1946 and 1955, the Australian Oaks was a one and one quarter mile race, or similar to 2000m. 

Before 1946, it was a one mile race (or approximately 1600m) for 30 years dating back to 1922, and for the Australian Oaks’ first ten years, it ran as a one and a half mile race…. The same as today!

The name of the Australian Oaks has not always been, well, the Australian Oaks. For the Australian Oaks’ first decade, it went by the AJC Oaks, and was run at the same distance as the 2023 Australian Oaks. During the years of 1895 to 1921, the Australian Oaks race was not held. However, after its resumption in 1922, the Australian Oaks was known as the Adrian Knox Stakes up until the 1956 Australian Oaks. Since then, the AJC Australian Oaks has been the official name of the Australian Oaks which is now the ATC Australian Oaks as a result of the AJC STC merger. 

The last piece of information that is critical to know before truly understanding the history of the Australian Oaks is the record-setter, or rather, which horse has run the race the fastest (at the distance we are familiar with of 2400m)? That would be the 2006 champion in Serenade Rose, who ran the 2400m 2006 Australian Oaks at Randwick Racecourse in a time of 2 minutes 28.6 seconds! To this day, and in the more than one hundred years before, none of the other champions of the Australian Oaks has completed the 2400m Australian Oaks faster!

Past Winners of the Australian Oaks

The Australian Oaks is a prestigious Group 1 race held at Randwick Racecourse during Autumn on the Australian racing calendar. With that sort of notoriety and prestige, it is no wonder that some of the winners of the Australian Oaks races are also some of Australia’s greatest racehorses. As you comb through the comprehensive list we have prepared, try to count how many names you recognise from Uralla in 1885 to Pennyweka in 2023. 

  • 2023 - Pennyweka
  • 2022 - El Patroness
  • 2021 - Hungry Heart
  • 2020 - Colette
  • 2019 - Verry Elleegant
  • 2018 - Unforgotten
  • 2017 - Bonneval
  • 2016 - Sofia Rosa
  • 2015 - Gust Of Wind
  • 2014 - Rising Romance
  • 2013 - Royal Descent
  • 2012 - Streama
  • 2011 - Absolutely
  • 2010 - Once Were Wild
  • 2009 - Daffodil
  • 2008 - Heavenly Glow
  • 2007 - Rena's Lady
  • 2006 - Serenade Rose
  • 2005 - Dizelle
  • 2004 - Wild Iris
  • 2003 - Sunday Joy
  • 2002 - Republic Lass
  • 2001 - Rose Archway
  • 2000 - Coco Cobanna
  • 1999 - Grand Archway
  • 1998 - On Air
  • 1997 - Danendri
  • 1996 - Kenbelle
  • 1995 - Circles Of Gold
  • 1994 - Alcove
  • 1993 - Mahaya
  • 1992 - My Brilliant Star
  • 1991 - Triscay
  • 1990 - Domino
  • 1989 - Research
  • 1988 - Savana City
  • 1987 - Bounding Away
  • 1986 - Just Now
  • 1985 - Our Sophia
  • 1984 - La Souvronne
  • 1983 - Starzaan
  • 1982 - Sheraco
  • 1981 - November Rain
  • 1980 - Lowan Star
  • 1979 - Valley Of Georgia
  • 1978 - Invade
  • 1977 - Surround
  • 1976 - How Now
  • 1975 - Sufficient
  • 1974 - Leilani
  • 1973 - Analie
  • 1972 - Gossiper
  • 1971 - Waikiki
  • 1970 - Gay Poss
  • 1969 - Flying Fable
  • 1968 - Lowland
  • 1967 - Farmer's Daughter
  • 1966 - Dual Quest
  • 1965 - Light Fingers
  • 1964 - Jane Hero
  • 1963 - Arctic Star
  • 1962 - Indian Summer
  • 1961 - Wenona Girl
  • 1960 - Pique
  • 1959 - Chicola
  • 1958 - Gay Satin
  • 1957 - Sandara
  • 1956 - Evening Peal
  • 1955 - Sabah
  • 1954 - Edelweiss
  • 1953 - Waterlady
  • 1952 - Wayside Bloom
  • 1951 - True Course
  • 1950 - Elusive
  • 1949 - Persist
  • 1948 - Jalna
  • 1947 - Sweet Chime
  • 1946 - Rose Bay
  • 1945 - Ribbon
  • 1944 - Flight
  • 1943 - Flying Shuttle
  • 1942 - Whisper Low
  • 1941 - Session
  • 1940 - Climax
  • 1939 - Early Bird
  • 1938 - Sweet Myra
  • 1937 - Sal Volatile
  • 1936 - Cereza
  • 1935 - Limyris
  • 1934 - Leila Vale
  • 1933 - Roman Spear
  • 1932 - Gallantic
  • 1931 - Tantrum
  • 1930 - Gay Ballerina
  • 1929 - Loquacious
  • 1928 - Justify
  • 1927 - Persuasion
  • 1926 - Valicare
  • 1925 - Meenah
  • 1924 - Valdoona
  • 1923 - All Wheat
  • 1922 – Vodka

The Australian Oaks was not held from 1895 to 1921

  • 1894 - Acmena
  • 1893 - Bessie Macarthy
  • 1892 - Trieste
  • 1891 - Corvette
  • 1890 - Prelude
  • 1889 - Spice
  • 1888 - Pearlshell
  • 1887 - Lava
  • 1886 - Tamarisk / Crossfire
  • 1885 - Uralla

How many champions of the Australian Oaks did you recognise?

Hopefully this guide to the 2023 Australian Oaks aided in your knowledge of not just the 2023 Australian Oaks feature race, the winners, the contestants, and other information, but your actual knowledge of the Australian Oaks race, its prestige, its history, and its ice cool prize money for the 2023 Australian Oaks.

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