Rosehill Guineas 2023

The Rosehill Guineas held at Rosehill Racecourse is one of the most prestigious New South Wales racing events for three-year-olds. The 2023 Rosehill Guineas will be run in the same format as it has previously, at a set weight run: 54.5 kilograms for fillies and 56.5 kilograms for colts and geldings. 

What makes the Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse so special is that it is run on the same day as the Golden Slipper at the same venue! Granted, the 2023 Rosehill Guineas will be offering a purse of $600,000 to its 10 participants on the day, whilst the 2023 Golden Slipper boasts a kitty of $5 million AUD, making it the richest two-year-old thoroughbred race worldwide. However, this should not detract from the rich an illustrious history that is associated with the Rosehill Guineas.

With over 100 years of races in the Rosehill Guineas, it is safe to say that the honour roll of past victors in the Rosehill Guineas is stacked with some of Australia’s greatest champions of all time. With winners including Phar Lap, Tulloch, Ajax and most recently Anamoe in the 2022 Rosehill Guineas, any winner of the Rosehill Guineas race gets to have their name alongside true legends of Australian racing.

In this preview to the 2023 Rosehill Guineas, we will go deep into the feature race, sponsored by Sky Racing this year, making it the 2000m Sky Racing Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse. With this comes a host of critical information on the runners, their connections, and their odds, which will hopefully assist you in your punting decisions for the 2022 Rosehill Guineas.

In addition to insights into the 2023 Rosehill Guineas, we will take a look at which available Australian bookmakers might be best for you in placing your 2023 Rosehill Guineas bets, as well as some suggestions as to popular markets that might interest you. 

Further down in this 2023 Rosehill Guineas preview there are breakdowns of the history of the Rosehill Guineas race at Rosehill Racecourse, and Rosehill Racecourse itself which plays host to some of New South Wales biggest and best thoroughbred races.

What a day it will prove to be at Rosehill Racecourse where you can view the 2023 Golden Slipper and the 2023 Rosehill Guineas at the same venue! So be sure to block out the 18th of March 2023 from your calendars, so you do not miss one of racing’s biggest spectacles.

Also be sure to check out the OnlyRacing Tips page for a full set of tips from one of our other experts here at OnlyRacing. Hopefully this 2023 Rosehill Guineas preview helps you to understand the prestige associated with the Rosehill Guineas and provides information to help you breakdown the feature race for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas.

The Feature Race – The 2023 Rosehill Guineas

Sky Racing Rosehill Guineas – 2000m

Location: Rosehill Racecourse
Date: Saturday 4th March 2023
Time:2:00pm (AEDT)
Prize Money: $600,000 AUD

The 2023 Rosehill Guineas will be racing at Rosehill Racecourse on Saturday the 18th of March 2023 at 2pm AEDT. Alongside the Rosehill Guineas, the 2023 Golden Slipper will also be held at Rosehill Racecourse on the same day. Whilst the most lucrative two-year-old race in the world might overshadow the 2023 Rosehill Guineas, the $600,000 AUD prize pool on offer for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas will be sure to attract some of Australia’s best three-year-old thoroughbreds.

Below is a breakdown of the distribution of prize money for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse. The winner of the 2023 Rosehill Guineas will taking home almost $350,000 AUD, whilst there is a guaranteed payout of $6,000 just for running.

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, and 8th$6,000
9th and 10th$6,000

Hopefully the above breakdown of the distribution from the pool of funds for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas helps you to appreciate that this field of runners will be hotly contesting first prize. So let us now look at who the competitors will be for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas that make up the field for the special three-year-old race at Rosehill Racecourse. 

Below is a full breakdown of all the critical racing information youwill need to know about the runners of the 2023 Rosehill Guineas before you watch or place your bets on the Rosehill Guineas. In addition to the race number, barrier, and horse’s name, we also include the runners’ connections (jockeys and trainers), as well as a snapshot of the odds for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas according to PlayUp.

Please Note: All odds are provided by PlayUp.

