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PendleburyBet Australia

By:Jason Bale

About PendleburyBet

Pendlebury Bet is an Australian owned business of licensed bookmaker, Jeffrey Joseph Pendlebury, that operates both on-course in NSW and online. Jeff is Sydney´s longest-serving rails bookmaker, on-course since 1968.  

Their website states that Pendlebury Bet and Jeffrey Pendlebury are both licensed by Racing NSW and regulated by Liquor and Gaming NSW to accept wagers by telephone and internet on a global basis 24 hours per day”. I think the internet is 24 hours per day, not telephone calls! 

They are also guaranteed by the NSW Bookmakers’ Co-operative Ltd. 

The pendleburybet website is for pure racing, Thoroughbred, Harness and Dog. It is primarily domestic racing with a selection of international races in all types. Bets can be placed online or face-to-face at all Sydney thoroughbred racetracks. 

I use Pendlebury Bet to refer to the business and P/pendleburybet to refer to the website. 

  • 100% Australian Owned
  • A very experienced bookmaker in NSW
  • User friendly, uncomplicated website
  • Regular tweets from Jeff on the homepage
  • Only racing, no sports
  • Reduced selection of international races
  • Reduced set of betting options
  • No downloadable mobile App, but there is a mobile web site
  • It is not possible to place bets in advance of 10am on race day (8am on a Saturday)
  • Mobile Exprerience
  • Racing Markets
  • Payment Options
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Total score

PendleburyBet Quick Stats

Website: Founded: 1968 (online since 2020)
Phone: Not knownLive Betting: None other than at racetrack
Live Chat: Not Available, other than in person at racetrackEmail: [email protected]
Deposit Methods: VISA, POLi, EFT/Branch Deposits, Mastercard, Cash, ChequeWithdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer 
App: NoneLicense & Regulation: Racing NSW & Liquor and Gaming NSW
Address: Sydney, NSWOwner: Jeffrey Joseph Pendlebury
Features:Active on Twitter, Facebook presence, but little usedSponsorship Deals: None visible on the website

About PendleburyBet

The Pendleburybet Australia website is powered by who I have seen used by other NSW bookmakers. The site is purely for racing and takes a little time to get used to, maybe 5-10 minutes, moving around the website to become familiar. 

The HOME page opens with 2/3rd of the panel displaying imminent races and the right hand 1/3rd  displays recent tweets from @Pendlebury_bet, typically about up & coming races. There are 4 buttons to select at the top of the panel, each one navigating to a new webpage:  

  • HOME – nice time countdown view of the 3 Next to Jump races, Selected Future races by racetrack and Today´s Racing  
  • RACING – focusses in the races of the day and there are no banners
  • ACCOUNT - (only visible once logged in) displays all personal details/bets etc
  • ABOUT US - provides a brief introduction to Pendleburybet and Jeff Pendlebury  

After the last race of the day, the HOME page shows TODAY´s RACING which are now all results, of course, as the races have already taken place. Unless a Future race is listed on the HOME page I found it impossible to find, let alone place, any bet on a Future race. I eventually found out that at 10am (EST) (8am (EST) on Saturdays) the next morning I was able to view all the races of the day. 

There is no LiveChat (unless you meet Jeff at the racetrack !), but there is a Contact Us option at the bottom of the website, where you can fill in a form including a free format unrestricted length Message box to ask your question/make your comment. Additionally, there is also an email address for jeff at [email protected].  

The website lists the Today´s Racing on both HOME and RACING webpages. You have 4 options to view the races of interest: ALL, Horse, Harness or Dogs.  
Below is a view of website prior to Log in:

Pendleburybet is a solid website for racing, which should be expected from Jeff´s extensive experience. Everything is virtually driven off the one panel (RACING). Select the race, pick the option, type the wager value and place the bet in just a few clicks. 

Below is the RACING page after log in (you can access this webpage even if you are not logged in):

There is an option on the RACING webpage, next to Today´s Racing to select a date which presumably will show results for previous races. (eg Who did win Race 3 at Randwick on Saturday ?), I was not able to get this feature to work for past or even future race days. 

PendleburyBet Score

🐴Betting Markets - 5/10
From what I could see, Pendlebury Bet have most of the domestic race betting markets covered, but the number of betting choices is limited for Win, Place, Totes, Quinella and Exacta. There are no Same Race Multis, Favourite v Field, Odds v Evens, etc. There are no sports events, so if this is important then you may want to look some of the other bookmakers that have been published:

💳Banking Options - 7/10
Pendlebury Bet have a large set of deposit options, but only Bank Transfer for withdrawals. 