#RunnersTrainer(s)JockeyRace BarrierWeightFixed Win OddsFixed Place Odds
1MANZOICEChris WallerKerrin McEvoy756.5kg$18.00$3.60
2ELLIPTICALAnthony & Sam FreedmanMark Zahra156.5kg$6.00$1.70
3LINDERMANNChris WallerNash Rawiller956.5kg$6.50$1.85
4MATCHA LATTEMark NewnhamTyler Schiller (a)556.5kg$8.50$2.20
5PERICLESJames CummingsJames McDonald656.5kg$2.25$1.22
6WILLIAMSBURGGerald Ryan & Sterling AlexiouRyan Maloney356.5kg$13.00$2.90
7BROSNANGerald Ryan & Sterling AlexiouMichael Dee856.5kg$15.00$3.30
8AUSBRED RISING SUNBrad WiddupBrett Prebble456.5kg$20.00$3.90

*NB: Strikethrough means the runner is scratched for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse. If you have placed a bet involving Northern Barrage in the 2023 Rosehill Guineas, this should be voided, and the money refunded to your relevant Australian bookmaking account.

Please Note: All odds are provided by PlayUp.

Best BetRosehill Guineas
Win: $2.25
Bet Now
Place: $1.22
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Next BestRosehill Guineas 
Win: $6.50
Bet Now
Place: $1.85
Bet Now
Roughie PickRosehill Guineas
Win: $13.00
Bet Now
Place: $2.90
Bet Now 

Without further ado, here is a look into who I will be betting on for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse. As is normal at OnlyRacing, I will provide tips for my best bet, next best, and roughie pick of the day. If you want to see a full set of tips, including exotics and multis, please visit our OnlyRacing Tips page for insights from one of our other experts.

Pericles - BEST BET
What a performance that Pericles put in at Sandown Lakeside Racecourse just a few weeks ago. In that race, Pericles beat out 12 stiff competitors to claim the second victory of his young career that added to what is now a career winnings total of $400,000 AUD.

The expert trainer in James Cummings has been working with Pericles out of Warwick Farm in preparation for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. Going into the race as a $2.25 favourite according to PlayUp, it will be hard to see someone beating Pericles with James McDonald on the reins.

Lindermann - NEXT BEST

If there is anyone that can beat Pericles in this 2023 Rosehill Guineas, it will most likely be the Chris Waller trained Lindermann. It must be factored in that Lindermann will be racing the 2023 Rosehill Guineas on home turf at Rosehill Racecourse this Saturday the 18th of March 2023.

With a career 2-4-0 record over 10 career races and career prize money of $400,000 AUD, I expect Nash Rawiller to put on a show in the 2023 Rosehill Guineas and we may very well see Lindermann claim victory and a prize of over $300,000.

Williamsburg - ROUGHIE PICK

Williamsburg was my roughie pick at the 2023 Randwick Guineas just weeks ago and I am going with him again for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. I am still highly impressed with this colt and believe that Gerald Ryan and Sterling Alexiou have created a winner.

At $13.00 odds according to PlayUp, I see Williamsburg as an outside shot to take home the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. However, I will be placing my money on Williamsburg to place in the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. Hopefully these tips will aid you in deciding who to punt on for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Rosehill Guineas

To recap our position so far in relation to the 2023 Rosehill Guineas, we have investigated the field of runners and have drawn tips from that, including my best bet, next best, and roughie pick for the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. Now, we must decide where to place our bets on the 2023 Rosehill Guineas from all the available Australian bookmakers.

Please go to our Bookmaker Reviews page for more information on every single Australian bookmaker available for punting on horse racing. As a taster, I have included a pros and cons list for five of our favourite Aussie bookies at the moment. These bookmakers include: Midasbet, PlayUp, PalmerBet, Winnersbet, and Unibet. All of these bookmakers are a great choice for betting on the 2023 Rosehill Guineas so how should you decide?

My simple avenue of deciding how to bet on the 2023 Rosehill Guineas will be to compare the price for my picks on Pericles, Lindermann, and Williamsburg across as many available Australian bookmakers as I can be bothered checking. Then, whichever bookie offers me the best price for my selected market, I will place my 2023 Rosehill Guineas bet with them.

Betting Site
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Track History of Rosehill Racecourse – Home to the Rosehill Guineas

The 2023 Golden Slipper thoroughbred horse race for two-year-old competitors will be held at Rosehill Racecourse on Saturday the 18th of March 2023. As one of the crown jewels of the New South Wales racing circuit, and a leading track across all of Australia, Rosehill Racecourse has an aura of prestige around it. This is largely due to the long and distinguished history of Rosehill Racecourse, which began almost 150 years ago in 1885! We are now approaching 140 years of Rosehill Racecourse, which is completely mind-boggling!

The Rosehill Guineas home, which is located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, also hosts the Golden Rose Stakes, another prominent race on the Australian racing calendar. Additionally, the Golden Slipper, the most lucrative two-year-old thoroughbred race in the world, calls Rosehill Racecourse its home. So that you don't miss out on a thorough preview and a couple of full sets of advice from our experts, be sure to check back on our OnlyRacing Group 1 Races page closer to the time of the Golden Rose Stakes and the Golden Slipper.

The Rosehill Racecourse track boasts an initial climb! This is one of the distinguishing features of Rosehill Racecourse that separates it from its counterparts across Australia. Between the 300 and 200 metre marks, there is a small slope that the racers must climb. 

The Rosehill Guineas races are always exciting because of the left-handed constructed circle around Rosehill Racecourse and one of the longest straights in Australian racing. We now recognise that Rosehill Racecourse offers the Rosehill Guineas a special advantage because of the lengthy straight and steep ascent that have come to symbolise Rosehill Racetrack and both the Rosehill Guineas and Golden Slipper races.

The grandstands and amenities at Rosehill Racecourse are likely the best around. This, in addition to the design elements, make it a special place for the Rosehill Guineas to call home. Rosehill Racecourse had a significant overhaul and refurbishment around the turn of the century (2000), emerging with a variety of cafes, eateries, and of course, their brand-new, cutting-edge grandstand that enables racing fans to witness the big races and events at Rosehill Racecourse, such as the Rosehill Guineas and Golden Slipper, up close.

Rosehill Racecourse is not confined to hosting the Group 1 and New South Wales racing darling of the Golden Slipper. As this preview to the 2023 Rosehill Guineas has shown, there are other wonderful and prestigious events at Rosehill Racecourse.Rosehill Racecourse also claims the aforementioned Golden Rose Stakes, as well as the Coolmore Classic and George Ryder Stakes as important events across the racing calendar. These top Group 1 races benefit from Rosehill Racecourse, one of Australia's most cutting-edge and well-liked racetracks.

If you visit Sydney and go to the Western Suburbs, I urge you to go to Rosehill Racecourse. Do yourself a favour and spend a Saturday at Rosehill Racecourse for one of their featured events if you live in Sydney. You won't soon forget the experience; I guarantee you that. If you can, find a way to be at Rosehill Racecourse on Saturday the 18th of March 2023 to witness the Rosehill Guineas and Golden Slipper on the same day!

Race History of the Rosehill Guineas

The history of the Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse is one of prestige, boasting such victors as Phar Lap, Anamoe, Tulloch, and Ajax, some of Australia’s greatest racing champions of all time. In this portion of this 2023 Rosehill Guineas preview, we will take a look at the changes over time that have occurred to the Rosehill Guineas.

First held in 1910 and won by Electric Wire, we have seen over 100 iterations of the Rosehill Guineas at Rosehill Racecourse since this historic day with the most recent winner being Anamoe in the 2023 Rosehill Guineas. 

For the first 5 years of the Rosehill Guineas, the race was run at 7 furlongs in length, the equivalent of 1400m. This was changed in 1915 to 1 and 1/8 mile, or 1800m where it stood for over 30 years. As was customary at the time for 2000m races, when the Rosehill Guineas moved to that distance in 1948, it was called 1 and ¼ miles. From 1973 up until today, the Rosehill Guineas is raced at a distance of 2000m at Rosehill Racecourse.

Similarly, to the change in distances for the Rosehill Guineas, the grade for the Rosehill Guineas was changed to Group 1 from a Principal Race in 1980, as was happening at the time across Australian racing.

A couple of fun facts about the Rosehill Guineas can be found below in this ‘Race History of the Rosehill Guineas’ section of this 2023 Rosehill Guineas preview:

  • The fastest record finish time in Rosehill Guineas history is shared between Danewin in 1995 and Octagonal in 1996 with a time of 1 minute 59.99 seconds. Spectacularly this time for the Rosehill Guineas was achieved by those two runners in consecutive years at Rosehill Racecourse.
  • 1978 was the only year that did not hold the Rosehill Guineas due to a scheduling change in the New South Wales racing calendar from spring to autumn.