📱Mobile Experience - 5/10
Currently, Pendlebury Bet have no downloadable mobile App, but there are 2 references to “App” in their Ts&Cs. These entries may be for future proofing purposes with no need to later update the webpage. However, there is a website designed for mobile devices and this website provides almost 100% the same function as the full website and is therefore rated accordingly. 

💸​Withdraw Speed - 8/10
Bank Transfer is the only Pendlebury Bet withdrawal method which should take place quickly, but slower than Osko as this is not offered. 

🧩Overall User Experience - 7/10
Pendleburybet is a straightforward racing-only website, with sufficient offers available. You can see on the day when all the next races are starting, you can wager on any race from 10am (Sat 8am), there is a selectable subset of bet amounts if you do not want to type, bet amounts, there is no live TV and navigation around the website is not complex. 

🔒Security - 10/10
Racing NSW have fully licenced Pendleburybet and they are regulated by Liquor and Gaming NSW to accept wagers by telephone or internet. The Ts&Cs document covers all the problem areas, for example, the telephone/mobile line dropping, mid bet, to give punters the confidence to be able to use Pendleburybet securely. There is a full webpage dedicated to the Australian Bookmakers Association Code of Practice to which Pendleburybet adheres. 

Pendleburybet Racing

Pendleburybet is a relatively new online bookmaker staring in 2020, but the on-course experience of Jeff Pendlebury at the racetrack goes back to 1968.  

In the time I have reviewed their races I have seen comparable odds to the more established betting sites.. Apart from Fixed Win and Place Odds they also offer betting options including, Top Fluctuation, Starting Price Guaranteed, Best Tote with Starting Price Guarantee, Best and Middle Tote, Tote and Exotics. 

Pendleburybet offers competitive fixed odds for almost every thoroughbred, greyhound, and harness racing meeting in Australia as well as odds for several overseas races including Japan, New Zealand, USA, and Canada during my time of reviewing the website. 

Pendleburybet make a big play in their advertising about Starting Price Guaranteed where the fixed price betting will be paid out at the Official Starting Price if the SP is better. But Pendleburybet also offer Top Fluctuation, Best Tote, which guarantees the best dividend from all the Totes plus the Starting Price, all present to convince clients to remain loyal and hopefully make money. 

As seen in a number of other bookmaker websites, there is no ability to sort any race by either Win Odds or Place Odds. The only order is fixed by racehorse number, so if you want to know the favourite you may need to scroll down the webpage, in case there is a big move (from punters trackside) for a horse with a higher race number. If this potential problem is an issue for you, then you may want to click on our website: to look at the other bookmaker reviews that have been published. 

Pendleburybet Mobile App

As I mentioned earlier, a Pendleburybet mobile App does not presently exist. Mention is made a couple of times in the extensive Ts&Cs webpage but there is no commitment to, or knowledge of, an App in the near future. 

However, there is the following website, which is designed for mobile devices, and below are a few screenshots: 

Almost the functions available on the full blown pendleburybet website are available on the mobile website. 

The mobile panel is not wide enough to show all the Totes but you are able to scroll the display left-right for more information. Visible you can see Green for NSW, Blue for VIC but not visible unless you scroll right is UNI (which would be in Red).  

However, additionally on the RACES panel there is a neat toggle switch to select AUS(tralian) ONLY races, visible as the green colour in the last panel (after sliding right). If you slide left then AUS ONLY is turned Off meaning International races will also be displayed.   

I could not find the option to select race results from dates in the past (future results would be nice!). Once working I suspect future dates will show Future Races.

Pendleburybet Product & Features

Pendleburybet includes numerous features that provide a unique experience. Here are a few of the Pendleburybet features that I think punters should know about: 

24/7 Customer Service 

I am possibly being a little too kind here, you have 24/7 access to the Contact Us online webpage where you can leave a message/ask a question/make a comment 😊. You also have access to Jeff´s seemingly personal email.  Customer Service Hours are quoted as Race Day Hours. 

Starting Price Guaranteed (SPG) 

Pendlebury make a lot of noise about this option, the SPG is the average of the on-course bookmakers at the start of a race. Only after the race is the price known. So SPG is used for fixed price betting and will be paid out by Pendleburybet at the Official Starting Price if the SP is better for the punter. 

Best Tote + SP 

Pendleburybet offers their Best Tote + SP prices on all Australian Thoroughbred markets. This product provides you with the best dividend between all three of the Australian Tote pools or the 'Official On-Course Starting Price (SP)'. Best Tote is a highly useful feature for punters as it guarantees you are getting the best tote odds possible of the three Australian totalisator prices. 

Pendleburybet Betting Markets

Pendleburybet offers a wide range of markets and features that makes it a good choice for betting on horse racing. 

  • Pendleburybet offers competitive fixed odds markets for both Australian and International horse races.
  • Pendleburybet offers a range of markets for Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racing.
  • Pendlebury Bet offers betting services on Australian thoroughbred racing, with betting options currently offered including: 
    • Fixed Odds - fixed price displayed on the Pendlebury Bet website.
    • Top Fluctuation (TF) -  This product is the best price declared by each relevant state’s Official Price fluctuations. Bets must be placed prior to the official opening market.
    • Starting Price Guaranteed (SPG) - This product offers fixed price betting but will be paid at the Official Starting Price if the SP is better.
    • Best Tote with Starting Price Guarantee - this product is the best of either the three Australian totalisator prices or the Official Starting Price (SP).
    • Best Tote - guarantees to pay the best dividend of the three Australian totalisators.
    • Middle Tote - this product is the middle dividend of the three Australian totalisators.
    • Tote - guarantees to pay at the dividend declared by the NSW totalisator.
    • Exotics - such as Quinellas and Exactas, any racing exotics offered are paid at the dividend declared by the NSW totalisator. 

Pendleburybet could improve by adding markets such as Same Race Multis, additional exotics or other unique markets that some of their bigger competitors may offer.

Pendleburybet is a reliable experienced local bookie that offers good value for money.  

Pendleburybet should be a popular choice for horse racing punters, with an internet bets minimum of $2.  

I have not been able to see any betting tips on the website or the App, but if this is important to you then is a useful reference that you should regularly visit.  

Pendleburybet FAQ

Why Choose to bet with Pendleburybet?

Pendlebury may be a relatively new online bookmaker but few others have such Sydney on-track experience and can therefore offer: 

  • Pendleburybet is a brand-new betting site with an eye-catching interface.
  • Pendleburybet is 100% Aussie-owned with 50+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Pendleburybet always offers some of the best odds for Australian races.
  • Pendleburybet have 24/7 customer service options across 2 media.
  • Pendleburybet offer website designed for mobile devices.
  • Pendleburybet make reference to Bonus Bets in their online literature
  • Pendleburybet is licensed in Australia 

Does Pendleburybet have a Mobile App?

Pendleburybet at present do not offer a downloadable mobile App but they do offer a website designed for mobile devices which almost 100% matches the full website.
The mobile site is easy to use, has a layout that is comparable to the website, and offers users rapid access to all of the markets of thePendleburybet website. It is also extremely fast and, in my experience, I never seen the websites freeze or crash.

Who is Pendleburybet owned by?

Pendleburybet is owned by Jeffrey Joseph Pendlebury who is Sydney’s longest-serving rails bookmaker, fielding on-course since 1968. You can meet Jeff face-to-face at Sydney thoroughbred racetracks.

How long does a Pendleburybet withdrawal take?

The only withdrawal option is EFT. This is a fairly fast process. The issue is that, with banks being involved in the process, it can take between 24 and 48 hoursfor you to receive your money.

Does Pendleburybet offer cashout?

Pendlebury does not currently have a ‘cash out’ functionality on their platform. If this changes in the future, we will be sure to update this page.

How do you get Pendleburybet bonus bets?

In Australia, there are stringent regulations governing online bookies regarding advertising bonus bets and other incentives. Because of this, Pendleburybet cannot advertise any Pendleburybetsign up bonus bets to punters who do not already have an account.

In the Ts&Cs webpage, Section 6. g. states “If a client receives a free or Bonus Bet, both the deposit and bonus must be wagered prior to withdrawing the bonus.”So Bonus Bets definitely exist.

To learn more aboutPendleburybet visit their website to sign up for a Pendleburybet account:

To complete the sentence in Section 6.g. it states “Rules vary depending on the promotion and any variance will be displayed on the promotion”, so clearly promotions are part of the business.

How do you verify your account on Pendleburybet?