Hopefully these insights into the history of the Rosehill Guineas has provided some colour to our analysis of the 2023 Rosehill Guineas.

Past Winners of the Rosehill Guineas

As we have previously mentioned, there have been a host of Rosehill Guineas champions that are considered by many to be some of Australia’s greatest ever champions. So, we have included a comprehensive list of every single Rosehill Guineas winners below:

  • 2022 - Anamoe
  • 2021 - Mo'unga
  • 2020 - Castelvecchio
  • 2019 - The Autumn Sun
  • 2018 - D'Argento
  • 2017 - Gingernuts
  • 2016 - Tarzino
  • 2015 - Volkstok'n'barrell
  • 2014 - Criterion
  • 2013 - It's A Dundeel
  • 2012 - Laser Hawk
  • 2011 - Jimmy Choux
  • 2010 - Zabrasive
  • 2009 - Metal Bender
  • 2008 - Dealer Principle
  • 2007 - He's No Pie Eater
  • 2006 - De Beers
  • 2005 - Eremein
  • 2004 - Niello
  • 2003 - Helenus
  • 2002 - Carnegie Express
  • 2001 - Sale Of Century
  • 2000 - Diatribe
  • 1999 - Sky Heights
  • 1998 - Tie The Knot
  • 1997 - Tarnpir Lane
  • 1996 -Octagonal
  • 1995 - Danewin
  • 1994 - Star Of Maple
  • 1993 - Innocent King
  • 1992 - Naturalism
  • 1991 - Surfers Paradise
  • 1990 - Solar Circle
  • 1989 - Riverina Charm
  • 1988 - Sky Chase
  • 1987 - Ring Joe
  • 1986 - Drawn
  • 1985 - Spirit Of Kingston
  • 1984 - Alibhai
  • 1983 - Strawberry Road
  • 1982 - Isle of Man
  • 1981 - Deck The Halls
  • 1980 - Kingston Town
  • 1979 - Dulcify
  • 1978 - race not held this year
  • 1977 - Lefroy
  • 1976 - Fashion Beau
  • 1975 - Battle Sign
  • 1974 - Taras Bulba
  • 1973 - Imagele
  • 1972 - Longfella
  • 1971 - Latin Knight
  • 1970 - Royal Show
  • 1969 - Portable
  • 1968 - Royal Account
  • 1967 - Grey Spirit
  • 1966 - Dark Briar
  • 1965 - Fair Summer
  • 1964 - Eskimo Prince
  • 1963 - Castanea
  • 1962 - Bogan Road
  • 1961 - King Brian
  • 1960 - Wenona Girl
  • 1959 - Martello Towers
  • 1958 - Bold Pilot
  • 1957 - Tulloch
  • 1956 - Gay Lover
  • 1955 - Caranna
  • 1954 - Pride Of Egypt
  • 1953 - Silver Hawk
  • 1952 - Idlewild
  • 1951 - Hydrogen
  • 1950 - Careless
  • 1949 - Thracian Lad
  • 1948 - Royal Andrew
  • 1947 - Conductor
  • 1946 - Prince Standard
  • 1945 - Questing
  • 1944 - Tea Rose
  • 1943 - Moorland
  • 1942 - Hall Stand
  • 1941 - Laureate
  • 1940 - Tidal Wave
  • 1939 - High Caste
  • 1938 - Aeolus
  • 1937 - Ajax
  • 1936 - Shakespeare
  • 1935 - Hadrian
  • 1934 - Silver King
  • 1933 - Blixten
  • 1932 - Bronze Hawk
  • 1931 - Lightning March
  • 1930 - Balloon King
  • 1929 - Phar Lap
  • 1928 - Mollison
  • 1927 - Winalot
  • 1926 - Cromwell
  • 1925 - Amounis
  • 1924 - Nigger Minstrel
  • 1923 - All Sunshine
  • 1922 - Caserta
  • 1921 - Furious
  • 1920 - Wirriway
  • 1919 - Elfacre
  • 1918 - Woorawa
  • 1917 - Biplane
  • 1916 - Wolaroi
  • 1915 - Wallace Isinglass
  • 1914 - Carlita
  • 1913 - Beau Soult
  • 1912 - Burri
  • 1911 - Woolerina
  • 1910 - Electric Wire