Under the Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 clients must provide adequate identification proving name, age and current residential address.

Pendleburybetrequest that adequate identification must be received prior to the first withdrawal from the account and identification must be made within 72 hours of the opening of an account. 

If identification has not been received then the account is suspended, no betting can take place nor funds withdrawn until verification is completed.

There are a number of different identification sources applicants may use to verify their account; a current Driving Licence or a current passport PLUS a utility bill no more than 3 months old. This information can be scanned and emailed to [email protected]  

It usually only takes a day or two for your account to be validated once your information is forwarded to the appropriate Australian authorities for verification.

Note, any bets placed prior to the account being suspended will stand.

Does Pendlebury Have Sign Up Bonus Offers?

Sign-up bonuses for online betting sites are governed by tight legislation in Australia. As a result, Pendleburybet is unable to promote any sign up bonuses to Australian punters who do not already have an account.

It costs nothing to open an account and so if you want to become aware of any promotions, sign up for an account at:

For further information on Promos and Promotions it is worth reviewing our own website: which discusses the majority of promotions that can be available, or are currently on offer, in Australian Racing.

Sign up process

The Pendleburybet website sign up process is straightforward, firstly click on: where you will be taken to a panel like below: 

Enter or select the following details:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth (Select month)
  • First Name Last Name
  • Address
  • City/Suburb
  • Country (Select Australia)
  • State
  • Post Code
  • Promotional Code (optional)
  • Tick “I´m not a robot” box


Note, by submitting your registration request you are agreeing ¨”to receive promotional material via email, mobile notifications phone and other means.”

You should receive an email from Pendleburybet confirming that you have created your account. You are free to make a deposit by whatever means is supported. But within 72 hours of registration, you will need to verify your identity.

The best forms of identification are your driver’s licence, passport, and a council rates notice (or something similar showing your address). The easiest way is to photograph these documents on your mobile phone and email them to [email protected] 

Also, if you deposited using a credit or debit card, a copy of the card you used for the deposit must be provided, please blank out the middle 8 digits and the CCV.

Pendleburybet Banking

How to Deposit at Pendleburybet?

Firstly log-in and click on the ACCOUNT icon, previously discussed at the top of the homepage.

The Summary Tab displays the Withdraw and Deposit buttons.

It is worth noting the Other Tabs that are present relating to an Account:

  • Transactions (List of bets in play)

  • Profile (where you can update your address and verify your registration)

  • Bets (List of bets paid out)

  • Security (update yourpassword)

  • Last Login displays the Country (!), IP address and Date/Time of the latest login attempts 
  • Player Protection, to set deposit limits, close account and even undertake self-exclusion (temporarily, for a set amount of time, or permanently).

It is worth noting also, that once logged in, at the top of the homepage there is a Deposit icon to allow for a faster navigation to the Deposit panel. There is no such option on the HOME page for Withdrawals.

This is the Deposit panel where you can see the options of Credit/Debit Card or POLi or Pay manually.

For Credit/Debit Card deposits Pendleburybet use Modul8 as the “secure and flexible payment” system. For the first deposit with a credit/debit card, you must provide a copy of the card, blanking out the middle 8 digits & the CCV and then email the copy to [email protected].

If you choose to Pay Manual the panel that pops up is as follows:

This panel is really a facility to inform Pendleburybet that you have made a Bank Deposit or EFT Funds transfer.

Pendleburybet´s CBA bank details are visible.

Complete the online form with:

  • Full Name
  • Registered Email
  • Amount

Tick “I´m not a robot and Submit

Remember to include your name as the reference on the deposit transaction.

How to withdraw from Pendleburybet?

Pendlebury Bet requires that any deposit into a client’s account be turned over at least once prior to authorising a withdrawal from the client's account.

To make a Pendlebury withdrawal, login as per above, Navigate to ACCOUNT and Select Withdraw

If you have not done so already you will be required to entry your bank details, input the withdrawal amount and press Submit to start the withdrawal.

Withdrawals are paid out at 3pm daily and it can reasonably take 24 to 48 hours for funds to reach your bank account.

Pendleburybet Customer Service

Pendleburybet has been an excellent bookmaker to bet with and the customer service has been extremely helpful given the guidance that the Customer Service hours are Race Day Hours.

Pendleburybet offer both email and the ability to complete a form on the CONTACT US webpage:

My interactions have been speedy and helpful to say the least.